Superhero- Can I Be One?

I know we’ve talked about the being a superhero before but really, I wish I could be superwoman just for a week.  


I have lots of ideas and things that need to be created and I need super powers to get it all done.  I would dig up my superwoman cape but it’s so tattered from previous deployments I don’t think it would work.  (You really need a superwoman cape when your husband deploys for any length of time… just sayin’)  


Some days I feel like the Prince is on deployment as I take on his duties and my own.  The obvious difference is he is home and has a pointing finger.  Oh my, that pointing finger.  


Okay, so I realize this is all wishful thinking and the funny thing is somehow it always gets done.  


Today I’m sharing a cute card from the Cool Kid stamp set. 

Cool Kid, Superhero, Stampin' Up!

I decided to use my new Scallop Tag Topper punch in the Mini Occasions.  This punch has a 2″ width but just know you need to cut your paper just a SMIDGE under 2″.  Yes, just a smidge.  


I cut two tags.  One used the Fresh Prints Designer Paper Pack and the other was cut using Vellum Cardstock.  I stamped onto the Vellum using Whisper White ink and then embossed with White Embossing Powder to make it really stand out.  


Cool Kid, Superhero, Stampin' Up!


I had to make the doggie’s super cape a little longer.  I wanted it to look like it was flowing just like my cape use to flow. 


The Cool Kid stamp set is a  fun stamp set and great to use for your kiddies or grand kiddies.  


The big question today is what Superhero would YOU be? 


Below you can find all of the great products used for this project.  

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3 thoughts on “Superhero- Can I Be One?”

  1. Carol Carriveau

    You are indeed a Super Hero in many of our minds….know that is not why you shared this particular card, but you truly are. And I know that your family and close friends (and fellow demos) know that. You are doing everything you can, and more, to keep your family going and also taking time to give yourself some comfort making cards and sharing them with us. Keep your happy times going….your family knows that this makes you happy and those other things can wait for awhile while you have Kimberly Time…much needed at some times! We are here for you…. Very cute card, love the velum layer with the white embossing! Cute set…

  2. Love what you did with his cape! This was a MUST have stamp set for me and I havent even played with it yet… Thanks for the reminder!

  3. I second Carol Carriveau’s response about YOU being a Superhero. We thank you for being YOU–the super, wonderful woman who lights up our days with your creative passion.

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