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All New Stamps in the Mail

All New Stamps in the Mail

Time for another month of Stamps in the Mail and I’m pretty excited.

This could be my favorite Stamps in the Mail yet.

Okay, maybe I say that every single time, but really…. this is pretty AWESOME.


Apple of My Eye

As I was preparing which stamp set I would use (always a fun task) I wasn’t sure what to use.  I have a cabinet filled with luscious stamps all crying to be used and the one I was bound to pick was going to get a ton of play time.


The Apple of My Eye stamp set is one that I loved right away when the new Occasions Catalog went live in January.  Once I had it in my hot little hands I struggled to use it, but then again that’s been an ongoing problem.



Yesterday my house was finally quiet.  No one decided to stay home and I had no place to go.  Well, actually that was a forced situation as Russ had my car because he had an accident on Monday.  That’s another story I’ll tell you later but he is fine, his truck needs a little work.



I started stamping with the Apple of My Eye stamp set and the ideas kept running.  Before I knew it I had 8 cards completed and every single one of them made my heart happy.



I’m sharing one of the cards today because I couldn’t contain my excitement.


Stamps in the Mail, Apple of My Eye Stamp set, Stampin' Up!

This is just a bonus project that I created for Stamps in the Mail. The fun part is how I created that color pattern on the pear image.  I almost wanted to EAT IT.


Stamps in the Mail, Apple of My Eye Stamp set, Stampin' Up!

This stamp set is perfect for Spring, Summer and really any occasion.  This is why I love it for Stamps in the Mail.  It’s a versatile stamp set that can give you a lot of bang for your buck.

Stamps in the Mail, Apple of My Eye Stamp set, Stampin' Up!


I have to admit a little giddiness last night when I laid my head on my pillow for many reasons-

  • I haven’t made that many cards in a day in FOR-EVAH!
  • The ideas flowed like maple syrup.  EASY.  This hasn’t been the case with creating lately.
  • They are SO pretty and every single card makes me happy!
  • My happiness meter escalated to the top yesterday.  Creating brings me joy.  Sharing my creating process is the epitome of that happiness.  That’s right.  Inspiring you to create and seeing YOUR joy is truly happiness.

Are You Ready to Join Me? 

If you have never stamped with me, I encourage you to give it a try.

If you have been waiting for this months Stamps in the Mail, it’s here and it’s going to be AWESOME.

Click HERE to find out more information on Stamps in the Mail and how you can join in the fun.  It’s easy.  I promise.



Stamps in the Mail, Apple of My Eye Stamp set, Stampin' Up!

Looking for past Stamps in the Mail? Click HERE to purchase previous Stamps in the Mail that I have offered.  These are PDF instructions/videos only.  No materials included.  Great class ideas.


You can view all of the supplies I used for this card in the clickable links below.

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This makes me incredibly sad as I appreciate your business and have no way of thanking you. 

April Hostess Code, Stampin' Up!

PS- The tale of our Monday….. 

Monday Blues

Monday was a Monday.

Russ had just picked up Brandon and 3 other teens to come to our home so the kids could work on a cooking project for Spanish class.

Out of the blue a driver came from the center lane into the right lane in front of Russ to make a quick turn into a pawn shop and russ ran into them.  Luckily no one was injured.  After waiting for an hour for the police to arrive (non emergency) I went and picked up all the kids to bring them home.  Russ ended up waiting another 1.5 hours for the police.

We are thankful that everyone is okay, including the other driver who was charged with crossing lanes.

Now, the tough part.  The truck goes back in the shop. Yes, back in.  Russ hit a deer in January and caused damage to the hood.  I just got my car back Friday after a fender bender in February.  That took two weeks to fix.  As we left with my car last Friday we joked that while the shop did GREAT work, we didn’t want to see them again.

Russ went to see them AGAIN.

They must LOVE us.

Russ’ car shouldn’t be driven as the bumper is rubbing on his tire.  So, back to one car and why I was stuck at home to create.  It’s not all bad, really!


Snow Place- Stamps in the Mail

Snow Place- Stamps in the Mail


Snow Place- Stamps in the Mail


Stamps in the Mail, Snow Place Stamp set, Stampin' Up!

It’s time to register for the last month of the Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series.  It’s been an amazing 2 months working with Christmas stamp sets from the Holiday Catalog and I’m super excited to bring one last month of Christmas cards using a fun and happy stamp set- Snow Place.


When choosing cards that I want to use for Stamps in the Mail, I look for a stamp set that has LOTS of versatility and has the capability of using it with out of the box ideas.  Snow Place fits the bill because you can use this stamp set past the Christmas holidays.

