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Love Is In The Air!

Around my neck of the woods love is in the air and weddings are happening.

We are excited in our family that my cousin is about to get married to his beautiful bride.  They are young in love and I’m pretty sure most of us tried to talk them out of getting hitched… but they weren’t hearing any of it.  It’s happening.

Russ and I probably were not the best to talk with them since we knew each other a whopping 4 months before we landed in front of the Justice of the Peace to exchange our vows.  Something in our souls I guess… we knew we were soul mates.  Of course everyone thought for sure a baby was on the way.  HA. Not for another 5 years did we bring a wee one into the picture.  Kinda funny.  Really put a stop to all rumors quickly.  We like to keep people thinking.


Today we celebrated the bride to be with a fun bridal shower.  Of course I had the gift all ready and wrapped and about 2 hours prior to leaving I thought about the card.  Me, the card maker did NOT have a card for a wedding or bride.  I was still in my Pj’s, hair a disaster… I needed something QUICK.

Here is what I came up with using an old vintage music sheet.  It was perfect for this couple because they have a love of music.


Big News stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Tips & Tricks 

A simple circle framelit to cut the music sheet started this card.  Then I added the torn doily over it.  I used a set that is one of my fav’s because it has so many occasions in it: Big News! This set is on page 100 of the catalog and it covers birthdays, weddings, Thank you’s, Congrats, and BABY. That’s not all… it covers awesomeness.  Umm hello… that’s the best ever!  Telling someone they are awesomeness is perfect.  You can find this set HERE.  It’s really a great one.



Big News stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

I’m using the NEW Archival Black Ink and I’m loving how CRISP it stamps.  You can see above I used it to stamp “Happily Ever After.”  It’s the BLACK you NEED.  Grab it HERE.

Lastly, I placed a few metallic sequins around and did a little gold splatter.  It was a perfect ending to my happily ever after card.  What do you think?


Here is the mess I’m in right now….

Cheer All Year stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Yes, I’m currently cutting 110 of the cutest bats you have ever seen.  Why did I have to choose something I had to cut??? UGH.  I’m working on my Founders Circle Swaps so they are going to a great place.  EEP.  I’m pretty excited about them and promise to share in a few days.  Meanwhile… I’m still cutting.  I have about 40 to go and I leave on Wednesday.  OH MY WORD…


Paper Crafting Explosion & Lesson Learned!

Paper Crafting Explosion & Lesson Learned!

Hang on friends.  I have a load of great cards to share and a little of what’s going on here on the home front at the bottom.  It’s a bit of the good, bad and ugly.  Common theme, huh? 

I don’t know about you but I am all over watercoloring lately.  With the quick demise of Blendabilities and my continued love for coloring I had to take hold of one thing that is always around- ink pads and aqua painters.  

For this card below I used the beautiful Natures Perfection stamp set and watercolor paper.  You can see a nice variation of the color and this is because the watercolor paper absorbs perfectly and I can add color to brighten or add water to lighten.  By embossing the image it just added a little extra pop.  

Stampin' Up!, Sale-a-Bration, Nature's Perfection, For Being You

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Heat Tool


The butterfly card is my version of lazy watercoloring.  Yes.  I die cut the butterfly (hopefully available SOON-I’ll keep you posted!) from Whisper White cardstock and then watercolored three colors onto Watercolor Paper.  The “flecks” of color you see is a simple technique of tapping your Aqua Painter after inking it with your color choice. *Tip: Try this on scratch paper first.  You can create an ugly card quickly with too much ink.  Trust me.   The embossing… well… I used Melon Mambo Embossing Powder.  Guess what? It’s retired.  Who knew? *bangs head on table!*

Stampin' Up!, Sale-a-Bration, Nature's Perfection, For Being You
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Heat Tool

Melon Mambo Stampin' Emboss Powder

Melon Mambo Stampin’ Emboss Powder

This last card was one that we created in my Artisan Embellishment class.  The Artisan Kit is filled with beautiful trinkets that are perfect for making a card dainty elegant. One of my favs in the kit is the rose template.  I used the template to sponge the little roses on the Very Vanilla cardstock.  I love how soft they came out.  What do you think? 
Stampin' Up!, Sale-a-Bration, Nature's Perfection, For Being You

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Now what the family has been up too.  
You know I keep telling you how crazy things have been around here and this past week has been no different.  Russ took a class last week on transitioning from the military to the civilian world.  Prior to his stroke this really wasn’t a big deal.  He’s super intelligent and truly I had no worry.  This class was like taking a brick and hitting me in the face with REALITY.  

