Life is CRAZY!

Yes, I do believe the month of May has literally just zoomed past me! I can’t believe it’s almost the end of the month! I guess the ole saying "Time flys when you’re having fun" is true! My parents are still here visiting and we are having a blast. The kids are so excited to have them around. I had to laugh today when the temps went down and we could see a few snow flurries come down tonight. My mom is freezing. Now she knows how I have been feeling adjusting to the weather here. Otherwise the weather has been gorgeous.

In other news… I have been stamping. Actually, stamping tons. Just haven’t had time to upload the things I have been stamping. I have been busy with workshops and classes. I will try VERY hard to post a few cards that I have been working on tomorrow. Of course it is late, past my bedtime as usual. Tomorrow is Brandons last day of Kindergarten. I hate to admit this , but I am feeling quite emotional over it. Could be PMS, however hearing about two of my friends son’s graduating from high school makes me think my kids childhoods will go by so fast. This past year flew by. I was reading one of his writing books that he brought home today. You know, the little sentences they are learning to write on their own. One sentence brought tears to my eyes. "I love my Mom, she is botiful!" I always wonder what he thinks of me and when I read this it gave me the warm fuzzies. Just very innocent. Love that! He had his first Tiger cub meeting tonight and looked like such a big boy in his new uniform. Oh, so stinkin’ cute.
Well, that is my news. I am just an emotional stamper. LOL!
Have a HAPPY day!!

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1 thought on “Life is CRAZY!”


    look forward to your creations on blog soon…….
    you too enjoy your special company…….
    we are having pretty cool weather here too at the moment. 4 degrees in the morning now that’s freezing for us down here in Australia..WA

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