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Starting Fresh Again- It’s a Challenge!

Starting Fresh Again- It’s a Challenge!

If I could restart the month of March, I would.  The old story of March coming in like a lion has held 100% true for me.


From the beginning of the month it’s been a challenge and one I would like to personally erase or at least try to stand tall and MOVE forward.


Russ and I always say it’s the little things that add up.  We typically keep this quote to financial situations but I believe this month it holds true to life situations.  From helping our friends with the tornado disaster and then getting really sick.  EEK.


Every little thing added up this month and kept setting me back.  Nothing that I can’t spring back from, but enough that you can get so overwhelmed with your own “to do” list it paralyzes you.  In my case when this happens, I get nothing done except talking about the things that need to be done.  Anyone relate?


I guess as I get older recovering from life’s hiccups are harder for me to deal with.  It’s the reality and it’s a big struggle.


Creating Again

I told my family this past weekend that I needed to close my stamp room and hibernate inside for little while.  I had a massive amount of deadlines that needed to be completed and wasn’t sure exactly where to start.


I started with the most important thing- coffee.  My brain needed to fire off at a high rate of speed….


I have felt like I’ve had a creative block since November when they read my name for the Artisan Award.  I’m not kidding.  It’s like they said…. “Hey Kimberly! We like your work, but here is the real challenge…. can you keep it up?”

I’d like to answer that with a quick…. “Umm. NO!”  Every bit of creative mojo I had has taken a sabbatical.  Gone. Bye bye.  What happened to all of my ideas?? Where are you??? Hello Mojo…. please come BACK.


This has happened before and I’ve even discussed this creative block here before. The key is finding the mojo….

Finding Your Creative Mojo


Sometimes when I’m trying to find my creative mojo again I actually copy myself, or put a bunch of products on my desk that I want to use and see where it all ends up.  I did a little bit of both for today’s card.

It is no surprise that I have a ton of Designer Paper waiting to be used.  One of the patterns I have loved but haven’t used much is the Farmers Market DSP.  Adorable paper, yet so challenging for me.

When I opened my cabinet with all of my stamps I was drawn to one of our hostess sets called Silhouettes & Script. I loved the pear image and I also loved the pear image in the Farmers Market DSP.

Challenge, Silhouettes & Script, Stampin' Up!


I wanted to keep the card a little more “Farmers Market” so I went with a few more rustic colors that I pulled from the Designer Paper.


Challenge, Silhouettes & Script, Stampin' Up!


One of the great stress relievers when making this card was pulling the strings on the Burlap Ribbon to make it more “tattered” looking.  I love how the ribbon and corrugated cardstock came together and it reminded me of a basket of fruit.


Challenge, Silhouettes & Script, Stampin' Up!


I added the Vellum to the card as a paper layer only because I love Vellum and the soft look it provides.


Challenge, Silhouettes & Script, Stampin' Up!


To create the different colors on the pear image I used a sponge dauber to apply the ink.  This was perfect to add the Old Olive ink around the pear.  I also used another stamp set, Timeless Textures for a few more rustic elements to the card and lastly sponged Tip Top Taupe around the edges very lightly.


I kept things very simple but I love how the images all came together.


Challenge Yourself

Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves to get out of our creative funk.  While this technique doesn’t always work for me, I can also grab a few other resources like my own card stash or a few looks on Pinterest to bring things together.  I’m still looking for my full on creative mojo.  I believe the one thing that helped this weekend was to let go and create.  Giving myself that freedom felt good and I made a card for a sweet couple.  No clue who that couple is, but I’m ready when I find them.


Thank you for the get well wishes.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated them and the prayers.  I felt your love as I sat quietly and peacefully on my couch.  I don’t know exactly what I had but I do know it zapped every bit of energy this girl had and I’m still not 100%!  That’s crazy.




Inspiration & Interpretation

TGIF, Challenges, Stampin' Up!

TGIF Challenge, Inspiration, Stampin' Up!


I’m pretty sure if this challenge was graded I would fail miserably in the interpretation of the inspiration.  WOW! That’s a tongue twister.

In fact, now that I’m sitting here starring at the picture for the inspiration of this challenge, I see the light pink.  No where will you see light pink in my card today.  Shoot! Phooey!

I think You're Great stamp set, Stampin' Up!

What I did see was GREEN.  Umm… now that I have my glasses on, there is no green whatsoever.  It’s maybe Soft Suede? Oh dear. How could I be SO off on these colors??

Okay, I failed miserably at the interpretation but in the grand scheme of things I like how this card turned out. I’ve sat here for half an hour looking at all the mistakes with the colors.  But I like the colors in my card.

It’s bright and bold.

It uses snippets of different designer papers and fun patterns.


I think You're Great stamp set, Stampin' Up!


It has Gold stitching… be still my HEART.

It has one of my favorite things, Filter Paper.

TIP: When punching filter paper, take a piece of cardstock and place the filter paper on top of the cardstock.  Punch both layers.  You will get a clean punch every time.  

I think You're Great stamp set, Stampin' Up!

It also has sequins… you can’t go wrong there.

Maybe this would be a good teaching lesson for my kids.  I can show them how we interpret things differently.  Of course I can hear my daughter now, “Umm Mom! Where are the flowers!” They are plain as day in the picture.

Once again, I leave you with hope. Hope that anyone can do what I do.  <smile>

I hope you also take part in this challenge and share with ME how you interpret the inspiration above.  Take on a challenge this week and share your passion, what you love so others can be inspired by YOU.

If you are up for the challenge click HERE and see what the other designers have created this week.


Meanwhile I have a prayer request.

Russ is driving today to Harlan, Kentucky taking them Winter clothes and food for the winter with other members of our church.  Will you pray with me for safe travels?  My parents are also traveling there to help.  They will hand out the clothes and food on Saturday.  This tiny little community can use the prayer and love.  They are down to 2 coal mines open from 13 total.  A devastating situation.  I pray that they can feel the love and see the gospel from those surrounding them this weekend.




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