Reality is- He has a disability.  Reality is- life is different.  I guess we have created our new normal so much that this transition period was not even a thought of mine.  Yes, he would retire but who cares… he’ll get a job.  Let me say this first before I get too deep in my thoughts.  I know Russ will get a job after the military.  I don’t think getting a job will be an issue but before his stroke I had NO doubts at all.  Doubt was setting in for the first time ever.   When faced with questions of what are his strengths and weaknesses my heart sank.  Here we were sitting at the table Sunday night answering pre-class questions -me doing all the writing.  That was the first REALITY. He can write but we would of been there ALL night long.  

Ya know, the questions were not going as expected.  We giggled and then we cried.  For the first time I didn’t like the answers and I couldn’t fix anything.  It was real life. 

After we got his suit prepared for his first day of class, he went to bed.  

I sat on the couch and had a good ole fashion MELT down and prayed.  But not like I normally pray.  Like HELLO God… WHERE ARE YOU???? 

Why did this happen? Why are you not hearing me God? Why are we in THIS position?? Why are you not making him stronger?  

Yes. I had that moment.  I like to call these temporary moments of insanity but it was real.  A very dark moment so to speak.  Have you ever felt this way? 

Tuesday my mind was about to go stir crazy. Doubt and fear sets in really quick.  Essentially I didn’t want to move off my couch and my trusty potato chips. 

Wednesday morning I had my bible study.  I was late as usual but this time an hour late.  I ran inside to catch the last hour of the lecture.  My butt wasn’t in the pew 2 minutes and the speaker says… 
“Have you ever faced a dark time in your life and wonder if God was listening?”
Okay, I’m not kidding.. this is what she said.  It was at that moment I looked around the sanctuary filled with women but I felt like it was only myself and the lady in the front speaking.  She rattled off Numbers 21:2-3 and I instantly felt an overwhelming peace come over me.  The scripture says… GOD LISTENS!  I almost wet my pants from excitement.  I wanted to stand up and turn to everyone and say… “Did you hear that? He just answered my question! He listens!!”  It was that profound.  

Now, I didn’t mean for this to come off as a whirly twirly sermon but you are my friends and I’m telling you what is on my heart.  God heard me LOUD and CLEAR. Each little struggle we have God is paving the way for us to learn something.  We’ll never know why this all happened but we learn something from it each day. Sometimes its a hard lesson. Sometimes its a humble lesson. We also see the blessings when faced with adversity too.  Slowly with time he is refining me to accept the things I cannot change.  Friends, I’m struggling but I know He is listening. 

The rest of the week was essentially a blur.  It went so fast.  Alexis had a gymnastics meet 4 hours away.  It was a girls getaway as my mom drove with us.  In a 24 hours period we drove 8 hours, enjoyed 8 hours of 2 gym meets, ate and I believe slept at the hotel.  After church Sunday I fell onto the couch in a stupor and didn’t wake up until 4 hours later. This body needed a re-charge.  The good news…. Alexis took 1st place in her Floor Routine for her age group.  You can see her ginormous smile below.  

Brandon enjoyed a great camping trip and Russ had the house to himself.  I was slightly jealous of his peace and quiet.  

And the BEST news of the weekend… my Dad got Baptized.  SWEETNESS!!

Here are a few pics of our weekend.  I truly love these pictures.  

Kimberly Van Diepen Kimberly Van Diepen Kimberly Van Diepen

Have an amazing Thursday and as always thank you for listening!