All Because of a Snail!

The adventure has definitely begun and my mechanic skills are being tested daily.  Who knew it would have to do with a snail? Seriously?

Here at our home we have the entire bedtime routine down to a science.  I'm one of the those people that if I get out of a routine I am a mess.  My kids know this.  Part of our bedtime routine is feeding the fish.  Now this is not just a few cute goldfish, this is two large 75-85 gallon tanks and another one with two Goldfish! <smile>  My Prince has a passion for fish and I have been given the authority to keep them alive.  Well, I've already screwed up.  Our fish tanks have a variety of fish in them.  They are all fresh water so we have a tank of what I call the "mean" fish and then a tank of "sweet & loving" fish like guppies.  That tank is "sweet & loving" because they seem to constantly multiply without us buying more. <u-huh>.  The "mean" fish tank has more of the aggressive fish which also included a snail because he liked it in there.  This stupid snail (pretty big mind you- named Goldie) has been living for a pretty good bit.  He slides all over the tank and always seems pretty darn happy…until last night.  Alexis noticed that Goldie was stuck inside the filter.  ???? Panic set in as I knew I would have to touch it and yep… I did.  I didn't know what to do since I'm not a fish mechanic and really was at a loss.  I gently pulled the filter bottom off and stopped the suction.  Goldie eventually fell off the filter and has remained in the same place since yesterday.  You know what that means….. dum, dum dum dum- DEAD! Since I was able to get Goldie off the filter I needed to get the filter going again.  Guess what? I plugged it in and it stopped working.  This is when I almost had a panic attack.  Since I knew I could call my Prince, I did.  His first question, "Are the kids still up this late on a school night?"  My answer, "I'll fix it myself!" By this time my adrenaline kicked in and I was bound and determined to make this filter work.  Meantime I am slimy up to my elbows in fish stuff and NOT happy.  The good news is the filter is back in working condition and I am still speaking to my Prince.  The bad news is the stupid snail is DEAD!

Regardless of you being a military wife if you are a wife whose husband travels you know EXACTLY what I am talking about here.  The moment they leave something breaks.  I will consider my luck and be glad it was just the filter.

Today the screen door off my deck fell off.  This is going to require big tools.  This could get very interesting. 

My lack of posting has not been from laziness which I tend to use as my excuse but really the complete opposite.  The kids have kept me extremely busy and I do have a watchful eye on them just to see how they are handling everything.  They are doing great—->except at bedtime.  That seems to be the magic hour when they ask lots of questions. Questions that make me scratch my head but they are sweet and innocent questions.  While this magical hour can be heart wrenching at times we've had a lot of laughs and it's my MOST favorite time with these little gem blossoms. 

The Prince says to say hello.  He is doing great too.  Okay, maybe not GREAT, but managing.  He looks great from what I can tell on a monitor.  <sigh>

Lastly, I'm coming to the end of my Photography class.  I've been super excited about this and I think my camera and I are finally bff's.  It took a long time.  Finally we see eye to eye.  <smile>

Here are a few shots of my gems:


Alexis had a Doll & Me tea on Saturday with her Brownie troop.  She dressed really snazzy and brought her bear.  She looked so beautiful and had a really great time. 

Indpendent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen




Here Brandon is giving the pose called, "Please get that camera out of my face!" 

Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen

When the camera comes out the kids RUN fast as they can.  The only thing currently that I can take a picture of is my doggie!

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen


I love my doggie.  She is just 4lbs and a princess. 

There you have it.  It all started with a silly snail! Life has been crazy but it's a good crazy.  There is good news in all this craziness…. HANG on to your PANTS!

This week I WILL have the supply list ready for my FREE class I will be offering next Monday.  I hope to have this ready tomorrow but I'm learning not to hold my breath.  The class is complete and you will not want to miss it.  It's a SUPER duper fun project and perfect for May Day.  I'll clue you in on what May Day  is all about when I post the supply list.  <I didn't know what it was>

I can tell you this much… you will want to make sure you have purchased the Spring is Blossoming Special.  Click on the link and check it out.  The Four Frames stamp set is amazing and the new Paisley Prints DSP is one of the best! These are must haves for your stampin' collection. 

