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Fresh Vintage Stamp set, Stampin' Up!


Good morning stampers!

I'm sitting at my desk waiting for little snowflakes to fall from the sky.  They say it's in the forecast today.  We'll see if the weather guy gets it right today.

Wanted to give a quick update on how we're doing on the home front and then share my little card I have for you.  Some of you have asked how the transition is going and if the Prince was doing okay.  I'm happy to report our little family is doing very well.  There have been many bumps in the road but the big picture is GOOD.  Brandon and Russ are still trying to mend a few wounds from his absence but I can see it's coming along quite well.  Russ jumped in with both feet helping Brandon in Cub Scouts and school activities and it's just what Brandon needed.  You can still see the angry face on Brandon at times but that will soon heal and the one thing that never changed is the unconditional love from both of us.  Both of the kids made it into the school Spelling B last week.  Russ was able to take off work to see the kids in action.  We were so excited to tell the kids that Russ was able to get the time off.  When I told Brandon that he was coming he started to cry.  I didn't understand at first and then he said, "Mama, if he comes and I misspell the first word Daddy will have wasted his time.  This prompted a quick family discussion on EXPECTATIONS. I quickly lowered the bar and it seemed to take a ton of pressure off both of the kids.  Who knew? Russ and I were just over the moon they had MADE it into the Spelling B and we drove this point home to both of them.   Both of the kids did great. Brandon took 4th place in his age group and Alexis took 3rd place.  Needless to say, our cheeks hurt from smiling that day.   Russ has also been busy having tea parties with Alexis and is helping her build and craft together "stuff" for her American Girl Doll.  I love it. The time he spends with the kids gives me time to step away and let them be with just him.  It's been harder than I thought keeping my nose out of their business because I've been the one parent in control for so long.  I know that the time they spend together alone and without my 2 cents is good and the kids see that DADDY is BACK. Again, thank you for asking about my little family. 


Now, let's chat about stamps!

Boy oh Boy I love how this stamp set, Fresh Vintage compliments the Everyday Enchantment Designer Paper.  It's so beautiful and the Poppy Parade cardstock is what made this card POP.  I used the pretty Everyday Enchantment Ribbon & Brad pack as well on this card and of course I HAD to throw in a little First Edition DSP.  It's clearly an addiction.  The Ribbon and Brad pack is a FREEBIE item from the Sale-a-bration catalog. The brads are super cute and the ribbon is pretty and delicate. The sentiment Inspire, Create, and Dream comes from the Loving Thoughts stamp set. GREAT set if you like to make banners.  It's a perfect fit. 

Lastly, here is a little MDS news!

There are new beautiful My Digital Studio downloads for you to see.  Click HERE to view them. Download your FREE copy of My Digital Studio today. Click HERE to get it. I'm getting ready to work on Valentines using My Digital Studio.  I will share once the design is complete.  There are MANY great downloads to use for Valentines Day.  If you are local to the Northern VA area I just put an MDS class on my schedule.  You can check out my class schedule at the top of my blog.  It's finally been updated and more classes are coming.  I can officially say… "She's back!" 


I see a few snowflakes falling.  Looks like a peaceful day. 

Have a FANTASTIC day!


  1. Thanks for the great update on how well your family is doing…I am sure that Brandon is really happy that his dad is back, and can imagine how hard it is for him to release himself of being the man of the house.  Russ is doing a great job of taking his place in these very special ways with both kids.   You are all soooo lucky and smart in handling things so well,
    Yiur card is beautiful…love the colors and your special touches!

  2. Military spouses who do a fabulous job of keeping the family together, mostly sane, and working while the loved one is away is an under-appreciated group!  The return, is in some ways harder then the going. It is hard to explain to someone just how and why that is, it just is.  My husband was gone for 4 months a few years ago as soon as we moved to WY- it was so hard when he left, but my boys and I figured out a system and when he returned, it was hard trying to fit him in when he wanted to change the 3 of us.  He is leaving next fall for a 365 deployment- I can't even wrap my head around that.  We will move in late July to NC to live with family and he will leave in mid-Sept- so we are talking 14 months apart.  Wow- I just bummed myself out…… oh well, we have so much time together now!! Good luck!!

  3. This card is stunning!  I just LOVE it, so much that I CASEd it last night and made it to send to my new recruit!  Thanks for sharing!!