Chestnuts Roasting…

Chestnuts Roasting… 

Happy December!!


Oh dear.  Houston…. we have a problem. The Chestnuts are NOT roasting!


This past weekend I decided to get up in the attic (it was HOT HOT I might add) to pull the Christmas tree down.  It was time to commence the indoor decorations.

With sweat dripping down my back as I sifted through a complete disaster of an attic I managed to find the Christmas decorations.  One by one they came down and into the house.  The kids were over the moon.  This is always a special time in our home.  Typically we would be sipping hot cocoa, listening to Christmas music and putting the ornaments on one by one.


Not this time.


We were dressed in shorts, sweating bullets trying NOT to turn the air back on and each of us had a cold drink.  I couldn’t even sip my beloved coffee I was so hot.  We did manage the Christmas songs playing in the background but every once in awhile a quick glance to the backyard pool was looking better and better.


As I was decorating the tree it hit me that I don’t have a mantel to decorate.  Crazy as this sounds we’ve been in this house 2 years and why didn’t I think of this before?

Maybe because the last two years have been so chaotic I didn’t give it a single thought.  It wasn’t until I pulled out our stockings (all 11 of them -Me, Russ, kids, (2)dogs, cat, (4) guinea pigs…) and noticed I had no where to hang them.  Where did I put them last year?


I remember vaguely when we moved into the house that Russ and I talked briefly about putting a fireplace in. It’s already piped for gas so it wouldn’t be hard.  Then again, as I was sweating bullets the thought of chestnuts roasting on an open fire was definitely not happening.


The only mantel I have to decorate is from my Festive Fireplace stamp set. So that’s what I did.




Festive Fireplace

Chestnuts Roasting, Festive Fireplace, Stampin' Up!

This is the first time I’ve used this set this season.  I have a terrible time when it comes to designing cards with pieces like this.  I was trying to keep from anything freely floating in the air and thought how I would decorate my own mantel.  The fun part about this set is the matching framelits.  The only fussy cutting I did was the actual fireplace which is easy peasy.


I loved the way the brick looks watercolored on the Crumb Cake cardstock.  What do you think? There is something about a watercolored look on Crumb Cake cardstock that I love.


Create It!

I’ve created a quick PDF for you to create this card on your own.  Just click the link below and download.

Click HERE for the PDF to create this card.

Chestnuts Roasting, Festive Fireplace, Stampin' Up!



Chestnuts Roasting, Festive Fireplace, Stampin' Up!

While I may not be roasting chestnuts on the fire, I can assure you I had fun despite it all.

How the Van Deep in Troubles Roll…

A few facts about me comfy in my home…

  • My attire is not attractive at ALL
  • Typically no make up is worn or I sweat it all off
  • Wednesday I have a hair appointment in which I pray the lady gets rid of this GRAY….
  • I pray daily that no one knocks on my door.
  • I’m crazy 90% of the time.

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! demonstrator

Notice I’m only acting like I pushing the button for the camera.  Alexis didn’t want me to ruin her selfie stick… HA. As IF!Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! demonstrator


Absolute winner for our Christmas cards this year. Keeping it real.  Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! demonstrator


While this might be the blurriest pic of all… it’s my fav.  He loves me.  That’s all that is needed.  Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! demonstrator

I hope you are making great memories at the start of this great season.

Hello December!

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2 thoughts on “Chestnuts Roasting…”

  1. What a funny story about your decorating adventures. I know what you were feeling; its like that here in Arizona. What a darling family you have. Love your choice of picture for your holiday cards.?

  2. That was a cute, funny story and love the “keeping it real” family pics! I live South of Ft. Myers and while I finally purchased a fake tree during black Friday – I have only gotten so far as to put it together. I forget it’s December and that I should be getting those ornaments out of the attic. I’m sure all my Christmas decorations have to do with cold & snow so I think it’s going to be time for a theme change – beachy Christmas for sure! Maybe a flip flop tree – yeah that’s it!
    Congrats on being chosen for Artisan Team!!!!

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