I’ve already created lots of fun cards with this stamp set.  Here are a few just to share.

*Note: None of the cards below will be used in Stamps in the Mail.  There are 8 NEW cards you will be creating, plus bonus cards and projects to help inspire you.

Snow Place stamp set, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Stamps in the Mail, Snow Place Stamp set, Stampin' Up! Stamps in the Mail, Snow Place Stamp set, Stampin' Up! Stamps in the Mail, Snow Place Stamp set, Stampin' Up!

Are you READY??

Are you ready to register for Stamps in the Mail? Registration opens today.  Click HERE for more detailed information and Registration.


NEW- Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series!

NEW- Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series!

Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series


I’ve been going like the energizer bunny the last month trying to get all my systems back in place and one that has been lurking around my brain is Stamps in the Mail.  It’s a program I’ve grown to love and adore over many many years.  I put a lot of blood sweat and tears in this program making it just right for YOU.  It’s been a fantastic program for beginner to advance stampers.
It’s time to get Stamps in the Mail rolling again!  It’s going to be fun, exciting and NEW.        
Looking at the past Stamps in the Mail series, the MOST popular one was the Christmas Series.  
  • Do you struggle finding more than one idea with ONE stamp set?
  • Are you looking for different techniques to create that one of a kind Christmas card?
  • Are you looking for a way to get Christmas projects completed without the hassle of overthinking it?
Stamps in the Mails is the perfect program if you answered yes to the above.
I’m doing something different over the next three months to help you get excited to create for the holiday season.  
Starting this month I will be offering a MONTHLY Stamps in the Mail Christmas Series that will conclude in November.  
Each month we will use a different stamp set to create cards, tags and gift projects.  Ready to learn more about it?
Click HERE to read more on the first month and how you can register.  




I’m keeping up with the hip younger crowd today and sharing my love of the Selfie.  


At church yesterday I had to giggle at our Ladies Ministry meeting when we brought up the word Selfie.  Many of course didn’t understand the term Selfie, and 99% of them say there was NO way they would take a selfie.  


Guess who was the 1%? Yes, ME!


Now I don’t take Selfie’s because I love myself… no! no!  If you are scrapbooker like myself the truth is I’m ALWAYS behind the camera lens and never in the pictures.  

You know my mantra on writing about yourself from my All About ME Class.  I really believe you need to tell YOUR story.  Leave a bit of yourself behind so others can know how GREAT you are/were.  


I take selfies on the go.  Typcially in the oddest places.  My kids will definitely see my humorous side when they read my book.  

Keep it F U N! 

Recently I was in the car taking Brandon to a swim meet.  We were sitting in traffic and I decided to freak him out.  I captured about 10 pictures of myself sitting in the car making funny faces when Brandon looks over with a face of sheer embarrassment and asks, “What A R E you doing, Mom?” My response-  feeling young and hip and I needed to capture it.  I think his eyes stuck in the large position and he sank down in his seat.  I smiled and kept clicking!  

Selfie, My Digital Studio, Stampin' Up!


Tell Your Story!

Today I did a little digital scrapbooking with my selfie image of Brandon and I.  I have to catch him in a “mood” to get one of these pictures.  I mean, c’mon… he is a pre-teen and it’s not really COOL to be taking pics with Mom like this….  but being the sport he is he smiled and made me smile bigger!  

Selfie, All About Me

Not only will I treasure this scrapbook page for years to come, but this picture puts the biggest smile on my face.  It captured a side of Brandon that I love… SILLY.  

Join the Digital Community!

Today’s layout is also a challenge layout over on our Facebook Digtial Group.  The camera, Polaroid’s and Filmstrips are all fun and trendy and that is the challenge this week.  It doesn’t have to be about you, but create a filmstrip or make your pics into a Polaroid.  Heather shares a great technique on using the Freeform Tool to create a “Flash” like a camera.  It’s SO SO cool.  Check out her page and video HERE.  

Try It Out!

Now it’s your turn.  Have fun with My Digital Studio and create.  If you are new to the software you can check it out HERE.  This software is extremely user friendly, easy to use and a great way to capture your memories.  It travels too.  Busy mom? Take  your laptop on the go with you and create.  

Selfie, Stampin' Up!

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Did you HEAR? New Stamps in the Mail!  Register Today!!

I’m Ready! I Hope YOU Are!

Stamps in the Mail, Stampin' Up!

Can YOU believe it? 

I am SO excited to get back to a few of my normal things.  This is one of them.  

Stamps in the Mail- Round 23!

You can read all the details HERE.  

I hope you will come stamp with me again!!