Have a fabulous week and thank you for always taking the time to get a peek in my crazy life. 



  1. Hi Sweet, 
    Just wanted to let you know that I am feeling for you.  My husband constantly travelled overseas – the worst being two weeks after our second child was born by C-Section and I was readmitted to hospital with an infection. The major things that happened was that our tiled roof leaked not once but twice – in which I had to get the rescue squad out to fix it in the middle of the night – we have since had the roof replaced with iron. My elderly grandfather also required medical help that I just couldn't give.  Oh and the yabbie in our fishtank out about half a dozen of our smaller goldfish. 
    Anyway, just keep your chin up and keep pluggin away at each day as it is another day closer to when he comes home!
    Love Kel

  2. Kimberly  OMGosh you made me laugh this morning and it's only 4:14 a.m. wow! Your story was terrific and I envy you because I wouldn't have been able to do it….fish, slimy ain't happening! You are a trooper! Did you get the door fixed yourself or did you hire someone. Your pictures are precious and the one of Brandon is my favorite and tells it all. Thank you for sharing parts of your life. I feel like I know you personally not just through your blog!!!!  Have a better day! Cannot wait to see what your class is all about!

  3. OH, How I so understand how everything falls apart when your husband travels [or is on vacation :)]. It happened every time DH went out of town. And don't get me started on hiring someone to come and fix something! Please remember we would be happy to help you out. DH is a pretty good handyman. Thinking of you! Hang in there!

  4. Kimberly, your posts always crack me up!  I hear ya about the house falling apart once the one with the Y chromosome leaves for a bit.  The last time my honey left, the sump pump failed.  My son and I were scooping water for 3 hours before the plumber arrived.  Let's just say my 18 yr old son heard some words from his mama's mouth that he never expected to hear.  Oops! 
    You're doing a great job….with both your business and your kids!  Keep up the good work and keep smilin'.

  5. Kimberly, I have been checking your blog on a daily basis for some time now. I LOVE your work and you have inspired me.
    I am not a military wife, but my husband works many long hours. I never see him. I relate on a small scale to what you are going through and I think you are doing an amazing job! If all you kill while your husband is gone is a snail then I think you've done well!
    Happy stamping!
    Mindy Bywater

  6. A great story and think that many of us know exactly how you feel/felt!  My husband didn't travel but did have lay offs and that was usually when something went wrong!  This last week our water heater decided to die and luckily they got it replaced BEFORE taking off for Oregon for 5 days…I would have lived in a motel!    Take good care…as someone else said, every day is new and one day closer to your Prince coming back home.   The pics are wonderful…!

  7. Your story made me laugh and cry remembering all the things that have gone wrong when my hubby goes away. Glad you guys are doing ok.  I still have no screen door for my sliding door after it fell off many years ago. I got tired of putting it back on. Good luck with yours. Sending hugs!

  8. I remember my girls sharing their troubles at bedtime.  A little reassurance and some hugs would go a long way towards  ensuring a good night's sleep.  
    I also remember that my oven was always very well behaved until my husband was on the other side of the continent. Then, it would go on the fritz!  I actually bought a toaster oven as a backup!

  9. I can totally relate!  My husband went to Ottawa (clear across the country from us) for training in January.  He left on a Sunday in a snow storm and I woke up Monday morning to -32 (celcius) and NO hot water!  The plumber and I were not friends that day!!!

  10. TOO FUNNY! Also brings to mind memories of a travelling hubby. 🙂  You REALLY should add 'write a book' to your TO DO list — it's sure to be a best seller!  🙂 Thanks for the continuous inspiration.

  11. I so know what you mean… Tom is TDY right now, and the laundry list of what has gone wrong is soo long. Hang in there, I guess what doesn't kill you makes you a stronger military spouse, huh?
    Not sure if that's true or just a line of BS my mentor told me, but it's what gets be through those TDY's and afloat tours!

  12. Kim, as a military wife myself I have been in that position many times.   I think these things just wait for the hubby to walk out the door and it is game on!  Good luck.

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