My Ramblings!

The last couple of days I've found myself speechless an unsure what to write.

It's hard to write freely when you know our entire nation is mourning over the unspeakable that occurred in Newton, CT.  

My mind consumed with the children and adults who lost their lives.

Asking myself WHY? Asking myself what kind of world am I raising my own kids in? 

Will my kids feel safe at school? So many questions and sadly I can't answer them.  

I turned the TV off to get away from it.  Turned it back on only to see the names of these beautiful babies.  


I turned to God during all of this.   

I continue to pray for these families. I pray for our country. 

Like many of you are doing, I'm holding my Gems really close.  

I cannot fathom what the parents of these children are going through. 

They got up that morning and sent their babies to school.  ?

My heart just aches. 

Every little problem I thought I had quickly went out the window.  

Life is precious.

Our children should never feel scared to go to school or anywhere for that matter. 

These are my ramblings today.  

I'll ramble more tomorrow. 

*Love* to each of you!


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8 thoughts on “My Ramblings!”

  1. the song "we are the world" came to my mind, when I heard of this unnecessairly shooting; what's happening to our nation, as this song is still in my head….., as we are the world, we are the children,….. so lets stop fighting.

  2. Well said. It’s impossible to process such a horrible act. I too am hugging my little one very tightly.

  3. Your 'ramblings' echo the rest of us…how do you truly comment about this atrocity and how do we hug and love the families who lost their loved ones….how, how, how….and I also worry about my great nieces and nephews…two are too young to know and understand and their parents are a fire fighter/paramedic and a ER physician's assistant…doesn't make it any easier for them.  The two older ones will know and ask questions…none of us can answer!   Thank you…take good care……

  4. Well said. Everyone has exactly the same thoughts .. How truly tragic that we can’t even send our kids to school ..

  5. So well said.  You have a beautiful way of expressing your feelings.  I agree wholeheartedly. 

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