Time Standing Still

It's not very often I want my time to stand still but lately I do!  For obvious reasons of course like the upcoming deployment and the time I've been spending doing things I really love.  Some days I just want to last forever!  Our weekend has continued to be very busy much like our week was.  I like being busy but I also like days where I can catch my breath and reflect on all the great things we did.  Thanks to Alexis we get to do that today.  :) She woke up with a headache and slight fever so all the plans for today were put to the side and we are just enjoying being in our PJ's and round the clock motrin.  I haven't had a PJ day in forever.  While I wished she would feel better, she did give us a day to relax.  Relax for me = catch up on work.  I have a pile of it to get through this week.  I also have my sweet prince hanging over my shoulder patiently waiting for me to get my taxes together.  I would rather poke BOTH my eyes out with an ice pick than do my taxes!  It just makes me grumpy!

We also broke the news to the kids about the upcoming deployment.  They are troopers.  They asked a lot of questions but no tears.  I was so grateful.  Russ and I looked at each other a little puzzled.  Like WOW, that went much better than we thought it would.  Of course as the time creeps up we will see.

A couple of housekeeping things and then I will share my card for today.

*I have compiled the questions and will be answering them very soon.  Thanks so much for your patience.   

*Thank YOU for the kindest comments and emails.  It's very overwhelming in a very good way!

*The new RIDE! We bought a Ford Edge.  It's so pretty and such a fun little car.  (My prince calls it a Truck! It's a man thing!) Not sure what kind of gas mileage it gets.  I never thought about that because Russ usually fills my tank.  I just put the keys in and go! Can you relate? Please tell me yes.  I am so bummed that I will have to fill my own gas tank soon.  I know this sounds so petty, but it's one of the things he does that I never have to think about.  I am sure I do something for him, too?  LOL! Anyways, the car is fun and I feel set free from the Mini Van Mama Days.  Wouldn't trade them for the world but so glad to move on after 10 years of sliding doors.  Now we have to remember our cargo space is gone too!

Okay, onto the card…

Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen, Woodbridge, VA



Indpendent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Kimberly Van Diepen, Woodbridge, VA



Keeping with the theme of this post-Time Standing Still.  I used the Sense of Time stamp set and embossed the clock onto the First Edition Designer Series Paper.  I love this paper. You can also purchase this First Edition Designer Paper in digital format!  I also used the new Game Spinner Hands for the clock hands.  You will notice I made them a little shorter by cutting off a little bit of the ends with my rubber scissors.  The clock was cut out and then placed onto a 3 1/2 Circle Die Cut using Basic Black cardstock.  That Die Cut is new in the Spring Mini Occasions.  Instead of using a regular brad that came with the Game Spinners, I used a Black Glimmer Brad for the center.  I do love the sentiment in this stamp set. I believe it holds true for all of us.  Learn, Live & Hope!

Have a FABULOUS week!


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13 thoughts on “Time Standing Still”

  1. Kim…your card's so yummy &**perfect**! Whatever the universe holds for you in the up-coming weeks/months I feel in my own heart & this far away from you, that you & your prince will have the know how to make the right decisions. Take care & continue to be the bubbly you, that you display in your tutorials! Hugs for you, from me……xxoo

  2. Kimberly…I just love all your creative ideas.  I'm so glad I stumbled upon your site.  I do know how hard deployments are…I served in the US Navy also and was deployed.  It's hard for everyone involved,  just  know the love and strength you have for each other, will help you through the trying times.  Please tell your Prince, Thank you for his service.  I truly loved serving our country!  Keep being creative…..it's contagious!

  3. My heart goes out to you and your children, may God bless you and may God bless your prince and bring him home safely.  I love your blog and all the lovely cards you do.

  4. Paulette S. in MO

    Bless your heart Kimberly!  You know your kids are growing up when they take serious family stuff ok.  They are amazing and more mature than you expect them to be and it makes you stronger.  That's the great thing about a close family.  =D  As for the gas, I do pump my own, but it's because when I run out, I'm by myself. LOL  It's not one of my favorite things to do and I only go to ONE station where I know how the pumps work. Sometimes I have to go elsewhere, and I HATE using a pump I've never been to. Call me funny/weird/whatever (LOL) it's just a gas pump phobia I guess.  LOL Stations are getting better about being more universal, but for years, they were all different and sometimes still are.  Get Russ to take you to one you think you want to use and he can supervise/teach while you pump the gas, then you're good to go for the next time you have to do it.  Easy Peasy.  I love your blog/projects/videos. ((BIG cyber Paper Crafty Fabulous HUGS))

  5. Hi Kimberly…Glad  the kids took the news well.  I know that had to be tough to do.  You two are raising strong children. That's so important. My prayers continue for all of you.
    Love the card and how you used the spinners for the clock…super cool!
    Looking forward to the question and answer segment.  You are so upbeat and positive!  When I need a boost, I go back and revisit the previous Q & A ๐Ÿ™‚
    Take care!   Lisa ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Kim, I really had to chuckle about your hubby keeping gas in your car.  I haven't pumped gas in over 25 years!  Must be a hubby thing!  Thanks so very much for sharing your wonderful creativity with us!  I will keep you and yours in my prayers!

  7. I absolutely love this stamp set and need to create a card for my BIL's upcoming birthday (which he will be spending with us!)….thank you!  I will definitely be casing as much of this card as I can!       How wonderful that the kids took the news so well – though I agree that as time gets closer, things will change  – how can they not!   I don't envy any of you out there dealing with this but on the other had, how do we REALLY thank all of those who are in the armed forces for doing all the things they do for us here at home…!   God Bless everyone – those very special people and their most special families waiting for their return!     Hope your daughter is better and that everyone has a wonderful week!

  8. Absolutely love this card…and you hubby.  Sounds just like mine, demanding that nasty, four letter "T" Word, and I feel exactly like you.  I wish that many things would happen to that nasty word…like just go away!  But, enjoy your time together now, thats more important.

  9. Kim
    My husband just bought a 2011 Edge in Earth Metallic color and we love it!!!! Do not know the gas mileage either but love it..how do you like the spaceship controls? LOL have you figured them out….? No us and I also got a new car 2011 Lincoln MKS cannot figure out a darn thing.
    Sorry to hear about the deployment. Glad the kids took it well.  Love your blog! Your card is awesome will have to give it a try.

  10. Hello again today Kimberly,  This is the previous post I just had to respond to.  I'm happy you had a PJ day but sad it's because of illness in the family.  I also know of the pile of work just  waiting for your attention.  I know yours is way higher than mine but I loved your little quip about your Prince over your shoulder mentioning TAXES!  I've been hearing that same thing for many days..humm..maybe a few weeks.  I LOL and had to read it to my sweetie.  I am also happy to report I finished my little tax job yesterday – Wahoo!  Good for another year.  Thanks so much for sharing your oh so sweet stories.  I know the deployment will be tough but you have a huge circle of friends, fans & family.  TFS with us…Barb

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