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Project Life & Be Intentional

Project Life- Being Intentional


It’s a dream of mine to live life intentionally.  Every. Single. Day.


I don’t know about you but when I get out of bed that is the goal.  Somewhere after that 2nd cup of coffee and reading all my social media pages I find that things I had intentionally wanted to get done are taken up by lost time.  That 2 hours went by and I’m still sitting.  Needing to move.  Needing to get the work done on my desk or push forward to deadlines looming.  Yet I continue to sit and procrastinate.

Can you relate?


Here I am trying to teach two littles (okay they are actually big but I still think they are littles) how to NOT be a procrastinator and how it can ruin everything… yet I sit.

Yesterday when the kids came home from school I knew they would be excited and have 100 papers for me to sign and give me an earful of their day.  I honestly couldn’t wait.  I wanted to capture all the moments.  I wanted to be intentional in my listening because many times I’m not.  They talk, I nod.  Have you ever found yourself in that place?


It’s not that I’m not interested in all the teenage news… I’m just overwhelmed with all the other stuff I didn’t get done.  Or thinking about the things I procrastinated.  Or thinking about the things I need to get done before I crawl into bed at 2 am.  I’m finding that being intentional is not easy, yet I still long for it.


When the kids finally came home (we lost Brandon for a short while due to a bus situation….Lord HELP ME!) we all sat down together and talked about their day.  ALL OF US.  Something that should be done more often.  I sat their intentionally listening to each of them.  Smiling.  At one point almost tearful from being over joyed with how great their days went. When they went to bed last night I found myself with a huge smile on my face. THAT’s how it’s supposed to be done.

Yes, I was still behind in all my other things.  Laundry on the floor.  Dishes in the sink.  A refrigerator with NO food. Work piled up…. but I intently listened to these kids and I could see it brought them joy.


Once they were in bed it was time for me to get back to the things I had procrastinated all day.  I decided to continue procrastinating and do something else that brought me joy.  Capturing our life moments.  This has been fantastic journey that takes little time from my day.  As I journal these moments I am reminded of all the great things going on.  Life.  Capture IT!


I want to share a few of the last days Project Life pages I created.  Many of which use a hodge podge of things I find around my desk.

Project Life, Capture Life, PlxSU


I think I told you in an earlier post that I’ve been getting a subscription of Project Life type pocket cards from Ali Edwards called Story Kits.  I love love love them. One of the reasons I love is the access to digital art so I can easily take the digital art into Photoshop and journal directly onto the cards and then print.  SO easy.  I love using my handwriting for most of my layouts but I also enjoy sitting and typing up my journaling AND I find I can get more journaling written using a smaller font than I can actually write.  That’s a #win!


Project Life, Capture Life, PlxSU


This layout really cracks me up when I see reality dead in my face.  In fact… I’m on my way to the grocery store once I complete this so my kids don’t starve.

Here is the truth.  The things around my desk or what I call “extras” didn’t make the cut on another project, made it to this project.  It’s nothing fancy.  I did accomplish a BIG step yesterday I must tell you about.  I pulled out my Wacom Bamboo tablet and my trusty stylus.  It’s been 2 years since it’s been on my desk.  I wanted MY handwriting on some of my photos and my Bamboo tablet is perfect for this.  I can also create my own die cut with my handwriting and send it to my Silhouette Cameo.  *clapping*  You know it’s little things like this that can make me happy.

A few words about the Project Life layouts.

Remember, sometimes I like to stay simple and other times I like to add the doo-dads.  Do what YOU have time for but most importantly get the photos off your camera or phone and printed.

With the amount of Project Life products that I have on hand it can be very overwhelming when creating.  Get organized.  Here is one way I stay organized with my Project Life products. Project Life Organization I bought this card back in January at Costco and I love using it for Project Life.  I can keep tons of cards at my fingertips in this cart.


Project Life Organization The top shelf of the cart is where I keep all of my Stampin’ Up! pocket cards.  Again, if I can see it, I will USE it.  I divided them by themes and placed a piece of Whisper White cardstock in between them to keep them separated.


Project Life Organization The third shelf is packed with “other Project Life” cards from other companies.  I also have a box that I store them in. I find these get used WAY more than the ones I have in a box. I love being able to thumb through these quickly to see which pocket card I’m going to use.

Again, nothing fancy.  It works.  For me.  If you can find a system that works for you, you will find that you will use your products more.


If you have an organization system in place I’d love to hear about it.  What do you do or use to keep organized?

Make something pretty today and BE INTENTIONAL!