Laughter is Contagious!

Last week was a week of pure crazy.  My list of to do’s was WAY more than I knew I could accomplish but was bound to try.  It was a week filled with deadlines and lunch dates believe it or not.

When I looked at the calendar for the start of last week I honestly didn’t know what I was thinking when I had scheduled some of these lunch dates.  I knew that my work load was outrageous (from my own doing mind you) and lunch with friends was only going to set me back.

Boy did God have a different plan.  I am so thankful I had those lunch dates and so grateful that I never cancelled one of them.

Laughter is contagious and I laughed my way through a tough week.  I hope this can inspire you to do the same.  It made my heart swell and my cheeks hurt.

Normally I am a big ole hermit inside my home.  Not because I don’t want to leave my house, but because I’m lazy.  Getting out means getting ready and out of my pajamas and Lord knows I like to be in them more than the real clothing.

By Wednesday of last week I was starting to feel the pressure of things looming over my head.  That morning as I was getting ready to leave for bible study I even thought about canceling because I knew that I had too much to do and not enough time.  I decided that cancelling was not an option and off I went.  God knew I needed the sweet words that morning.  It was a powerful lesson and one I was so grateful to hear.  Afterwards my mom and I have started going to lunch.  I was going to cancel this too but I didn’t.  Instead I sat with my mom in the Olive Garden and we laughed so hard we were making a scene.  Little did I know how much I needed that.  Little did I know that being together and laughing would fill my soul so much that coming home to tackle my long to do list would actually make me feel relaxed!  This never happens.  Relax is not in my vocabulary.  Funniest thing… not once did I think about my to do list during our lunch.



Thursday morning I had another coffee date with a friend of mine I hadn’t seen in 14 years.  We briefly ran into each other at bible study and knew we needed to catch up.  15 minutes prior I thought about cancelling. Yes, I am admitting this because it’s the truth.  How would I tackle my to do list with so little time? I arrived for our coffee   Two blissful hours of catching up on our lives.  2 hours I will cherish for a long long time.  2 hours of seeing God at work in both of our lives and how He brought us back together.  There is a reason… I know.  Not once did I think about my to do list.



Thursday night I had a class at my  home.  I had just sent Russ on his way to Kentucky as he was with our church on a mission trip to bring coats, and food to Harlan, Kentucky.  I was running around the house like a mad woman getting last minute things prepped.  I have never laughed so hard during a class.  This group of women that came to craft were amazing.  The two youngest of the crowd kept me cracking up and when they left that evening I thought about how much fun I had.  Not once did I think about my to do list.

Friday morning I had a funeral to attend.  It was a friends Mother who recently passed.  After the funeral I had another lunch date scheduled.  Again, a large to do list looming but never once thought about during my lunch with friends.  I knew this was where I was supposed to be.

Today when I look back at last week and how full my tummy is from all the food I ate, it’s not as full as my heart.

Although my list of to do’s was overwhelming and I didn’t know how I was going to fit it all in, I  did.  I still managed to get everything done.  I was relaxed doing it.  I laughed so much last week that I am 100% sure not a pound was gained from all the good food.  The laughter was contagious and mood changing.  I enjoyed every second being out enjoying life.  God was at work something fierce last week.  He knew exactly what this crazy girl needed.  A change of pace.  One that I looked at as “I have no time for this I have work to do!, and He said, “Rest in me!”

If your week looks anything like my last week… go have lunch with a friend and laugh.  The laughter is contagious and bound to change your mood. It’s bound to let you breath and take in all the great things we have here on this temporary place.  It’s good.  It’s really really good!

There is not doubt you know that the other form of therapy besides food is crafting… I did that too.

I’m grateful you listen to my babbles so I’ll share this card.

Joyful Sesaon stampin' Up!


I love this cardinal from the Joyful Season stamp set.  Love that you can use this set not only for Christmas but other seasons too.

Joyful Season, Stampin' Up!

The Kraft Corrugated paper – be still my heart.  It’s the BEST BEST BEST.  I’m in love with it.

Time for me to play.  I have a few stamps sets calling my name this morning.

Laugh today friends.  Enjoy something fun and while you are at it, make something pretty.


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Stamps for Sale, Stampin' Up!



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4 thoughts on “Laughter is Contagious!”

  1. I love that you have a real-world, everyday kind of faith! I relate so much to things you write ( like being too lazy to leave the house but having a fabulous time once you do). You make me feel like everything will be fine in the end, it’s all ok, and life is wonderful! I love those times, too, where my stomach actually hurts from laughing so hard. I am so blessed that my family and I frequently laugh like this! My oldest is only a freshman in high school and I can feel myself already missing her when she goes away on a retreat for just a day or two!

    Your projects are, as always, so fun, refreshing, and smile-inducing. Thank you, Kimberly!

  2. What a great post. My ladies Bible Study just started a new study a couple of weeks ago called Your Sacred Yes by Susie Larsen. It is about doing God called things versus what we want to do. It sounds like you ate on that page already. Love reading what you post.

  3. You must have stayed up late at night to catch up!! But, I’m so glad you got some laughter. You deserve it.

  4. rest in me. words i needed to hear this morning. big stress medical procedure coming up, i hope to stress less and rest more. thanks for sharing what you learned from the recent blessings you have enjoyed in fellowship and laughter. i have been in community bible study now for 25 years and never cease to be amazed at the encouragement from and new things i learn about how the Lord works!!

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