End of the Month!

Gosh, where did February go? Sell-A-Bration is drawing to a close and I am so sad. The stamp sets were just awesome. I am also sad to see the Winter Mini go! So many GREAT sets!! The positive side… Spring Mini here it comes. This catty has a lot to offer as well. GREAT sets and so many fun things to do with them.
I have been busy around my house the last couple of days as well as office work. I did create a few things last night and plan to show them later. Now that the house is getting somewhat together, occasionally it has to be cleaned. Hate that job. This is house is a little bigger than our last house which is great, but makes cleaning a real pooper. Speaking of poopers… since this house has 4 bathrooms, I named Tuesdays as Tuesday Toilets!! Now we know the poopers will be cleaned on Tuesdays. LOL! It works. This may be the only way this house gets cleaned. Days named for something to be cleaned! It is quite overwhelming. I guess today could be Wednesday Wash day! Another chore I despise. So many stamps I would rather be playing with.

Well, that is my story for today. I am alive, I have just been cleaning toilets!!

Look for something a little more creative later!!

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