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Digital Scrapbook Week

Digital Scrapbook Week

Did you know it’s Digital Scrapbook Week? 

I’m not going to lie.  I was going through my email when I received something that talked about it and I had a glimmer of excitement.  It’s been awhile since I had opened My Digital Studio.  I immediately opened it up and started creating… Well… sort of.  

If you are a mac user and you updated to Yosemite, there is a little snag with My Digital Studio.  Luckily Stampin’ Up! is on top of it and provided a patch that fixes the problem.  If you are having this problem, click HERE and download the patch and you will be all set.  

Now… once I had that fixed I was creating away.  I love My Digital Studio and I love creating pages of my sweet doggie.  

Digital Scrapbook Week, Stampin' Up!, My Digital Studio
I enjoyed going through my software picking out fun elements for this layout.  There are a couple elements I purchased from Pixel & Co that were added as well.  I love that you can use other digital art with our software.  The font I used is called KD Rocky.  

If you are like me and haven’t opened your software in awhile, I challenge you to do so this week.  Share your project on our Simply My Digital Studio Facebook Group.  We have a challenge this week to have 50 projects uploaded.  There will also be a drawing on Monday.  

Celebrate Digital Scrapbook Week with me, will you? It’s another great option to share your creativity.  Isn’t it great we have so many options with Stampin’ Up!  

You can see NEW digital art from Stampin’ Up! HERE.  For Digital Project Life fans, there are new fun downloads too.  Don’t miss it.  

Product List

Project Life Giveaway, Stampin' Up!
Great news today.   Stampin’ Up! has an awesome giveaway— Project Life.  Click the photo above and enter to win.  It’s a pretty good size loot you do not want to miss out on.  

MDS Blog Hop-Circles!

Circles are a great way to bring the focus right back to your photos when creating your scrapbook layout.  When I started this particular layout I sat here with a blank stare at the screen not knowing where to start. Oh no!  Not because an idea wasn't coming- the ideas were coming at a rate my brain couldn't focus.  Uh-huh! S-C-A-R-Y! I've been saving ideas from all over the place for the past couple of weeks because I was the one to come up with this big bad theme of circles!  I've pinned and pinned, saved and saved and dog eared and dog eared.  So when this happens WHERE DO YOU BEGIN—-> Open MDS! 



It's digital scrapbooking week with Stampin' Up! and I could write a book on the 1001 reasons why I LOVE My Digital Studio so much.  One of my favorites is all the Digital Downloads that you can sift through and go crazy over.  But you know what????? You can do amazing things with just the GREAT program.  Did you know that My Digital Studio has a great photo effects section? Yep! Fantastic.  

I started this layout by creating a photo box over the entire layout and then decreased the opacity to the 20's and changed the photo to black and white.  .  I added another photo box of the same photo, changed it to black and white but kept the opacity at 100%.  When adding the text "Eleven"  on the right side of the layout, I started the opacity at 10% and then for each one I added below it I added 10% more until it was 100%.  

Must Have Download for this layout:





Did you get your FREE downloads? Here is the skinny!  If we can get 18,000 downloads of EACH FREE digital download then we can receive this one too!



Would you like to get the 4th Download for FREE?? 

Click HERE to get your FREE downloads!!!  THREE- FOR -FREE!!

Now lets see what great projects my MDS friends have created with the circle theme!




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