Anniversarry Fun!

On the 11th of July Russ and I celebrated our 15th Anniversary.  Although we were apart, it was still an amazing day! 

 On the 9th of July my entire family went to the Farmers Opry in Chumuckla, Florida.  It's a big barn where they have lots of big name bands come and sing country music.  They also serve dinner there.  It was so fun having all the family together to eat and then have the entertainment.  The Sawmill Band played that night and they were amazing.  Intermission came and they recognized birthdays and anniversary's.  Alexis was upset with me because I did not tell them it was Russ and I's anniversary.  I told her it was okay and went back to watching the show.  Evidently this was not good enough for Alexis. She marched herself up to the Manager and proceeded to tell her it was my anniversary and that Russ was in Iraq.  After a few more songs the band leader stood up and said, "We have another anniversary in the house.  Will Kimberly please stand up?"  I look at my daughter and she has a big smile on her face.  I walk up to the stage and the band leader tells the crowd that my honey is in Iraq.  He sits me on a stool and asked me if I was okay.  I shook my head yes.  I knew I wasn't going to be in a few minutes.  I sat on the stool and they started to sing to me. They sang "Proud to be an American."  Immediately I started to cry.  It's one thing to miss Russ dearly on our Anniversary but then add the singing and I'm a goner. Oh Jeez.  Now I'm balling on stage and everyone in the crowd is standing, and they are crying too.  The keyboard player then placed a flag in my lap.  Oh my! Now everyone in the crowd is singing and crying.  About this time the kids come up to the stage and stand by me.  Brandon pats my shoulder reassuring me everything was going to be okay.  Alexis looks at me and smiles.  That little stinker.  Below is the video of the event.  Grab a tissue.  It's pretty moving.  I was so grateful that night for the determination of my little girl.  It was a fantastic way to celebrate our anniversary from afar. 



Here are some of the photos that the Farmers Opry took for us.  They were so amazing to my family. 

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrators



Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up! Demonstrators



Love the last picture. 

Stay tuned.  I'll be a blog maniac today and catch you up on the last 20 days of our life. 


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22 thoughts on “Anniversarry Fun!”

  1. wow… I was crying BEFORE I ever watched the video!… Happy Anniversary!!  Thanks for sharing your life!!

  2. Oh my goodness… that brought tears to my eyes, too.  How wonderful!   Happy Anniversary!  God Bless Russ and our armed forces serving our country here and abroad.  :)'

  3. Oh honey!! Were you able to send this to your Prince?  What an amazing song too.  Many blessing to you and Russ – may there be many many many more anniversaries.  Hugs and prayers

  4. Wow!  I was crying too just reading your story.  What a special moment for you and what awesome kids you have ๐Ÿ™‚  Happy Anniversary!

  5. I'll bet it really helped Alexis, too, to be able to do what she did.  Hugs to all of you ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Carol Carriveau

    I jumped right into the video and it took a few seconds to realize that it was you up on the stage…and the vocalist sounded very close to the original….WOW…I kept thinking to myself how is she doing that, I would be a basket case and then I saw you wipe your eyes.  Heard whoever was videoing it tell the kids to join you.  I was crying and sniffling and one of my co-workers came into my office and wondered why I was crying!  Thankfully I've been between allergies and a cold for the last two days and could beg off on that excuse…LOL!    Fabulous video and what a wonderful way to spend the special day – know that your Honey will enjoy seeing the video too.   Hope you are  all rested from your visit with your family…continue to take good care!

  7. All I can say is ditto to all the previous comments. There are still tears in my eyes. Proud to be an American!

  8. Wow.. how moving and fantastic.  Love knows no miles and I know Russ felt your love all the way in Iraq.  Happy Anniversary and may love continue to bless your life.

  9. You were right, needed a kleenex.  God bless you and your little family and God bless the USA!  This is a treasure Russ will treasure forever.  Be safe and keep strong girl.

  10. Tree in Minnesnowta

    I was in tears BEFORE the video!!!!  Couldn't even read all you wrote in my email!! Thank you again for all the blessings you share, life moments and Thank you and Russ again for serving our Country abroad and at home!!! We are blessed to have you in our lives. God Bless America!!!

  11. Oh my goodness!  I haven't even made it to the video yet…and I am bawling!  (The pregnancy hormones seem to send me in to the ugly cry a little more often than usual. wink) What a special night!  Your prince and your family are in our prayers. Hugs from WI!

  12. ok and now you have all of us crying too!!! I can't even imagine having to sit on the stage they would have had to carry this blubbering fool off. Seriously though thats so wonderful!!!

  13. Well, I'm bawling just reading your post.  The bad thing is….I'm at work!  I'll have to watch your video at home this evening, and will probable bawl again. 

  14. Kim – you totally amaze me and I just loved this – yes I am sitting here with tears running down my cheeks and thinking I have to go to figi to meet Kim.  Thanks for your open sharing and thanks to Russ for all he is doing to protect us. 

  15. AWWW!  Kimberly, I didn't know I would need the whole box of tissues.  This is so amazing.  I know we are all so thankful for the sacrafice your family is making and for Russ and the many men and women who fight with him to help keep us free.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Keep being an amazing mommy.  Those two kids are two great reasons to get up and go each day.  Let Russ know we are praying for him.

  16. Thank you, Kimberly, for sharing this.  And, thank you, of course, to Russ who works each day to defend our freedom and the rights of those around the world.  But, you, Brandon, and Alexis are also heroes in your own right.  The sacrifices you all make as a military family…we are all so thankful!  God bless you and your precious family!
    Hugs from a sister demo in Texas,
    Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

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