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Staying Put & A Winner!

Staying Put & A Winner!

I’m not sure where to start today.  I’m completely humbled from all of your comments.  I want to answer all of them…. it might take a little while but give me time.  
I’m blown away by how many of you took the time to comment.  I totally get busy lives, but your comments were so kindly written… I’m truly thankful.  

I guess the first thing I want to say is… I’m not going anywhere and blogging will always continue. Although there are many things I want to quit lately, blogging isn’t one of them.  It was great to hear from you because sometimes the silence is deafening.   However, I also know how busy life gets.  I pray everyday for it to slow down a bit and nothing has changed.  I’ll continue to pray about that. 

I was also relieved to see so many still read blogs.  I was really taken back when I had read that article.  I can see how other social media becomes popular because it’s faster and especially with today’s  craziness it makes life easier.  As one of you stated in  your comments it social media tends to lack the personal side.  Lord knows I have shared my own dirty laundry with you, a few times.  You’ve been up close and personal with me a few times.  

Truth be known, I want to write daily.  I have piles of stuff waiting to be shared with you.  I’m not kidding.  Some days it’s not a lack of time to write as it is the heart to write.  I love love love to share with you.  Honestly, I wish you were all here to actually stamp with me.  Wouldn’t that just be the best time EVER??? 

Over the last few months I think it’s been the hardest since Russ had his stroke.  We’re trying to find our way into a new normal.  Plus dealing with the onset of teenagers… let me stop there.  Don’t get me wrong, we have everything to be grateful for.  BUT… finding that new normal is SO not easy when you know how much of the normal has changed. It’s dealing with that change.  Somedays are so easy and others… well let’s just say it’s not.  It can be a very dark place.  A place I’m not use to and a place I don’t like.  

Of course if it wasn’t for my faith I’m sure my life would look much different.  Let me say this too… there are days I wonder where God is.  Why did this happen? What is He trying to teach me? Where can He use me? All of these things are constantly going on in my tiny little brain.  Scary, huh?? It’s when I ask God these things something crazy divine happens and I know once again He is right here with me and these crazy people in my house.  

Again, I’m truly thankful you are reading.  I am thankful that you love to create.  It’s a shared passion that you and I have.  I’m here to share it with you.  I have something pretty to share today and I even have a VIDEO.  (If you fell out of your chair I hope you are okay…)

Now to pretties… and a WINNER.  

Please give a BIG congrats to Peggy as she is our Blog Candy winner.  Peggy, please email me by clicking the contact me button at the top right with your snail address.  I’ll get some goodies off to you.  

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!

When I created this card I stumbled upon a little technique. I’m sure some one genius came up with this already as mine was purely a mistake.  But.. I loved the look after it was finished.  

It reminds me of Patina.  That aged look you can get on wood or metal. Kinda greenish, typically more of a bronze look… but today I’ll take it in GOLD.  

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!

You can see how I created it below in this short video…

Butterfly Basics, Patina Technique, Stampin' Up!
 Oh, and before we go….

When do teenagers care about the way they look? Especially boys? Thursday night Brandon went to bed with a t-shirt on backwards.  Friday when he came home from school he was wearing the same t-shirt still backwards.  Help me baby Jesus!!  The good news is he smelled great.  He loves his fancy cologne.  See, always something positive.  

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Heat Tool


Is Chalkboard Still Trendy?

Is Chalkboard Still Trendy?

If you follow Pinterest at all, I think it’s safe to say that chalkboard is still around and going strong.  

In fact I’ve only seen a rise in chalkboard products!  What’s even more exciting is the Chalkboard Paper that Stampin’ Up! carries in the Spring Occasions Catalog.  

The Chalkboard Paper comes in 6 x 12 sheets and 10 per package.
Best Day Ever stamp set, Stampin' Up!
There are so many great projects you can do with this Chalkboard Paper.  The card above used  a very small piece of Chalkboard Paper and I die cut a small banner.  I love how the Best Day Ever stamp set fit perfectly on my banner.  

Create It!
There are a couple of different inks you could use for this project and achieve a few different looks.  I used one of my all time favorite inks Whisper White Craft Ink.  Craft ink is a pigment ink which means it takes a little time to dry.  This can be great if you want to emboss.  Since the ink dries slow you can put embossing powder over the ink and heat.  My favorite part of Craft Ink is the beautiful way it dries.  It has a soft finish which I love.  
If you are low on patience (just speaking for myself) then take your heat tool and this will make that 

Best Day Ever stamp set, Stampin' Up!
As you can see above, the Whisper White Ink left a nice muted tone from the stamped image.  
Another ink choice you can  use is the Color Box Chalk Inks.  These dry quickly, give a soft look but still bright.  Stampin’ Up! has three colors available.  
A couple things to note when using these inks:

I highly recommend having the re-inker on hand as the pads can dry out faster.  
If you are using photopolymer stamps, be advised they will stain your stamps.  

Chalk Inks, Colorbox Chalk Inks, Stampin' Up!

What is your favorite ColorBox Chalk Color? Can you guess mine? 

I used the Best Day Ever stamp set which is a favorite of mine from the  Sale-a-Bration selection. I love those little triangles and they are perfect to create a fun background.  

The tiny flower and doily come from the Artisan Embellishment Kit.  Great kit if you love to embellish your projects with pretties.  This kit has tons of great trinkets in it.  

The last little detail… 
See the gold twine wrapped with the Cotton Soft Sky Twine? Simply separate your Gold Bakers Twine and gently wrap it along with the Soft Sky Twine. 

Best Day Ever stamp set, Stampin' Up!


Don’t Forget
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Love to stamp? Love Stampin’ Up! products?
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Complete Distraction- New Stamps!

Complete Distraction- Stamps!

All was fine until UPS showed up at my door with the ginormous box of new Stampin’ Up! goodies.  It caused a complete Distraction!  

You know that moment when things are piled up all around you and you have a list a mile long to complete but there is something sparkly and shiny sitting in front of your face.  

I couldn’t help it.  I had to leave the family sitting without mama tonight. The box was too tempting and the bright and shiny had to be unleashed from the box.  

Helllllloooooo new stamps.  

I let out a big squeal and I think I might of scared the kids.  

Once everything was out of the box I had to play.  

A Happy Thing

A Happy Thing, Sale a Bration, Stampin' Up! This chubby little bird was created using a new Sale-a-Bration stamp set that is sure to be a big hit this year.  Honestly, get ready for an incredible Spring season of new beautiful products coming your way.  

I colored this birdie using my new Blendabilities Soft Sky.  Love the softness of this color with the Blendabilities.  

The new twine (White used above), is divine.  Very soft.  I am in love.  

You can see the products I used below.  

Today is a perfectly busy day.  Christmas Shopping, Hair appointment, Christmas party, and sometime I might fit more stamping in. Oh… I’m still trying to finish my Christmas cards too. YIKES.  

Have a BEAUTIFUL weekend.  Enjoy Christmas traditions and if you don’t have any, make some this year.  

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