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Stencil fun again!

Last month we played with Stencils again!  You already know I love our stencils, so I pulled them out again to show my customers the beauty of our stamps that coordinate with the stencils.  What was fun about this card is they also learned a new technique.  Could be a very old for many of you, but for my customers this was new and fun!  Faux Metal! 

So here is the card we made:

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen



I started the card by using Rich Razzleberry cardstock.  SO yummy!  On the Kraft cardstock I used the Folk Flowers stencil in the Spring Occasions Mini and used Rich Razzleberry ink and a sponge to create the pretty half flower from the stencil.  I made the stenciled area pretty dark.  Then I inked up the En Francis background stamp and stamped directly over the stencil.  Now the tip here:  Don't press the background stamp too hard.  I wanted that "oh my I didn't get a good impression" look.  <smile>  I attached this to the card base.  I added a little Razzleberry Lemonade DSP and stamped on it using the Razzle Dazzle Stamp set.  Oh I love this stamp set.  It's so pretty.  Love that it matches the stencil.  So now to the technique part——————>

Take a piece of any cardstock scrap.  For this card I trimmed it to 2 1/2 x 2 1/2.  Take a VersaMark pad and ink the entire piece of cardstock.  Pour Gold embossing powder over the entire cardstock piece and emboss.  Let cool a second.  VersaMark the entire piece again directly over the previous.  Do this up to three times.  On the third time, ink up your Razzle Dazzle stamp with Versamark.  Heat the Gold embossing powder on the cardstock so it's hot and then with your VERSAMARKED stamp, stamp directly into the hot embossing powder.  BAM! You have Faux Metal.  The more embossing powder layers you have the deeper the impression will be.  It's so fun and really a nice element to add to a card. 

I also added an embossed image of the Razzle Dazzle flower on the bottom left of the card too.  I added some Kraft Taffeta ribbon and of course used my Air Art Tool aka "blower" on the card using Rich Razzleberry marker.  I love my In Color markers.

Here a closer look of the card:

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen



I'm off to bed.  It's a late night for me after a pretty adventures weekend.  The garage door broke, I didn't have the house keys and locked myself out of my house.  After calling the locksmith, $75 bill … I'm back in the house.  <smile>  Ahhh…. the stories and memories I am making for my kids. 

Have an amazing week!

Box, Scissors and the Emergency Room

You are probably asking yourself, "what in the world?"  What does this title stand for?  Let me tell you how my world changed in a split second on Sunday!

My Alexis LOVES to play with Stampin' Up! boxes.  Believe me, there are plenty that make it through my door.  She loves to decorate them, and color them. She had a friend over on Sunday and her and the friend were playing with the boxes.  They were using their imagination and making a cool club house.  I thought it was awesome.  Just a few minutes later I heard screaming.  It was Alexis!  The friend was poking a hole through the box using CHILD SAFE scissors and Alexis was on the other end of the hole.  The scissors poked her eye.  OUCH!  The nurse in me FROZE!  (yes, I was a nurse prior to Stampin' Up!)  I could see blood in her eye and that scared me.  We dropped everything and went to the ER.  I am so thankful I had a girlfriend  working in the ER that night.  Not only did she make my little girl calm she made me calm.  I needed that. {I love you Lisa!}  Long story short, Alexis is going to be fine.  She did lacerate the sclera of the eye (white part of your eye).  It's still looks awful.  Her vision is fine.  Thank God!  All this craziness happened on Sunday!  Monday was a day of going to see an eye Dr. What a MESS!  Again, I am just thankful she is okay.  Poor Russ.  Nothing is worse than hearing the frenzy over a phone. I kept him in the know at all times but I know it still hurt not being here.  For me, his calming voice was like a GIANT prozac pill.  Of course, that is typically what he does for me.  <sigh>

That's a mouthfull of information tonight, wasn't it.  Guess what Alexis taught at school yesterday?  Scissor SAFTEY!  <smile>

So tonight I am sitting quietly in my stamp room listening to music being a little thankful for many of the stamping friends in my life.  One talked to me for hours during the day and the other in the wee hours of the morning.  Ahhhh…. Took my mind to other fun places.  

  Let me show you a few things I have created! 


