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Coming Out of the Crafting Closet

Coming Out of the Crafting Closet


Ut-oh!  Say what Kimberly??

Yes.  Let me confess.  I am a crafter.  A crafter who loves ALL crafts especially paper crafts.

I’m pretty sure that most of you will be able to relate to this post as crafters and I hope you will keep in mind my ginormous HEART for all things Stampin’ Up! and NOTHING changes that.  PERIOD.

BUT… I am a shopper.  I am a hoarder.  When I see pretty paper or stamps… I buy it.  It’s pretty simple.  It’s almost like a disease.  If it’s pretty I want it.

This brings me to my very large dilemma.

I love to share.  I am always afraid to share the “contraband” crafting pretties that I have created.  Afraid that my long time Stampin’ Up! sisters might look at me with a FREAK look on their faces and ask, “What the heck are you doing Kimberly?”

This fear is so much so, that I use my “hidden” crafting supplies and don’t share.

Two things happen with this.  1st- You don’t get to see something I think is really cute.  2nd- I feel a big lump in my throat that I’m being a bad girl.

Yes, at 44 I’m feeling shame.  FOR REALZ.

That’s going to STOP because the reality is life is short, I am enjoying it and I’m going to share that JOY with you.  PERIOD.

In this big GREAT crafting community that we all love,  we have an opportunity to share our talents, crafting disease and rejoice together in the beautiful things we make.  I shouldn’t be stuffed in a closet creating with my pretties.  I love that I can use my hoarded supplies and coordinate them with Stampin’ Up! … and GUESS WHAT? They look beautiful together.


I think the reason THIS POST comes to life is from working on some of my Project Life layouts.  I have Project Life coming out of my ears.  I can’t help it.  Becky Higgins has done a phenomenal job with the designers she has chosen and 100% of all the cards I’ve ever seen are a must have.  I started Project Life prior to Stampin’ Up! teaming up with Becky.  However, my poor PL cards have a very thick layer of dust on them because my heart said I shouldn’t use them and only Stampin’ Up!  Ummm… that’s not the way it should BE.

After working on this project that Heidi Swapp started a week ago…. I can’t do it anymore.  I am loving this project.  Capture Life.  If I’m going to be real about capturing LIFE then I’m going to be REAL and use all the supplies I have sitting in this big ole mess of a crafting room I have.  It’s LIFE.  My life consists of ALL kinds of paper crafts that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  (Read more about Heidi’s Capture Life project HERE.)

Like I said in this previous post, we ALL have a story to tell. The  good, bad and even the ugly.  I love to capture these stories because it leaves me some hope.  On those particular days that I have no hope left… I look back at previous pictures and layouts I’ve created and know there is hope.  That life can be filled with many challenges but we survive.  With our without the superwoman cape on.  Let’s share it.   ALL of it.


So today I am here to share it.  I hope you don’t mind.

For the last 6 months I’ve been “collecting” my Ali Edwards Story Kits.  These are stamps and pocket cards and do-dad galore.  I love them.  They have sat on my desk for a long long time.

Please someone pipe up and tell me I’m not the only one???

This weekend I brushed the dust off and I fell in love with these pages I created.


Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!


All of these layouts will fit into my 6 x 8 Espresso Album using the 6 x 8 Variety Pack of Pocket Pages.  I love this album because I can decorate the front cover.  I’m excited about a new 6 x 8 Album that Stampin’ Up! will release on September 1st.  It’s ALL Kraft.  Squeal.  Perfect for making the cover personalized. (Click HERE for Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Kits!)

The biggest question I’ve received from Instagram or my Facebook Page on these layouts (I share daily there) is the printing.

I’m printing straight from my iPhone to my home printer for this particular album.  Typically I will send my prints through Walgreens or Persnickety Prints is another fantastic choice.  Both of these companies do different sizes you need.

Honestly, I’m not looking for perfect printed photos.  I’m looking to get the photos from my iPhone printed.  Then I can tell my story.

It’s another beautiful way to create.

Will you join me? Are you doing this challenge? I’d love to hear and see your story.

