Hoppin’ into Easter with MDS


Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up!

Kimberly Van diepen Stampin Up


Easter is literally creeping up on me fast.  Typically I have bunnies everywhere, ideas for the Easter baskets and spring decor out for all to see.  I was supposed to make this happen this past weekend.

Right now there is NOTHING! Na Da! Zilch! 

Now obviously I've been under the weather so I'll give myself a little slack but I am SO sad that I am so behind in getting my goodies out.  Maybe this weekend I'll find the time.  I really hope this weekend I have the energy to pull out my cool junk!

In the mean time I had a trip down memory lane as I created this layout.  Last Easter was pretty special because we had Russ home.  He enjoyed hiding all 100 + eggs and found a special spot for the Golden Egg.  The Golden Egg is always filled with more money than any of the others and the kids know it.  It's a pretty fun hunt.  

Over the last few days I haven't had much energy to do much of anything except move my fingers around my keyboard.

 I am grateful for My Digital studio.  Even when you are down and out you can be creative.  Since I had a little more time on my hands I sat and went through many, many digital downloads that I have.  I will not lie… I have a lot.  I have a REAL lot… I *heart* them so much and each time I would hit my down key I would discover something fun and exciting.  

Click HERE to download the supplies for the layout above. 

This is my CHALLENGE to YOU!  Sit down and open your software.  Start a layout.  Sit and go through the beautiful Designer Papers, Embellishments and Stamp Brushes you have.  Explore the creativity that is literally at your fingertips.  Let go of perfection and just enjoy the process and PLAY. 

If you are just learning My Digital Studio there are resources at your fingertips. Free Resources. You can click HERE and learn all kinds of cool tricks and tips with My Digital Studio.   

Ready to be inspired? Check out what the other fantastic designers have in store for you today!


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