Let the Series Begin!

WOW!  There are so many burning questions that it will take a series of videos to complete and I am EXCITED!  Tonight I have the first one for you (Actually two because I rambled!-Part 1 & 2).  Hopefully I will not bore you to tears.  LOL!  Just keep in mind I am not an expert at anything just sharing my experience and tips that I think you can put to good use.  Your success is completely dependent upon YOU! Success has a different meaning for EVERYONE.  Determine what it means for you.  I just think YOU can do it.  🙂 Beware that during my video I cannot help but cough.  SO annoying but I'm still not 100% better.  It's driving me crazy. Also in the video I talk about simple 3 x 3 cards to put in your packets and show you one that is over the top (SO not what you should put in your packet!)  Tonight I stamped a simple dimple 3 x 3 card that took me less than 5 minutes to make and would be super fun to make at a workshop or at an event where you need a simple make n take. Lastly, the video went long (IMAGINE THAT!) so I broke it into TWO videos.  Sorry about that.  I'm much better at stamping than video editing.  <sigh>


Here is the video: Part 1:



Here is a simple 3 x 3 Card!

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen



Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen




This card uses the Just Believe stamp set, Fine Flourish stamp and the Soft Subtles buttons.  The punch is Modern Label.  You can't really see it but I sprayed it with a little shimmer mist. That stuff just makes anything look pretty.  Take your Shimmer White Paint and mix with 70% alcohol.  As for the ration… I just pour the pain in a spray bottle and then add lots more of the Alcohol until I get the desired look.  Just play around with it. I'm going to make about 10 of these and then I'm going to make some "Sneak Peeks" from the Holiday Mini. 

For my customers… The Mini is going to KNOCK your socks off just like the Summer Mini.  Every time we turn around there is something GREAT that Stampin' Up! is doing.  SO FUN!

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26 thoughts on “Let the Series Begin!”

  1. Kimberly, thank you, thank  you, thank you!!!
    I am a fellow military wife and have just been relocated to Germany. It has been a ROUGH move. I also know that I will NOT be allowed to sell or promote SU!  on base and I am not allowed to sell to Germans either. Eek! It is going to be a challenge, but I am up for it. Your creativity and your ideas for promoting SU! are such an inspiration for me. Thank you for doing this series and I look forward to more!!
    I also want to say congratulations to you and your team. I was thrilled to earn you earned number 1! Well deserved.
    God bless, Robyn

  2. Kimberly, THANKS SO MUCH for doing this series of videos.  With everything you have on your plate right now, offering to add this daily video series is just very thoughtful.  It's no wonder you are the #1 Demo of the Year!!  You have already inspired me to place an order for additional Holiday Mini catalogs and get some packets made!  BTW, I agree….the Holiday Mini is the BEST Mini Catalog ever!!!!  Love it!! 
    Again, thanks for this video and I am very much looking forward to more!
    Thanks for all the inspiration you provide on a daily basis on your blog.  It's the best!

  3. Thanks Kimberly! No "Put your big girl panties on!"? ~:-D Thanks for the refresher… this will come in handy as I plan for our coming move and all that it means for my business.

  4. Kimberly,
    Thank you so much for this inspiring video!! You have inspired me to head down to my studio to create some packets to hand out. I need to start Sharing What I love more in my daily interactions.
    I have to agree….this new Holiday MIni Rocks!!
    Can't wait till your next video

  5. Kimberly,  Thanks for sharing your helpful tips.  I look forward to hear more.  Congratulations on making #1!

  6. Thank you!! I always need a little push and well you just gave me one!! I cant wait to see your next video!! Im going to keep watching them when ever i get down cause this really gave me a pick up

  7. WOW this is great to see what you are doing to rebuilt…. Love your positive attitude. Good Luck and Thank You for sharing!

  8. Kimberly, I appreciate so much your video.  I have been following your blog for a long time now, and haven't commented,but I had to take the time today to do so.  I have been in a slump for the past year and a half since moving myself, and have not been able to recover my business.  I appreciate your insight, and inspiration!  I am going to get myself busy making some packets, and visit Starbucks too – loved that idea!!!  You have inspired me to get up and get busy – so THANKS!!!

  9. Great video girlie!!! LOL – moving SUCKS!!!  Everytime I hand out a packet, I think of you…..so that's a least five times a day, :-)!  Love ya and talk to you soon! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  10. Hey Kimberly,
    Love the videos, I had forgotten about the packets, thanks for the reminder.  It was great hearing you today, just what I needed!  I hope you do these videos on a regular basis.  Congrats again to you and your team for being #1 on this busy year of yours!  All I want to add is that the people in this new location where you just moved to are going to be blessed to meet you and your creative stamping.  Who wouldn't want to join your team?  Love your attitude.  Watch out, Kimberly is coming!