Of course, I pray this post didn’t ruffle any feathers.  Let me be clear… I love being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator because I absolutely know we have fantastic stamps, ink and paper.  The best… really.  BUT I’m stepping out of my crafting hiding closet because I know that Stampin’ Up! products coordinate beautifully with SO many other great products in this amazing industry.

Stay tuned… there will be more pages coming.  This is a journey and one I’m totally enjoying.





Tell Your Story!

Tell Your Story, My Digital Studio, Digital scrapbooking

You have heard me say this so many times… Tell Your Story!  I’ve been writing my story for awhile and expressing it through both digital and traditional scrapbooking.  I’ve joked with Russ for a long time that I would have to write his story. Jokes over and I’m really going to write his story.  

***Exciting NEWS at the bottom of this Post today!!!***

I really decided this yesterday after having a conversation with Russ.  He was talking about seeing such little progress over the last week and I reminded him of how far he has come.  It’s easier to show him in pictures and video that I’ve taken over the last 4 months.  

Yes, 4 months.  I think this was another reason he had a “moment.”  It’s been 4 months since his stroke and he wanted to be further ahead.   I won’t lie, I did too but when I go back and look at pictures it’s amazing to see how much progress he has made.  

Today I am sharing a piece of his story.  

Before Russ could be discharged from the Rehab facility we both had to go on an outing to the “real” world.  Our trip wasn’t very far just a little ways to Target on the big bus.  Once we arrived Russ had to shop for everyday items and go through a checklist.  One of the big hurdles was getting milk from the frozen section and opening the doors and standing to get the milk.  This was so easy before and now he had to deal with a wheelchair and moving around to get the milk.  

This entire experience was so good for both of us.  More of an eye opener than anything.    We needed to see what we were up against. Our Target visit was pretty short as far as time spent at the store that day but the visit was 2 hours from start to finish.  WHOA.  

Regardless of the time, the ordeal, the stumble to get that milk… Russ and I giggled throughout the entire experience.  We felt like we were on a date that day.  It was out of the hospital and a little feeling of normal (a new normal).  

This is a layout that I will remind Russ to look at when he is feeling blue.  Today he can walk into Target.  It may take him a little longer to get around, but he is WALKING.  He is walking without his cane in our home.  He is starting to see more and more movement with his arm.  Progress… we are seeing lots of it.  He’s come along way since that Target visit.  We look forward to many more.

Tell your story… YOU will be thankful that you did one day and you never know who will enjoy reading it years to come.   

Be a part of our Digital Challenge Group on Facebook.  This week’s challenge is a Sketch.  Visit Heather’s website for more digital inspiration.

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Now for some EXCITING news!!!  

My Digital Studio Adventure Club, MDS

It’s been awhile but Heather and I are joining forces again for another great Digital Club.

This club will truly be an adventure and DIFFERENT!!

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Happy St. Patricks Day.  


New Online Class

Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin' Up!

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You’ve Been Waiting…

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up!


Who knew it would take me months of dragging my feet to finally get a project complete that I've always been so passionate about?

Have you ever had this happen to you? Seriously?

I wanted this project done months ago. Sometimes we let things get in our way.  Not necessarily life, but negative self talk.   

This project had me on a roller coaster.  I think the title says it all- It's All About Me!  It's NOT always easy to talk about ourselves and let's face it… Kimberly LOVES to talk! I guess you could say it goes deeper than that! 

The truth is I want leave my legacy behind for my kids and family.  

 I  have GREAT news this Friday morning!

The project is COMPLETE. The All About Me Online Class is ready and I've never been more excited about something.  

Click HERE to watch the video and get details about this Online Class using My Digital Studio.


Kimberly Van Diepen, Stampin Up!


Ahhh… Morning coffee.  It's defines my path for the start of the day.  I don't know the exact reason I love it so but it gives me warm fuzzies. 

I should have called this layout a treasure hunt.  It really was.  I dug deep into my digital downloads and couldn't believe a few things I've been missing.  Try it… Just scroll and look at all the pretties you have in your program.  

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up!

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Have a FANTASTIC Friday! 




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