My Brilliant Idea!

My Brilliant Idea!


I have two Brilliant ideas to share.  First a personal idea and then below you will see the creative idea.  

It was just a little past midnight as I was browsing through Facebook when I discovered this cool little App about working out.  If you are like me normally seeing these in my newsfeed bothers me.  I guess at midnight nothing bothers me and instead I was intrigued. 


I downloaded the little App called 7 minute workout.  As you’ve read my blog you know time is precious every single day.  Most days I truly can say I do not have 7 minutes.  I’m either constantly on the go or literally too exhausted to think.  I might add that “working out” is a bad word to me.  I don’t like it.   


Yesterday morning after a little coffee to get me going I told the kids to put their gym shoes on that I needed 7 minutes of their time.  I wish you could have seen their faces when I told them we would be doing a 7  minute workout.  Alexis thought I just got off the crazy train and Brandon still was not computing what was going on.  


I explained that today we are starting a new routine.  We would find 7 minutes in our day to workout and feel better about ourselves.  Obviously this was not on the kids agenda during their Summer break.  


Now this little app is pretty cool.  You start it up and it’s like a video showing  you what to do and then you have 10 second intervals in between the exercises.  10 seconds!!


Around the 4th exercise I was dying.  The kids now had smiles on their faces and thought this was awesome.  I literally couldn’t breath.  I also needed more than 10 seconds to gear up for the next hurdle of pain. 


Around the 8th exercise we had to do planks.  Again, the kids were all smiles while I was almost in tears from the pain.  Whoever thought of this exercise is not my friend.  


As we finished up the kids were giddy and thought I had the most amazing idea EVER.  Really, I’m BRILLIANT! I forced a smile and walked into my bedroom where I collapsed on the floor knowing that every bone in my body would feel it the next day.  What have I done? 


Today rolling out of my bed was all new.  Getting out I could feel every muscle in my stomach hurting.  Once on my feet I could feel fire in my thighs.   My morning routine was about to change from coffee to coffee and Motrin to get through the day.  I was hurting in places I didn’t know existed. 


Another GREAT feature of this 7 minute Work Out App is the alarm that reminds you its a new day and time to get that 7 minute workout in.  It was perfect timing today as it went off while I was stuffing my face with the most delicious Mexican food ever with my mom.  Needless to say I turned the alarm OFF and will re-visit the workout tomorrow.  


Seriously, it was only 7 minutes and my body feels like a foreign object.  Not my own.  Hurting all over.  I’m not so sure this was a brilliant idea.  I’ve never found joy in a workout.  I’m sure I’m in the minority here because most of my friends are all into getting fit.  They run, walk, join gyms… I can’t even make it through 7 minutes.  


The only thing not hurting on my body was my fingers & hands.  What a blessing that is and I can share true JOY and my Brilliant idea when it comes to creating.  


Blesssed by God, Stampin' Up!


Have you seen this beautiful stamp set in the new catalog, Blessed by God? Are you needing cards for baptisms, wedding, or to let someone know they are a blessing in your life? Blessed by God is your solution.  

Blesssed by God, Stampin' Up!



The floral cross is beautiful and delicate looking.  Embossing this cross with White embossing power turned out great and the embossing detail stood out more.  


When creating this card I wanted to accomplish a very soft look.  By taking the Natural Filter paper and texture embossing it with the Beautifully Baroque folder this created a very soft vintage look.  Here are a few tips when using the Natural Filter paper: 


  1. Apply your adhesive to the base of the cardstock and then adhere the Filter paper.  Filter paper is delicate.  You do not want to create holes when applying Snail adhesive.  
  2. Make sure whatever trimmer  you are using you have SHARP blades.  Otherwise it will make it more difficult to cut the paper.  Again, it’s delicate.  

Blesssed by God, Stampin' Up!


One last quick tip.  Did you love our Natural ribbon from the last catalog? It retired and I was seriously bummed.  Have you ever looked at the other side of Natural 5/8″ Chevron ribbon? Take a peek.  For me this is a two for one type of deal.  How amazing is that? 


Add small pearls to the cross to jazz it up a bit.  Notice how this embellishment makes the card more delicate looking? 


While I can’t confirm that I think my first brilliant idea was BRILLIANT, I am grateful that my fingers still work and could hold a stamp.  


If you have any brilliant workout ideas please feel free to pass them my way.  Or maybe you have a brilliant stamping idea? Let me know in the comments.  I would love to hear! 


Have a super blessed day and make sure to tell someone they are a blessing in your life.  You are a blessing in mine!





  1. LOVE this card! Absolutely beautiful. I know about working out! Finding 7 minutes is hard too but I might try torturing myself this way. Thanks for sharing, it brightened my day!

  2. Kimberly, you had me cracking up. LOL, the more you work out, the easier and better you will feel, I promise. I am starting a routine with my hubby by walking every night for an hour. It is really time to get in shape, we are getting older and it just gets harder. If I would have stuck with it from last year, I would have been in shape this summer but I gave up. It’s really a life change. Getting the kiddos involved is awesome. I might have to look that app up and start doing that with my son. Really, 7 minutes isn’t a long time, when you think of it. I’m sure we can all find that amount of time in our busy lives to better ourselves 🙂 Your card is absolutely gorgeous, I always Thank God every day for blessing me with another day and for everything, I am truly grateful for everything, everyday. 🙂

  3. Message to Brandon and Alexis: Keep Mom doing the 7-minute workout every other day for ten days. Then up it to every day. You will all survive.
    Kimberly, love your card, and your stories. Hang in there. An evening walk does wonders – especially at keeping me away from the left-overs or cookies. And I return home refreshed.
    Blessings on you and yours.

  4. Can you tell me who made the app you use? There are 4 free ones and a bunch that cost money. Thanks!

  5. Love your card. Maybe the 7 min workout should be replaced by a walk every evening. I think you have to find something you enjoy to be able to stick with it. Good for the kids being able to keep up!

  6. Your hilarious sense of humor makes me smile! I love that you involved your kids in your 7 minute work out…if they like it, they’ll want to keep doing it and help motivate you. Time with your kids, smiles on their faces and a quick work out…win for all! And your card…gorgeous! I’m going to have to try embossing the filter paper…beautiful!

  7. Gahhhhh! I LOVE this card! Thank you for sharing! Always so generous with your creations – thank you!

  8. hi, kimberly! i just love your blog – you are incredibly talented and it is so generous of you to share with everyone! can i ask a question – when you say filter paper, are you talking about regular old coffee filter paper? sorry for being dense! thanks so much!

  9. Jeannine, this is a filter paper that is in the catalog. You can make paper flowers with it. It’s on page 193 of the catalog. 🙂

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