Van Deep in Troubles

Van Deep in Troubles


Troubles…. No worries, it’s not like the troubles we’ve had in the past.  Lord knows we’ve had our fair share.  


Actually, it’s little things.  Maybe even a bit selfish I imagine.  Or maybe spoiled? 


My internet is SLOOOOOOOW as molasses.  


Yep, that’s my trouble. Told you it wasn’t really crazy trouble but do you NOT get CRAZY when you have internet issues? I’m like a raving mad woman.  I believe I’m spoiled because I’ve had such great service for the longest and now living here it’s been an issue.  


It’s been going on for a long time but wasn’t a priority until today when I really had time to address it.  I called the Internet people and was very calm.  I was so proud of myself.  


I’ve been trying to upload videos to Youtube FOREVER.  Seriously takes up an entire day of sitting and waiting and then my patience runs flat out and I switch to Vimeo and it’s a tad bit faster.  However, it’s still the entire day.  After further investigating it’s definitely a problem with my speed on my internet.  


We are expecting a guy on Saturday to come out and fix it.  Wish it was tomorrow but that’s not in the cards.  Patience.  I have learned to have patience.  


In other news, life is getting sweeter for our little family.  Both kids are attending camp this week and I was able to see Brandon for a bit on Tuesday.  Nothing but smiles on that sweet boys face.  Made my heart happy.  


Russ and I have enjoyed quiet nights together here at our home.  Admitting sometimes that it’s too quiet.  It’s been great for us to ponder on our future and the progress that Russ is making.  He’s doing so great.  The last couple of weeks has been hard on him emotionally.  It started with receiving a permanent Handicap Sticker for his car.  What I thought was a small detail was a huge blow for him.  Honestly, depressing.  


I’ve been surprised that Russ has not been depressed from the beginning but his faith is strong.  Now this little hurdle didn’t break his faith, but his spirit is a little broken.  We are working on some things to heal that.  I hope you will pray with me that this passes.  I have faith that it will.  


I recently switched my feed burner account to feedblitz.  If you received email notifications from me before hopefully the transition went smoothly and you are still receiving them.  If not, you can see an area to sign up for the feed on the right.  

I have a quick card to share.  Not much in details but if you have questions please just ask.  It takes forever to upload anything and my laundry is calling me.  AGAIN.  

A Happy Hooray stamp set, stampin 'up


I used the new A Happy Hooray stamp set with my Kraft cardstock (love love love) to create this card.  I love how our Gold Foil peeks through the Hexagon’s.  The high there greeting was embossed with White embossing powder and if you look closely the feather tip was embossed with Gold.  SO soft and pretty.  


A Happy Hooray stamp set, stampin 'up


Have a GREAT day!

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3 thoughts on “Van Deep in Troubles”

  1. Just love this card! The feather is beautiful! You & Russ are in my prayers. I just know his strength & positivity will pull him through!

  2. Internet problems can make any woman “mad”, but I know you have your big girl panties on! So nice you and your Prince have this time together. It will be a wonderful reunion when your kids are home from camp. Keeping you all in my prayers.
    P.S. Your card is lovely.

  3. Carol Carriveau

    If your internet speed is your biggest complaint, we should all be sooo lucky! LOL with you, not at you! Cars and the internet are very frustrating…we are so linked to both of them that when either (worse yet both!) go down at the same time, we want to pull up the proverbial blanket over our head~! Have to say that inspite of all of that, this is one heck of a great card!!!!!!!! TFS! Hope you and your sweetie are enjoying the quiet time together!

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