Why Do I Make it SO Difficult?

Why? Why? Why?

Why do I make it so difficult?

Today I ran around my house prepping for my upcoming trip to Utah for the annual Founders Circle trip. Personally,  I find prepping for these types of trips beyond stressful.

It’s not the trip at all that makes me stressful.  In fact I’m not even fearful of flying like I was back in the day.  I can even accept the teeny tiny plane that you need a scarf and goggles for. That’s what they usually put me on from Salt Lake City to St. George.  Nope, I’m all good there.

Here is what stresses me out to the max…

If I leave these people in my house they will not survive.

Seriously, this is my completely ridiculous thought process but they give me SUCH good reason.  For instance…

Who will put the empty toilet paper rolls on?

Who will empty the dishwasher? The sink can only handle so many dishes.

Who will feed the animals?

What will these people eat?

Will they be commando the entire week without me here to wash their clothes?

This stresses me out because today these people would not survive if mama wasn’t here.

We all know this is a big fat lie, but do you sit and wonder how your family would handle it all?  I know hands down I am the big enabler in the house.  It’s a control issue I’m trying to take care of and might have done that tonight when I told them all their maid QUIT.

Ahhh… it felt oh so good.

I told the Prince I did not see grocery shopping on my list of to-do’s before my trip and it could mean he would have to go himself.  When he started laughing hysterically at my serious self, I could only start laughing too.

I make things so difficult.

See, before the stroke this was never a worry for me at all.  I left, he took care of it all.  After the stroke, I guess I forgot… he can manage.  He can handle it.  He’s GOT IT… If I would stop enabling him he would do much much more.  But how can he when his control freak wife does it before he is able. I make it so difficult for him.

This weekend Russ mowed our grass.  Typically Brandon gets this job and gets an allowance for doing it when I remember.  Since he was camping the chore usually gets left for me.  I did not have time and it needed to be done.  Russ decided he would do it.  I watched. It sucked. He struggled. I wanted to drop everything I thought was important and do it myself.

Guess what?

He finished.  He was happy.  I felt terrible because I never give him the chance.

This is a hard lesson for me to learn and to stand back and let him re-learn or better yet… TRY.  He can do hard things.  I just want to make everything easier for him.  Which reminded me that I do this to the kids too.  It teaches them nothing but this…”don’t worry…mom will take care of that!” Again, I make it so difficult.

This week while I’m away I’m pretty sure these people, my sweet family will make it.  In fact, they will probably do fantastic while I’m away and when I come back, I need to remember that these people are perfectly capable of doing hard things everyday even when mom is HERE.

Since their maid quit I did some stamping. I tried not to make this difficult.  I promise.  XO

I’m a little smitten with the new Peaceful Pines stamp set.  It’s AMAZING.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!

Believe it or not, that is Tempting Turquoise watercolored onto Crumb Cake.  I love how the color turned out.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!



One of the best things about our new Fine Tip Glue Pen is the ease it brings when working with intricate paper pieces such as the word snow above.  That fine tip glides perfectly so you are not spilling glue everywhere trying to get a little bit onto the word.

Then I tried something new by taking 3 of the die cut word SNOW and gluing them together to make it thick.  Oh my word I about tinkled my britches.  This looks so cool on the card.  Maybe it’s just me, but it was pretty exciting.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!



I also gave it a little splash of glitter over the entire project.

Peaceful Pines stamp set, Stampin' Up!

I just finished my first Stamps in the Mail Christmas series with this stamp set and we created 9 projects.  The best part is I could come up with another 9 and more.  That’s how awesome this stamp set is.

This *might* be my favorite stamp set for this week. Although… since I had more time to create today you will have to check back.  I have some fun cards to share this week.  I’M. SO . EXCITED.

Time for me to finish cutting my bats.  Yes…. still cutting.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do I Make it SO Difficult?”

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  2. Your family will be fine and it’s a lesson we all have to learn to let them “Try” to do things for themselves. If they are unable to, they know how to ask for help. (hopefully)

    I Love, Love, LOVE this card and cannot wait to case it!

    Thank you for sharing and hope enjoy “your” time with the other top demonstrators in St. George being pampered by Stampin’ Up! 🙂

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