She is Happy…

Once again I could write a book on what's been going on in our neck of the woods.  We've had a week that's been filled with ups, downs and in a second flat- changed forever.  


Last week I attended a business conference that was amazing.  I left Russ with a crazy kid schedule but knew he could handle anything thrown his way.  He's a good daddy like that.  We are lucky here that family can chip in when we need and that made his week much smoother.  


Prior to leaving for the conference we had taken our 14 year old doggie to the vet because we just knew something wasn't right.  As we left the vet we knew our instincts were right on the money.  Our sweet doggie had a large mass and her time with us would not be much longer.  


Russ called me Wednesday and said Bailey had gone down hill even more.  He had talked to the kids and he was going to take her the next day.  I was heartbroken because I was not near my family.  I had talked to the kids and they were so sad.  It's even more heartbreaking when you are not their to comfort your family.  


On Thursday Russ took Bailey into the vet to be put down.  When I talked to the kids they were a mess.  Jeez… we were all a mess.  Since my conference was officially over I decided to get on the road and come home.  Alexis was especially taking this really hard and she was a mess on the phone.  


When I arrived home and walked in the door it was immeadiate change.  Just like that, she was gone.  No more dancing for treats. No more dancing at the door when I take my time to let her outside to potty. No more greetings from Bailey.  Quiet.


I read the Rainbow Bridge to Alexis and the ugly cry came on.  Then the ugly cry hit Alexis.  Hot mess does not even describe it.  We almost went through an entire box of Kleenex.  I'm not sure what was more painful, missing Bailey or seeing my daughter hurt from loosing Bailey.  



Once we were able to compose ourselves we know that we had 14 years of awesome memories.  She will be missed terribly but we know she is happy.  She is running and playing and we'll find comfort in knowing she is her happy self again in a happy place.  


I thought it was only fitting to create a layout of her for this week's challenge.  

My Digital Studio, MDS

This week Heather challenged us to use a template in the MDS Software.  I don't use them often at all.  Creating this layout was so quick using the template.  Once I placed the photos in the boxes, I started using the global search tool with key words for the art work I was looking for.  


To be honest, the best part of this layout is knowing I have an everlasting memory of my sweet Bailey girl for all of us to remember her by.  


I can't stress it enough… documenting your life moments either good or bad is so important. 


I'll expand on the rest of my scoop in the next post.  <smile>  


Make sure to check out Heather's post HERE.


Amazing friends, thank you again for listening.  







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12 thoughts on “She is Happy…”

  1. It is never easy to lose a treasured friend.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.  Your little Bailey was lucky to have a family like yours.  Take care.

  2. Kimberly, I am so very sorry, that brought tears to my eyes. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. The memories you have will be treasured and I hope that they bring comfort.

  3. Hi Kimberly,

    So very sorry about your dear, sweet Bailey.  Praying for all of you. Thank you for sharing this precious page dedicated to Bailey's memory.

    I was so disappointed to not make that business conference to meet you and the others.  One day…:).

    God bless you and your family,


  4. Kim,

    We recently had to put down our 12 year old beloved Yellow Labrador Retriever Riggs, and I know your pain well.  We too have found comfort in the Rainbow Bridge poem.  Something our vet told us that has helped me overcome very sad moments was this –  Be the people that Riggs knew us to be, and to never forget.   Those simple words have helped me tremendously, during those days where all feels so bleak.

    We all love our pets so much, it's like losing a member of the family. Because they are members of our family.

    Take care,


  5. Sooooooo very for your loss…our beloved pets are members of our families and the loss is no less than loosing a human family member.   Certainly know your pain….and am so sorry that you are all in pain…take good care and let that flood of happy memories help to ease the loss!   Big hugs to you each and all!

  6. Kimberly, I know exactly what you are going through. We had to put our 14 year old Bailey down this summer. I just had to write to you because this just was so close to my story(except mine was a boy and he was a cocker spaniel) ๐Ÿ™‚ His tummy had gotten huge so I took him in and they told me that his liver and heart were starting to fail. I took him home but only for another couple of days. He didn’t appear be in pain but I didn’t want him to hurt. You did the right thing and it will get easier with each passing day. Hugs to you and your family!

  7. So sorry for the loss of your sweet Bailey ๐Ÿ™  It is so hard to lose a pet and suffer the loss with your children as well.  We lost our own Bailey this summer too…my heart hurts for your family <3

    What a sweet page to remember her by!  You have inspired me to create a page of my own in rememberance of my sweet Bailey boy!

  8. Oh, how my tears flow as I read of your loss.  Those cute little fur babies are so much a family member and so hard to lose when their time has come.  My fur babies were there to greet your Bailey.  Our most recent loss was the Sunday before Convention this year.  We had to put our Oscar Meyer Heemeyer weiner dog to sleep.  Such a smart, wonderful, warm, loving fur baby.  We all miss him terribly.  I am so grateful you created that wonderful scrapbook page to look back upon and remember all the good times your family had with Bailey.  Carry those memories close in your heart.  It helps with the mourning.  Please give big hugs to your kids from me.  I feel their pain.

    With Heartfelt Sympathy,


  9. Aww, Kimberly, I am so sorry to hear this. I know exactly what you are going through. It's tough to lose a dear pet. I had no idea how tough it was going to be until I experienced it. I felt like my heart was crushed to smitherings. You definitely need to take the time to allow yourself to grieve with your kids – you have lost a family member. I know right now, the emptiness in your home feels overwhelming. Eventually, time has a way of healing your broken hearts — but it will take awhile, for sure. In the meantime, hang in there, try to keep busy along with the kids. Try to focus on the good memories of your dear Bailey and that she is running and joyful, free from pain as is described in Rainbow Bridge.

    I'm sending you heartfelt cyber hugs! Please hug the kids for me.

  10. Kimberly,

    I am so sorry to hear about Bailey.  I too had to have my Chihuahua (Leroy) put to sleep 2 years ago, so I know how that pain feels…My little guy was 14 or 15 years old. He was with us through several moves and we had him before we had our boys.  He was soooo spoiled.  ๐Ÿ™‚  We all hurt so bad when we lost him….I swear I could hear his little toe nails making that clicking sound across the floors or feel his cold nose against my leg even after he was gone.  I still miss him.  It will get better over time.  You all are in my prayers!  

  11. Oh, Kimberly!  I am so sorry for the grief you and your family are experiencing.  I know Bailey was a big part of your family.  Giving you all {{HUGS}}. 

  12. Kimberly … I am so sorry to hear this news.  I so can relate to how you feel.  We don't have any kids so our pets are our kids.  The only comfort I can ever find is knowing they are going to meet me on the "Rainbow Bridge" when I get to Heaven.  Cyber Hugs!!


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