and We’re Off..

The bags are packed, tickets are in the purse… now it's time to get on the plane headed to Fiji in the morning. Confession… I'm a WRECK! (I feel better already for getting this off my chest!) I've never been THIS far from my kids and to make this even better I'm not a fan of airplanes.  SO, I've had Russ going around telling me repeatedly…" it's ALL going to be GREAT. You will be fine. WE are going to have the time of our lives!"  This is my chant.  <sigh> Not feeling it…. 

My parents arrived  yesterday and the kids have already wrapped themselves around them.  Honestly, I think the kids think we already left. I'm thankful my parents are here. Thankful the kids love them so much.

Say a little prayer that Russ survives the plane ride with me.  This could be interesting…

While I'm away I've created lots of fun stuff for you to see.  I wasn't sure what the internet would be like while I was there so I posted ahead of time. If I get the chance I'll update our vacay and how the trip is going and the survival skills Russ used! 

Thank you so much for always putting up with me and reading my craziness.  



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5 thoughts on “and We’re Off..”

  1. Aww, it'll be allright! The flight will be fine, and over before you know it. And the destination? OMG, you're SO going to LOVE it! Have a wonderful time, dont worry about the kids, and enjoy every singe second of the time aone with your Hubby. Happy Travels!

  2. Congratulations, and have a grand time!  I use Bach's Rescue Remedy to settle my nerves on the freeways, my SIL uses it on airplanes – keeps her husband's arm from getting all bruised up!  Martinis work too!  

  3. Xanax!  I use it when I fly as I'm really anxious (probably more in the days leading up to the flight than the flight itself) and it totally calms me.  Doesn't make me a zombie or anything, just calm.  And knowing I have it takes the anxiety before the flight away too.  I highly recommend it to people with an aversion to flying!  Have fun!

  4. Carol Carriveau

    I am sure that you and Russ survived the long flight(s) very well….a few drinks and you won't care!!!   Looking forward to your tales of fun and rest….and your posts while you are gone!

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