Silly me!

 Well, I was just going through some convention pics that my friend and downline sent me and I had to post this picture because it just made me laugh.  Not sure why we have the crazy faces, but I know we were having a good time.  LOL!  I miss convention already.  Can we just go back????  oh, and I have to just say, Robyn and I met over 3 years ago in Rhode Island.  She was a great customer and then recently became a demo this past October.  So THREE years I had not seen her!!!  I love how Stampin’ Up! keeps friends together.  Isn’t that cool??? 

Kimberly and Robyn
















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1 thought on “Silly me!”

  1. OMS!!! (oh my stars!!!)
    I just saw this and LOVE that I am on your space :^D
    I have been looking at your cards to see what I can do for Christmas this year — I am making ornaments with the Rub Ons, but if they’re too big, they smush together 🙁
    I am going to case your canvas, too!
    Miss & Love ya!

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