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Paper Pumpkin Subscription

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Paper Pumpkin, Stampin' Up!

Are you a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber?

One of the great things I receive each month is my Paper Pumpkin kit.  It’s a little bit of crafty love that fits right in my mailbox and it’s always a joy to open.

For only 19.95 this little box brings a hefty punch of craftiness that brings a smile to my face and something that can’t be bought anywhere else.

Let me tell you a secret WHY I love it so much… and WHY I can’t stop getting it….


Yes, the word exclusive is a big one for me.

The exclusive stamp set that is in that box each month is what brings the giddy smile every. single. time.

As an advanced stamper sometimes the projects are simple, yet as an advanced stamper… I love them.


Because sometimes this crafty brain of mine needs a crafty break for coming up with ideas.

Sometimes this crafty girl wants to enjoy the exclusive project with easy directions so I can be crafty and not think.

Sometimes I just want to take out the stamp set and create my own things with it….

And sometimes, I take that crafty box with me to places I have to sit for long periods of time and it gives my crafty brain something to do.

SO, Are YOU missing out? 

I’d hate to know that you are missing out on something exclusive and come to find out it was because I didn’t tell you.

Here me out!

My subscribers are having a ball and let me tell you why.


That’s right. Each month they get approx. 12+  FREE tutorials with MORE ideas to use with their exclusive stamp set and kit contents.  This is perfect for the beginner or advanced stamper.  Whether you are a beginning or advanced stamper you can learn more ways to use your stamp set and out of the box ideas to use the kit.

Now wait…

You could also use these tutorials with other stamp sets you own.  That’s what I call a DOUBLE WHAMMY!

Friends, don’t miss out!


Sign up today and receive Paper Pumpkin to your door.  It’s the perfect little box of craftiness.

Receive a FREE gift from me when you join!

Click HERE to subscribe or the buttons below.  You will see your EXCLUSIVE project tutorials by the 5th of each month.



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