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Sympathy Cards- I Always Dread!

At any given time I have probably 50 cards on hand to send at any given minute, except for ONE- sympathy cards.

Now, I’m embarrassed to tell you I even have that many cards on hand because the reality should be that I send them and not hoard them.  I guess I like to sit and look at them and it’s a struggle for me to get them in an envelope and out the door.  It’s something I am trying hard to work on-really.

Sympathy cards make me sad.  It means someone is hurting and I hate when someone is hurting.  I guess my solution is to not make them and then no one will be sad, right?

Lord, I wish that was the reality but we know that death is going to happen so my reality is quite distorted.  Then I have to break down and create a Sympathy card.  Here is how this goes…

  • Start creating.
  • Completely critical of the card
  • Multiple designs in trash
  • Finally think I have it PERFECT
  • In the trash again
  • Design complete!

I wish I was kidding but it’s the truth.  Why so critical over a sympathy card? I guess that’s the million $$ question.

I think my thought process is this- The person that is getting the card is already hurting.  This card needs to be perfection and over the top.  The greeting inside must be spot on.

Now let’s talk reality….

I’m pretty sure that the person receiving the card only cares about ONE thing.  Grateful.  Grateful that someone thought about them, prayed for them, and continues to pray for them.  Right?

So all this craziness and design trashing that I -or- WE do is complete silly non sense.  Our grieving friend or family need love.  Heartfelt love.  Like POUR the love and prayer on them.

When I really think about this in more depth as I write this… maybe it’s a heart issue on my part.  A selfish heart. Not one that is intentional… but one that reminds myself it isn’t about ME.


The beauty behind the card doesn’t matter.  It’s not about my design.  It’s about the person on the other end needing the love.

So, while I might think this card is pretty… it honestly doesn’t matter.  The beautiful message it will send is I care, I love, I am praying. That my friends is ALL that is important.

Heartfelt Sympathy, Stampin' Up!

When I started designing this card I instantly went with the black solemn theme.  It caught the trash can a few times but I kept getting it out and tinkering with it.

Heartfelt Sympathy, Stampin' Up!

My solution for this card was that little soft blue flower.  It was the pop of color that was soothing to me and made me think of the person receiving it.  That they stand out to me at this time.  They are what’s important.

Heartfelt Sympathy, Stampin' Up!


I guess the message today was pretty heartfelt and like many of the things I write about… it’s a struggle.  The good is that we are aware of our shortcomings and we know how to work on them.

Speaking of heartfelt… I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of you praying for my brother.  He is still in the hospital trying to birth a very large kidney stone.  The pain has been pretty unbearable.  Pray for my SIL Tracy as she has been by his side through it all.  He is doing better and they “think” the big stone is breaking apart.  This would be a beautiful thing for poor Shane.

As for Brandon… my heart is full with the stories you share with me.  You make me laugh, cry and pause… That’s important.  To pause and reflect this season we are in. It’s not easy I’m finding to be 14.  I vaguely remember being 14.  I’m afraid to ask my mother how I was.  I am sure this is paybacks on her part. <smile>  I am pretty sure I was an angel.  <sigh>


Have an amazing day friends.  You are SO loved.