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This Almost Landed In The Trash

Trash and Trashed Again!

I guess its time for a little trash talk.  Yes, it landed in the trash but I kept trying.


How Does It Happen? 

Let’s face it, there are times as creative people that the inner most creative juices come to a screeching halt.

How can this happen when we have the most resources known to mankind available to us?

Why is it when we have a new shiny stamp set at our disposal we are unsure where to start?

And why in the world would a creation land in the trash?


Well, this happened to me and I’m pretty sure you’ve had it happen too.

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Resources At My Fingertips

As crazy as this sounds I know I have resources at my fingertips waiting to be used.

However I am one stubborn bird.  I think I have to constantly come up with the new and amazing ideas.

When I started to create this card using the Banners & Badges stamp set,  I had already made one card and I loved the images inside the entire set.  Easy peasy, right?

I picked a few colors I wanted to use, the stamp set is in front of me and BAM- not a single idea.

Then I started playing with a few images, and supplies.  Nothing.

Finally I put something together.  HATED it.  To the trash it went!

I started over and felt like my creative capsule in my brain was DRY.

Seriously, this is a nightmare for me and any crafter.


Don’t Give Up- Start Over 

Sometimes you have to start over.   Sometimes you have to start over many times.

That’s exactly what happened with this card I’m sharing today.  This card managed to find the trash can a few times but I didn’t let it defeat me.

Maybe you are a brand new stamper, I hope I can encourage you to keep on trying even when you are unsure of where to start.

Or maybe you are a seasoned stamper and your creative capsule in your brain has taken a sabbatical.

It’s OKAY!


Keep Moving Forward

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

Ideas That Can Help


Even when your idea is not going in the direction you would like try a few of these ideas… its helped me.

  • Start over
  • Give yourself permission to trash it too!
  • Try to change the colors.
  • Maybe you need to change the sketch.
  • MAYBE you need to put that stamp set back on the shelf and try something new.
  • Don’t let it defeat you! Walk away.
  • Eat some chocolate. Usually it’s on my desk for me to make something pretty with.  Sometimes it never makes it to that stage because I ate it.  Sometimes I eat the whole bag.  Not kidding.
  • Let it go!

Whatever you do in the midst of a dry spell, giving up should not be the solution.  Walking away for a bit lets your brain rest from the chaos.


I’m sharing one of my least favorite cards I’ve created in a long time.  I’m letting it go.  I love some of the elements on the card, but ya know what… it’s OKAY.  I’m still sharing it today because JUST MAYBE there is something on this card that will inspire someone else.  It will be a source of inspiration.


Use Your Resources

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There are so many resources available to stampers.  Pinterest, Splitcoaststampers, blogs, magazines to name only a few.

These resources are there for a reason.  For stampers to use when the creative capsule hits a dry spell.  These are the things we can use to jump start our creativity. I  use them all the time and if it wasn’t for these resources available, my stamps would be dried rubber.  We can all use a little inspiration.


Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

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Be Inspired & Create 

Today I hope you pull out some stamp sets and create.   Find something that inspires you and let the stamps, ink and paper work together to create your new masterpiece.  If it lands in the trash a couple of times, it’s OKAY.




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