You Did it TWICE, Kimberly?

It's time to add another chapter to my overloaded book.  This chapter could be the most embarrassing one to date.  You won't believe it and I hope you are sitting down when you are reading this.  It's okay to laugh… no worries. 

Sunday was another beautiful day here for me and the little gems.  Kids were busy playing outside. I was busy cleaning my house. Normally I would not categorize cleaning as fun but I was cleaning and decorating my house with fall accents. That is kinda fun. My domestic goddess activities did not just end here.  I had a roasting chicken in the oven, other fun additions to our dinner and dessert.  WOW.  I was on top of all the laundry… Really? Does a day get any better? UGH!

We sat down at the table to eat dinner and Brandon  spilled his tea on his lap on accident.  No biggie at all. This kinda stuff does not bother me.  I just told him to strip down to his skivvies and put his shorts on top of the washer so he can finish dinner.  He did exactly that.  Once dinner was complete I cleaned the kitchen so it sparkled.  I needed to finish laundry too.  I only had one load left and needed to transfer my load to the dryer.  I did JUST that. 

About an hour later is when I almost fainted for the second time in a three week period.  I needed to transfer the clothes from the washer to the drier again.  Do you know where this is going? Much to my surprise when I opened the washer door I was eye to eye with Brandon's iPod again.  Yes, the one that was just washed two weeks ago and works perfectly. How does this happen twice? I let out the scream that the kids remembered from last time and they ran down the stairs to see what was wrong. When Brandon had taken off his shorts during the spilled tea incident he never took the iPod out of his POCKET! Mind you I had a pile of his treasures on the washer from all day of CHECKING pockets and did NOT check this ONE pair of shorts.  How can I be so STUPID???? 

It's sitting in rice! I'll update you in a week.  If it works, I am buying stock in Apple.

We all cried and then had a good laugh over this.  Again, I had to break the news to Russ.  I was shaking in my boots. How in the world was I going to explain this AGAIN??? He laughed so hard he was crying, literally crying.  He thinks blonde is a good color for my hair and I'm sure his buddies at work think this military wife can barely take care of herself. 

As you can see this just adds more details to our ever growing deployment book of antics that have occurred. Never mind that I'm scared of the washer and I will never EAT white rice again!

Don't laugh too hard!


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16 thoughts on “You Did it TWICE, Kimberly?”

  1. Too funny!  I hope it survived!  Please let us know next week.  Maybe you should make a large sign for the laundry room: 'Check for Ipods!".     Keeping my fingers crossed…

  2. LOL….thanks so much for my laugh of the day!!!  I laughed so hard that I had tears in my eyes.  I remember those days of washing clothes & finding things in the washer or dryer when my kids were younger.  I found money once (they were about 14 & 19 then) about $26. mostly ones & they said  (hubby too) it wasn't theirs…I gave them 1 week to own up & claim it but no one did…sooooo I made out!!!  I really feel bad for you & Brandon, poor thing has to wait for the rice king to dry out his ipod again.  Hope it works & I'm sure you WILL be checking ALL pockets from now on.  Good luck!

  3. Oh, Kimberly!  We have all been there! It's called motherhood!  Don't be so hard on yourself! Glad you all (and, Russ) were able to laugh about it . 🙂

  4. Sending more good luck wishes with the iPod and the white rice….LOL – it could happen to anyone!   You were being the mom/cook/housewife and enjoying a great dinner with your kids….I'll just bet that the next time Brandon has an accident or needs to put his pants/shorts in the laundry that HE will check his pockets first…and you will double check them…!      Thankfully you all had a good laugh over it and just have to play the waiting game again.    Thank you for shaing all of these great moments with us – well they will become great with time and more laughter.  Take good care and try not to fuss about it all….

  5. Ok, I thought a kleenex going through the wash yesterday was bad!  Poor Brandon!  I will keep my fingers crossed that the rice does the trick this time again.  I agree that you need to make a sign for the laundry room to "check pockets".  Thanks for the laugh & keep us posted! 

  6. Gee it's sure a good thing you're so pretty!  😉  I bet if you do make that sign it will be so awesome you'll have people signing up for a class to make one just like it! 

  7. Oh goodness, Kimberly, too funny! I thought we were done with this conversation last week! Sending you some iPod -sushi drying out wishes!!  😀

  8. OMG!  Good luck this time around – I hope it dries out and works in the end.  🙂    About three weeks ago I accidentally threw my Blackberry (from work!) in the washer, but it was only in a minute – still long enough for the buttons not to work and the screen to be dark on one side, etc.  I also put it in a bowl of rice, but a friend then told me to put it and the rice in a plastic bag instead.  After a couple of days it was working fine again – I was so happy because I sure didn't want to tell this story to our Asset Mgmt. dept! 
    Love seeing your work!  Thanks for sharing. 

  9. Thanks for the laugh!!! When we can laugh at ourselves we will never be left un-amused! I am not blond but I did something like this a long time ago when I was in my twenties. I locked my keys in my car and while trying to get in with a wire coat hangar, a nice telephone line repairman came down to help me do the job. Then I had to run back into the store to give the hangar back to the lady who lent it to me and managed to lock my keys in a second time!!! Two times in the same parking space let alone the same day. So I had to go back into the store to borrow the mishapen hangar again and the same repairman came down the pole again to help and I was soooooooooo embarassed. I don't think you should be so hard on yourself, though… it was an accident AND the kids have to learn to empty their pockets. I'm glad the rice worked the first time and I hope it works the second time, too!

  10. sorry, but you can only do so much; the kid needs to take a little responsibility & check his pockets; you can't do this  forever, or can you? oh, well, another laugh!

  11. God bless you Kimberly. There is never a dull moment at your house. (smile)
    You and your stories gives my face a smile everyday. I LOVED the Trinity story and still smile just thinking about it..
    I do hope the i-pod survives a 2nd trip through the washer.

  12. Oh my goodness!  It was the "I'll never EAT white rice again" that got me LOL!
    Your life is nothing if not an adventure.   Here's hoping for the second Apple miracle!

  13. I have to admit I'm forever finding objects in the bottom of the washing machine, but I've said to hubby and son that it's their job to check before it goes in the laundry hamper.
    Thank goodness it's not been electronic items,,,yet. At least I'll know how to come to the rescue, thanks for that!!

  14. Some of them never grow out of it.  My husband has washed a bluetooth headset two or three times!
    Suggestion for your son … get one of those armband holders so that it's not in his pocket anymore!

  15. LOL – laughing WITH you, not at you… I did the same thing in August.  Spilled something on my pants, so threw them immediately in the washer.  I pull the clothes out to go in the dryer, and to my horror, there's my cell phone, on the bottom of the drum.  Wet.  Soaked!  Here's the thing, though – I had gone grocery shopping earlier in the day wearing those pants, and guess what?  The receipt from the store, which was in the SAME pocket the phone had been in… was sitting on the shelf above the washer.  I DID check the pockets before throwing those pants in, but I guess I didn't go deep enough to find the phone.  Blonde moment… but I'm not blonde… so, semi-senior moment?  🙂  Loved your story!

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