Sunflower Fields & Story Time

Hello friends and happy weekend! I’m trying to get into a schedule of blogging again and honestly, it’s all about time. Time! I can’t get enough creating time for sure. That’s the story for all of us, right?

Story Time!

About a year ago I wasn’t going to craft anymore. I was super busy trying to finish my license and had tunnel vision. I had not stamped in so long, the thought was overwhelming. Many of the thoughts were ridiculous looking back, but I felt the products sitting in my stamp room were out of date. See… ridiculous, right? It’s the business mindset I’ve always had, I guess.

Despite being a demonstrator, I’ve ALWAYS been attracted to other products on the market. If it’s cute or new, I wanted it. Consequently, this was especially true for two particular products I had in my studio that were not SU!. Heidi Swapp’s Minc and my Copic Markers. Since I had not used my Minc, I sold it on Facebook Marketplace along with oodles of foil. CHEAP! Ugh! Imagine my surprise as I get back into crafting and one of the main products flashing all over social media is FOIL! I couldn’t believe it.

Fast Forward

If you have been following me awhile, you know FOMO is my middle name. I waltzed into JoAnn’s and purchased myself a new Minc and I love it even more because it’s PINK! AND… a sweet SWEET friend gifted me a Gemini Junior and Foil Press. If you heard a squeal, it was me. I’m truly BLESSED among measure and love this sweet friend for her continued encouragement coming back into the crafty world.

Therefore, I’m foiling all the things now. Foiling definitely has a learning curve. Such as, I’ve foiled a plate, forgot to place down my cardstock. Possibly made a dumb mistake in picking up a hot plate… Oh my word. I’m trying not to make crafting a casualty as these ARE all the things they tell you not to do in the instructions. BUT, who reads instructions? LOL… I will now.

I’m sure you will see much more foiling along the journey! Let’s chat about today’s fun card using the Sunflower Fields Bundle and foiling accessories! Look at this CUTENESS!

Another New Product- Ohuhu Markers

As I continue to experiment with new products, one I’ve added to my studio is Ohuhu Markers. I recently purchased a 216 marker set and love the color choices and the way they blend. While I love my Copic Markers, again, it’s another coloring medium and a bit less expensive. One thing to note about Ohuhu Markers- you can replace SOME of the nibs and get SOME refill inks for selected markers. This is a HUGE plus and I hope they will continue to add more refill inks.

Here is a swatch of the Ohuhu Markers used for this card.

Coloring this truck was so fun and the foil just added elegance to my card. I love how this turned out. One key product that you will find in the supplies listed is the large rectangle plate. This plate is the PERFECT way to have no waste of foil as you can foil any negative giving you 2 cards from one piece of foil. YES!

Another sweet detail of this card is the splatter. I’m a huge fan (always have been) of splattering my cards. Are you team Splatter or Spatter? Word on the internet is this is a big question among crafters. Well, you will only splatter from me. I SPAT words, I SPLAT ink. LOL. Anyways, I love all the gems on this card, and most of all- I had fun creating it. That’s the KEY!

Enjoy today’s card! I’m heading back into my studio for a holiday roundup, playing with Halloween, Fall and Christmas products that I can’t wait to share. SO many fun new products! The only word to describe it is- EPIC!

Products Used:

Housekeeping tips: The links above are affiliate links. By clicking any of these links, there is NO additional cost to you! However, I do receive a small percentage back to put towards more supplies so I can share more crafty goodness with you. Thank you!!

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4 thoughts on “Sunflower Fields & Story Time”

  1. I’m so happy to see you back to creating! Your blog with its mix of stories and stamping was one of my favorites. The cards you have been sharing are wonderful! Your excitement and delight comes through and it’s contagious.

  2. Thank you so much!! I’m trying to get back into a rhythm… failing miserably at the moment, LOL. Slow and steady I will get back on track. Again, thank you so much for stopping by!! XOXO

  3. Teresa Bozzetti Bartley

    I love that you’re back !! Are you still a SU! Demo ? Or all “contraband” now ?

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