Let me humor you…

Well the bags are packed and I feel like Sanford & Son with the car top carrier on the van. I’ve been running around in circles trying to make sure the kids have all that they need for the next month while living at my parents. I am sure there will be something forgotten, but that is just life. My Christmas presents are in a laundry basket, unwrapped and ready to be put in the car. I have resigned myself into thinking it could all be done prior to the trip to Pensacola. No need in putting myself in the looney bin at this early age. However, I believe my children are trying hard to put me there. Let me explain. Yesterday in the craziness of our day, Brandon decided to make his friends a card to say good-bye. I noticed he had his scissors out and I never thought anything of it. While chatting on the phone with my brother, I walked by Brandon and noticed that he was acting a little funny hiding his scissors. Then I looked immeadiatly at his hair. Oh my word, he didn’t! Why YES, he did! He decided that his bangs needed to be a little shorter than the lady cut just TWO days ago!!! My first thought was to laugh. I just knew my kids would never do this. Actually, this makes me laugh hysterically that I would think this. I could only chat with him about the purpose for his scissors and take a picture. Try to control your laughter… although I know it is tough.

I’m still working on invitations and I am proud to say they are almost done. Meanwhile, I am thinking of some great projects to put on here after the holidays and I get back to Pensacola. I am looking forward to the time to just stamp and scrap.

I’m sure many of you don’t watch the Colorado weather like I do, but did you notice they had a little snow storm? {evil chuckle} Yes, just a little. Russ is still snowed in and obviously bored as he is making snowmen outside his door to take pictures for the kids. He claims it’s bitter cold. Not sure how my Florida blood will tolerate this. Russ keeps claiming that all this snow is really a FLUKE and it does get warm there. 🙂 Hmm… I wonder if we should buy a snowmobile so I can make it to my local Starbucks that he claims is REALLY close by. It’s a thought!

May each of you have a very Merry Christmas!


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