Fabulous Friday!

Glad Friday is here. Why you ask? Russ will be home this weekend to help unpack! ***GRIN*** I have worked all week on this house and about to go crazy. I admit to a complete melt down last night and Russ stayed up way to late helping me get my office organized. I’m sure you have heard these things before when you move… I have no friends, my business is crap, the house is a wreck, I don’t like it here, I wanna go home! These were my feelings last night! Change is always so hard and I’m finding that as I get older it is getting harder! So my husband, the great guy that he is, listened to me cry, held me tight and told me to get in my stamp room and get to work. I love it when he brings reality back. That is who he is! He kindly set up the computer! Smooches to him. While I love the laptop and I can shimmy all over the house with it, my main computa’ is my LIFE!!! It has EVERYthing on it. When he first hooked it up I was afraid that it wouldn’t work. Remember, this is move #7 in 10 years… it has happened before. So far it is working fine.
Today should be the same. Unpacking! HOWEVER! Brandon needs Valentines for his school. Guess what I will be making??? You betcha! It has to be cool because I need to WOW some mom here. Hmmm… any suggestions? A girl has to start somewhere!! Valentines it is!

I’ll check back later. Hope to have a progression picture of how it is coming along.

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3 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday!”

  1. I feel your pain. I’m just getting my feet back from our first military move… now to start getting ready for the next one!

  2. I have finally figured out how to reply! It only took a lost message and few bad words.

    I have enjoyed following the family’s move (laughs and struggles) and felt as though we are still close.

    Nick and Kate have been asking when Brandon and Lexie are coming home. Any ideas yet? This moving stuff bites!

    Anyway, we will wish you the best as you begin putting your lives back together and setteling in (watch my spelling, it’s horrible)By the way, I have a sweater for my dog, by the looks of the snow, I think Baily will need it. A girl can’t have too many sweaters you know!

    We look forward to some pix.
    Hugs and kisses,
    Lina, Nick, and Katie (Matt too)

  3. Thank goodness for Russ… I’m so glad he’s the pillar of strength that he is. Now get to stampin’! =)

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