I’m a Hot Mess- As Usual!

I know it's been a week since I've been back which seems crazy crazy.  When I left you last week our movers were delivering our household goods.  That's when craziness comes in.  We've spent HOURS unpacking and getting rooms situated.  I'm almost to my craft room.  The good news is I'll be tackling it this week.  


Of course my creativity has been at an all tiime low.  In fact I beat a record for myself.  I haven't stamped in 6 weeks.  Now that is just obsured.  Right? I miss it so much.  


Tonight's post has to be quick.  I must get my hiners in the bed because my littles have school EARLY in the morning.  <not loving the schedule yet>

I could kiss Heather Summers for all of her patience with me over the last 6 weeks.  She is not just an amazing artist, but awesome friend.  This week she chose a sketch to recreate.  I had to do a little dance in my seat because Sketches are fun and FAST.  The work is done for me essentially.  It's just putting my own photos and working with the bones of the layout.  <LOVE>

Here is the sketch she chose: 

Sketch Digital Scrapbooking

MDS, My digital Studio


On a typical night when I'm not unloading 9 million boxes (SERIOUSLY feels like that many!!) I love to deviate from the sketch.  This time it's  just about a complete replica.  The nitty gritty is NO TIME! 


Make sure to check out Heather's Blog with her version of the sketch HERE

In the meantime, check out our super fun MDS Challenge Facebook Group HERE. With 900 members you are SURE to be inspired!!!  


Wish me luck this week.  I hope I can find all the crafty things.  

Have a GREAT week and I'll update pics soon.  



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1 thought on “I’m a Hot Mess- As Usual!”

  1. I would never say 'as usual' about you….Great sketch and you nailed it!   

    Happy to hear that your are finally settling in to your new home…cannot wait to see pictures!

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