  11. So awesome.  I'm going to be signing up under my friend soon, and this is very inspirational!!  Thank you!

  12. Thank you so much for your insights, Kimberly!  As a new demo I building my business for the first time so everything you suggested in the video applies to me!  I'm going to get busy on putting some packets together right away!

    Thanks and keep the great advice coming!

  13. Thank you so much for this inspiring video.  Your team is really lucky to have you as their leader and it is not a wonder you were #1.  I shall be following these videos and doing the assignments. 

  14. Thank you so much for doing these!  Its awesome hearing you explain your ideas.  I am excited to hear more : )

  15. First of all congratulations on #1!!!  I chatted with you briefly in the bag pickup at Convention about your fishing pics and just thought you were so fun!!!  I cheered for you like a crazy person when you were announced DOY!!!
    Secondly thanks for doing this video series!!!  I have big dreams but right now I don't have the customer base nor the downline to support my dreams!!!  I'm outgoing and love people but striking up conversations at the grocery store or Starbucks still freaks me out!  I know you said there are other ways too but I LOVE your tips and think I just need to get out of my comfort zone and do what you suggest!!!  Anyway can't wait for tomorrow's video – THANKS AGAIN!!!
    ~ Sarah 

  16. WOW!  I can't thank you enough for your motivational series.  You make me think even I can do it!  I immidiately wanted to hop in my car and head to Starbucks!  Can't wait for the next part of your series…thanks again and a big congrats to you and your team!

  17. Thanx for sharing your journey to rebuild with us. I know I will find it helpful as will others. Your enthusiasm is contagious! Best of luck!

  18. Thank you so much for the u-tube movie! I am really shy and I didn't know were to begin and your  cello bag ideas are wonderful. I am going to try it. Thank you so much for any help to try to get my business going, I am a new demonstrator. I have been stamping for along time but just became a demonstrator because I am to shy!

  19. Oh, my friend – have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE YOU?!  You so totally rock – you know, all those folks in you new city are going to find out so quickly what an amazing woman you are, and will be drawn to you like a magnet.  I can't wait to see more of your videos!!  <smooch>

  20. Kimberly,  You videos are so inspiring…..  I sent the videos to all of my downline and challenged them to do what you suggest and so will I, to see what kind of responses we all get.  We ALL need to increase our customer base and hopefully downline as well.  Thank you so much for your inspiring message to all of us.  I've always wondered how you do this so well and obviously it works for you so it should work for us as well!!!!!

  21. You are a truly inspiring person!!!  I have to tell you that I moved three times in a year with my last move this March….oh, and the last one involved having my place flooded as soon as we moved in all our boxes with almost all my stamping boxes getting wet (even the ones with cardstock).  Needless to say, I got really tired and so did my little ones so I decided to take a year off to recoup.  I am going to the gym, finishing up my scrapbooks and opening up an etsy store in september to sell off the things I already made all these years.  This also means that I will be in top shape starting in January to start SU as a business so I am actually so excited to see these videos because they will be my home base to start it all out.  Thank you so much Kim!!!

  22. this is totally great….with simple basics and mixing in some of our other favs like starbucks….right in front of you but easiy to take for granted…
    now I have a reason to go out for coffee and  have it be a tax deduction…lol
    sherry robinson

  23. I adore you my friend! You are truly amazing and I am so thankful that you are sharing with us! You rock, sister. 
    Big hugs and smoochies to you! 
    Love your guts!
    Terri 🙂

  24. Kimberly, thank you so much for taking the time to share this AWESOME information with us!  I think as demonstrators we often have to constantly rebuild our business, keep fresh new faces coming in, and I'm sooo excited for your upcoming videos!  I am going to make up some packets (I like to put a little chocolate in there too!) and get out with my kiddos and meet some new friends!
    All the best in rebuilding your business and setting up your new home!

  25. Thank you so very much for sharing these videos. I was a hobby demo in 2007, and just recently rejoined in September. I really want to make this a bussiness now. I work full time as a Secretary for a high school and have so many opportunities in front of me. I had no idea where to start. I am going to start making my packets tonight! What great ideas! I went to convention in 08 and saw you in a Mexican Resturant, and thought to myself.."that lady loosk like she would be a HOOT to be with!" I never thought that I would be watching your videos several years later, and be so inspired to 'Share what I love!' I am going to shout from the mountain tops! I love this product and people like you that are so willing to help! Good luck to you in your new home!

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