Independent Stampin' up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen




Remember I am on a mission to send Russ lots of Valentine cards.  I am so proud of myself.  This card uses a few stamps and a Stencil!  I used the Love U stencils.  Did you know there are 7 stencils in this set?  WOW.  All for 14.95!  I love that. 

Look at all these stencils you get in the pack:

Independent Stampin' up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen

I just laid the stencil down on my Kraft cardstock and then used a Real Red Craft pad and a sponge dauber and colored inside the stencil.  Since I used Craft ink I let it dry for a little bit and then I started embellishing.  I stamped over the stencil with the Bella Toile background stamp set with Creamy Caramel ink to give the area a little something somthin'.  I likey!  I added other little embellishments like a button (big surprise!) and then a few of those fun chocolate brads.  yummo!  Don't forget to give it a little spritz with shimmer mist.  Love those Shimmer Paints!!!


Independent Stampin' up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen



Remember a few days ago I mentioned I was having my big Diva night?  I've been asked what this is all about.  It's a special night of stamping for demonstrators on my team that have worked really hard in the last quarter.  I make dinner for them (they survived, yeah) and then we stamp all night.  Those crazy ladies kept me up until 2:30am.  I made them each a little goodie bag with this tag attached.  I love my entire team.  They are VERY special! The designer paper on this tag came from the Simply Scrappin' Kit called Love Sparkles.  Fun Scrappin' kit!  I love the little gems that come from the Eggcellent Eggs Kit.  If you get bored you can put one on your cheek bone and pretend to be Lady Gaga for a moment.  Ahhhh… I digress. 


Well that's my news for this Tuesday night.  I've got a lot of stamping to get done since none was done the last two days.  It's time to get busy!

Have a great week.  If you have kids, teach them SCISSOR SAFTEY!!!! 

Start Now!

Start making those beautiful handmade gifts for the Holidays!  We all know once the Holidays hit things get so crazy we don’t know if we are coming or going! Right?  My hope is to inspire you NOW with creative projects that will be of great help during your holiday gift planning.  One gift that is truly NO Fail are the Tiles.  You cannot screw up these gifts! Promise.  In fact, my 6 year old can do these with her eyes closed.  They are also inexpensive!  Check out this fun tile I made this week:

Independent Stampin' up! Demonstrator Colorado Springs, CO Kimberly Van Diepen




Independent Stampin' Up! demonstrator Colorado Springs, CO Kimberly Van Diepen




I started this project with a 6×6 tile from Lowes.  They are usually around 88 cents a tile.  Here are the following products I used:

Glassy Glaze Page 188 (100477) 4.75 (approx 12 tiles per jar)

Vintage Ornaments 1 Stencils (117580) 14.95 (4 stencils per package)

Chocolate Chip 1 1/4 Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (115617) 8.95 (butt load of ribbon)

Jumbo Brads Pewter (108432) 9.95 (60 per package) 

Pretties Kit (109114) 29.95 (Lots and Lots of pretties in there!)

Chocolate Chip CRAFT ink (101816) 7.50

Sponge Daubers

Stencil Paste

Christmas Greetings (115448)


Click HERE to find out how to make the tiles!

Adding Stencil Paste:

Once your tile is COMPLETELY cool, you will add the swirly stencil over the glazed ornament on your tile.  I use STENCIL EASE found at Hobby Lobby.  It’s a BIG tub for 8.99.  It’s like Cake Icing.  This will bring the cake decorator out in you.    Place the stencil onto the ornament and put the Stencil Paste onto the tile.  Let this dry anywhere from 1-2 hours.  Time varies.  Once this is dry, take another sponge dauber and lightly go over the dried stencil paste with a classic ink.   It’s so beautiful once they are complete.  Again, these are fast, easy and affordable.  If you need the supplies, just go to my Online Store by clicking on the right and punch in the numbers above for your convience. 

I’m also in the process of making a video of the stencil paste.  Very LONG overdue.  Don’t get too excited. My videos are nothing like the fancy ones you see else where.  LOL!  However, the goal is to show you how fun and easy the product is to use with our AMAZING stencils. 

Time for me to talk to my fake audience again.  I have 50 Stuffed Animals lined up ready to hear my convention speech.  They don’t talk back and just stare crazy at me.  Quite entertaining on my part. 

Have a fab day!