Dreams and Goals

Howdy, howdy!! Another month is flying by so fast. It is almost mid month! Yikes! I have been busy stamping scrapbook pages and will share in the morning when my lighting is at it’s best. I have all my new rubbah just screaming for attention. I am planning a BIG new rubbah fest this weekend. Just me and the new rubbah are going to have a little meeting! After I had seen the sneek peek of the newer products from the demonstrator magazine Stampin’ Success… I almost fainted. Really! Talk about excitment! Jumping for joy excitement. My kids thought I had gone off the deep end. It is crazy that a few new products like the ones I had seen could just make you giddy. I know this new catalog is going to be fantastic. I thought last years was AMAZING! This one is going to blow our minds!!!!

I have very exciting news this week! I am so excited to announce that I will be cruising to BERMUDA on behalf of Stampin’ Up! This was a HUGE accomplishment after many, many obstacles that stood in my way. If you remember way back in January while I was in the midst of a move, my dad had his heart surgery and then the travels to our new home and then of course it spiraled from there once I got here. I wanted to share this with you because I do believe DREAMS and goals do come true if you work hard to achieve them. My business has grown here in Colorado Springs and it is so exciting. The greatest thing about this great thing we call STAMPING is the friendships we make along the way. I have made friends all over the US just stamping and scrapbooking. Each of these people have touched my life in some sort of way and will always be remembered. While all this is happening, touching lives, sharing what I love to do… a big bonus happened along the way. I want to scream out on my back deck… “I DID IT!!!” Thanks for listening to me ramble. I am teaching one of my favorite classes tomorrow night. SCRAPBOOKING! Truly, my element. I know it will be a GREAT time. I will share the layouts in the morning. By the weekend, lets pray that new rubbah has seen the ink!!


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8 thoughts on “Dreams and Goals”

  1. StamperSharon

    Congratulations, Kimberly — so glad you met your goal AND get a wonderful vacation as well! Can’t wait to see the photos — I’ve always wanted to go to Bermuda!

  2. I am soooo excited for you Kimberly – BUT I had no doubt you would be on that cruise!! Can’t wait to see your pages, girl! You rock! *HUGS* Alex

  3. Heather Summers

    OK, I am officially freaking out!!! I can’t wait to meet you!!! How many more sleeps?!!? OK, I can’t wish the time away considering I’ll then have a one year old…BUT…I can’t wait!!!! Congrats on all that you’ve done!!!

  4. Big congrats to you! I am so glad that things really took off for you in CO… and you were worried. 😉 The cruise sounds great… isn’t this 2 years in a row? You are awesome!

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