Happy Saturday Mama’s!

The sun is shining mighty bright today.  My family is scattered in many places today and I'm sitting at Starbucks taking a small breather after a busy and sometimes emotional week.  Man, Motherhood is tough and parenting can be exhausting.  Don't get me wrong. I love being a Mother and I love my children beyond what words can describe but there are days I sit down and shake my head as to what I got myself into.  I'm dealing with a little boy who currently thinks he knows everything.  He'll be turning 11 very soon and this week he is having a wake up call as to what I expect from a child of this age.  Somehow my sweet boy has entitlement issues. Thinking he's entitled to get away with disrespecting adults, not turning in homework/classwork and or entitled to look at me as if I've grown 4 eyeballs on top of my head.  WHOA! Hang on…. NOT in my house buddy boy!  I know back in my days of growing up the one thing I did NOT do was disrespect my parents.  I'm not sure where I've gone wrong in my parenting skills and I'm researching it.  I know my daughter doesn't have the same issues and we have the same rules for her, so I ask myself is this a phase my sweet boy may be going through? If so, I'm telling you now I'm scared I will not survive it.  I'm afraid I could very well be writing my blog from the funny farm.  

So I sit this morning and I'm doing something that gives my soul a chance to find solitude and happiness.  My Digital Studio is good for my soul this morning. As  I'm working on a layout of my sweet boy,  it does make me think of all his amazing qualities and the fact I wouldn't trade being a Mother for anything.  This first layout is of the two kiddo's back in July last year.  I really need to pull the camera out and take some recent shots.  With Spring coming I see warmer weather on the horizon I think this will be easier to get out and shoot some pics.  The Cherry Blossoms have started budding.  ๐Ÿ™‚

Here is a few layouts I've done recently:

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



This next layout is kinda funny.  While Russ was deployed Skype was our best friend.  We talked daily on it.  I know, I was very lucky to have that technology during his deployment.  However, sometimes we would get bored and the funny faces started.  I did a screen shot of his funny face and the rest is on a layout. LOL!

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator



I hope your Saturday is fantastic.  I'm off to do a little retail therapy.  It always makes for a GREAT day!  Alexis will be selling Girl Scout cookies today and the guys are bonding at a train show.  I think at the end of the day we will all be able to say, GREAT DAY!


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7 thoughts on “Happy Saturday Mama’s!”

  1. Carol Carriveau

    So sorry to  hear of your issues with your son.   I honestly do not recall specific issues like these with our son, but that was over 20 years ago, and of course we did have issues – lol!  But we have an 11 great nephew who has been acting in similar ways the last several months.   I want to say that perhaps Brando may still be having issues with his dad being back home, coupled with his age…boy hormones and approaching teendom.   Hopefully this too will go away, and soon.   No one doubts the love and dedication to your family, just hang tight and stay strong……sending best wishes your way!  

  2. Kim:
     As a mother of a 19 yr old  and an 11 yr old daughters, trust me it is absolutly nothing you have done it is just the age these days. My oldest went thru this and the youngest has not ventured their yet, but it will come. It is just society these days.
    When we were growing up all our parents had to do is look at us and" we :knew"! It seems like from what you shared Brandon got use to being the man of the house and as glad as he is to have Dad back he may be finding himself having a hard time just finding his place again. As you have said many times last year was a tough year and I feel  that great parenting is what got those kids through it and it will continue to get them through little bumps like these. This is nothing I am sure you and the Prince have not thought of I just wanted to share with you from those of us who followed your journey), I just wanted to reaffirm to you, that you do a great job. It is simply just the age, although not acceptable and aggravating he will be fine ,cause your his Mama!!
    Chin up! This is the beginning thank the Lord for the amazing foundation you have given them that will deliver them through these times and you too! I will keep you in my prayers
    Your the bomb, Mama!

  3. I second Whitney's comments, especially about the 'look'!  LOL!   My 17 year old and 13 year old daughters have put me through many things at home but whenever they are away from me, people say they are very nice girls, respectful and kind.   Home and parents is the testing ground and 'emotional release'!   They have to test their wings somewhere and Brandon is pushing the limits!
    You'll get through and look back at these times and smile!   Before you know it, they're gone….. sending my oldest to a university in the fall 3 hours away!   Yahooo!!!  I'll miss her very much but she needs a dose of reality too!
    Stay consistent for him!
    Enjoy your week!

  4. You are not alone!!  While my boys aren't Brandon's age…yet.  I know that one day they will be and as parents, we ALL have struggles.  This too shall pass.  Right?!?!  That's what other mama's tell me anyway.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  We are keeping your family in our prayers.  {(HUGS)}
    PS…So love seeing all that you create and share with us!!  You are so talented!!
    Hope today is better!!!

  5. What perfect timing for your post, Kimberly, as I was just discussing this very same thing about my 11 yo son with my husband this morning!  What is with kids and the non respect thing?  Yikes!
    The only one happy these days is my colorist that keeps those grey hairs, that the boy is giving me, at bay! 
    I can't wait until we can all laugh about this phase once it's over.  It will end, right????

  6. Been right where you are with my son.  Right around the same age, he stopped wanting to cuddle and read a book or watch a movie with me.  I have suffered "the look" to the point of tears.  He's 24 now and in the army.  He told me JUST LAST WEEK that, as he gets older, he appreciates how much we have done for him."  I could swear the clouds parted and I heard angels singing!  Between the behavior and two deployments, hair color has helped me get through!  Unfortunately for you, it will probably get worse before it gets better, but…it WILL get better.  Hang in there!

  7. Kimberly,
    Hold fast to God's promise that He is "sufficient unto the day"! I am the mother of a 24yo son and an almost 21yo daughter and let me tell you that promise has gotten me through many days and sleepless nights! And we have VERY good kids.Being a mother is not for the weak or faint-hearted as I am sure you already know. Please know that this is most likely a stage (with many more stages to come)and you need to stand firm and love him through it. Also know that you are not alone. Your mom friends are with you and so is God!
    Inky hugs,

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