Among the Branches- Stampin’ Up!

This weekend I pulled out a few stamp sets from the Holiday Catalog that haven’t seen much love from me.  Among the Branches is a stamp set that is high on that list.

Among the Branches, Stampin' Up!

I love the Into the Woods Elements (the wooden leaves) but each time I go to put them on a card I struggle where they “belong!”  This card seemed easy to place them and ended up I loved how they fell…

I’d be lying too if I said I didn’t hoard wooden elements of any kind.  Do you find you do the same? Maybe I just like the way they sit in my tins on my shelves? Who knows but I loved using them on this card.  Among the Branches, Stampin' Up!

I love all the gold and yellows together from the Washi Tape, thread and ribbon.  Coordination overload on this card wouldn’t you say?

I have to say this weekend was one of our busiest in a long time.  Saturday was family clean day.  I can’t tell you how excited my kids were- NOT!  Our garage is nothing short of a disaster.  The probability of ever putting a car inside the garage is pretty low.  While cleaning out the garage was NOT on my list of to do’s, it happened and we felt pretty good about it once it was complete.  Russ now has a truck full of garage sale items ready for our church wide garage sale next weekend.  I’m thankful it’s out of my hair.

I also decorated our home with all my fall and halloween decorations.  We now look a bit spooky.  The kids do love that.

Then Sunday was a beautiful day.  We attended a beautiful wedding for my cousin.  Him and his bride looked amazing and the wedding was awesome.  He just joined the Air Force and they will be moving to VA.  They are super excited and have NO earthly idea the adventure they are in for.  Of course myself and a few of his family have given them both the crash course in military life.  He has seen it his entire life so maybe he does have a sense of what’s going on.  They will start out like most military families… poor as dirt but rich in love. I will be praying for these lovlies for awhile.  They are young, but they are beautiful.

Here are a few photos from yesterday.  His bride was absolutely stunning and his face told the story as she walked towards him.  It’s my favorite picture. Can his cheeks get any bigger?

IMG_6340 IMG_6354 IMG_6374 IMG_6429


Then the most blurry picture captured my favorite moment of the day.


Dancing with this guy was the highlight for me.  At 14, he is not shy AT ALL about the love he has for his mama. This makes my heart so happy.  This guy is struggling right now.  Teenage years are not easy.  Sometimes I feel like he is a little alien in his body.  I went to kiss him goodnight last night and his room was dark. When I bent over to kiss him his cheeks were wet.  My heart sank because I knew they were fresh tears.  He is worried about this school year and the expectations of the IB program.  He has everything it takes to succeed in this program except one- responsibility.  It’s a battle he struggles with daily.  He is the kid that loves to have FUN and responsibility is not fun.  Can you do me a favor? Will you pray for this insanely adorable and fun boy of mine? He really needs to be uplifted.

In other HOT news… I’m off to visit my little brother Shane who has been admitted to the hospital this morning.  We thought it was kidney stones but there are no stones found.  He’s in terrible pain and they continue to run tests.  Prayers appreciated for him too.  He is a pretty tough man.  For him to be admitted I know the pain was unbearable.


Love to each!!


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8 thoughts on “Among the Branches- Stampin’ Up!”

  1. Kimberly,
    Prayers for your little brother? My daughter had horrible abdominal pain, then finally, after a trip to the ER, they discovered her uretor tube was blocked! She had surgery & is all better. Praying you find out the cause soon!
    Also, prayers for your 14 year old. Teen years are so hard. My “little” guy is 12, & it’s been rough as well. ? Like you say, so hard to see our “babies” hurting! Lifting you & your family up in prayer??
    Thanks for your posts! You are inspiring, extremely talented & I think we can all relate to your daily triumphs & struggles?

  2. Dear Kimberly,

    Prayers were sent above for both your son and Brother. Just remember that God will sustain them,

  3. Lifting prayers for your son! He sounds so much like my son at that age! Fun was( and still is) his middle name! It was tough but we made it through! He got his Bachelors of Music and his Masters of Education and he is a high school band director now.
    Just continue to love him and be there for him. Also,especially as he gets older, remember that this is his journey and he may need to make a few mistakes in order to figure out what his priorities should be.
    I’m praying for you too! Being a mother,especially of teenagers, is not for wimps!!!

  4. Love your encouragement. Thank you. Yes indeed raising teens is not easy. It’s something new everyday. LOL. Oye. I agree on the mistakes 100%. It’s the military man in the house that seems to think these teenagers should be perfect. Oh my word… I think he forgot that he was once a teen. UGH.

  5. It looks like he has a very large stone that is lodged. SO painful. Yes, he is my little (40 years old) brother. LOL. He is the baby and very much the baby according to my mother. LOL. He’s a great man. Hate to see him hurting. Thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them so much. XOXOXO

  6. I’m behind on my email, but I have prayed for your son. It broke my heart when I read that you felt his wet cheeks. 14 is hard. 41 can be hard too, sometimes! As a teacher I can advise that sometimes a planner where kids can keep track of things can be helpful. Getting colored highlighters can help it be more fun and help him keep track of things easier. This post will pop into my head and I will think of him from time to time (not in a creepy way!) and pray for him when I do!

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