It Really was a Good Deal!

I could write a book on where I've been.  We've been busy little bee's in this house. With Scouts, Gymnastics, Swimming, After School Clubs, stamping and estate sales…. we can barely keep our schedules straight. 

The good news is I've worked the last month on getting affairs in order to get back to teaching classes, workshops and adding more events to my schedule.  It's only when I started adding more events that our lives seemed to get busier.  It's natural and I expected it.  Whenever I make new goals for my business I always expect to jump LARGE obstacles to get to that goal.  I didn't realize these would be HUGE logs I would be jumping over. Ha. Let the jumping begin.  *grin*

Before I share many projects with you I have to tell you about a funny and a good deal the Prince and I landed recently.  One of our goals when he came home was to do something with our dining room.  It was bare bones.  Not a stitch of anything in it.  We didn't want to use it as a dining room but rather a sitting room or piano room.  Russ started the renovation of the room with putting new wood floors in. Then I asked for new paint on the walls.  He said this was starting to sound like a new outfit. First the dress, then the shoes… and then the accessories.  The accessories are the BEST part, right?   This is when the REAL fun has begun.  We started looking for piano's on Craigslist and estate sales. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, just a used piano.  We were so excited when we found a Player Piano on Craigslist. We were excited until the whole thing became a disaster.  The story is forever long so I won't bore you with it.  Let's just say it took 4 weeks to get it after the owner hijacked it. It took  a very large truck, $500 more than we planned, and a car was side swiped as Russ was backing the truck into our driveway. Uh huh. All that trouble and we have a 1929 really OLD working Player Piano.  Russ said I was lucky it was not on fire in our front yard.  <giggle>  It has become a great conversation piece and was 100% worth all the pain after we put the first Piano Roll on.  The kids faces were priceless.  We still need to get it tuned and then we are going to start a few lessons.  Yes, NO ONE in this house knows how to play. Kinda funny, eh?

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Player Piano



Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator



I was also on the hunt for a Fainting Couch for the room and I am happy to say I found one.  I'll share soon.  I better share some creative fun before I really start to bore  you.  I've been excited to share this with you.  I'll share the entire creative process of the room once it's all complete. 

I've been a STAMPING fool late at night.  I have so many fun things to share.  Bare with me as I share a few Valentine pieces with you.  That holiday just whipped right by me.  Dang!  My first card is a case from Shelli at Leadership.  I didn't put all her bells and whistles on the inside because this was a card my great club ladies completed.  I just love the color combo and the sweet hearts. 

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up demonstrator



Valentines Day



Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up Demonstrator



I love this sweet box because it uses the Fancy Favor Box and the inside box is hand made.  This is a great box to put a few goodies inside for a special someone.

This last project uses the little note cards.  Just a sweet little note with a few buttons and do-dads! 

Kimberly Van Diepen Stampin Up! Demonstrator



Phew! That was a mouthful of news.  I hope you had a GREAT Presidents weekend.  This week is BIG for our family.  Brandon crosses over to Boy Scouts tomorrow.  We are super excited for him.  We also have a big Girl Scout and Boy Scout event this coming weekend.  I'm hoping everything comes together.  I'm a little stressed.  Once this week is through I'll be able to catch my breath. 

Have a FANTASTIC week. 




  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I totally enjoyed your story and the piano is quite a showpiece. I am eagerly awaiting the photo of a fainting couch, as I've never heard of that before. Your card is quite lovely – I'm a big fan of the tone on tone textured paper.

  2. Your piano is a big part of History….very neat…even with the headaches you had getting it inside your home!  Bless your hearts…  You sound like you have been so very busy…these are the good days in your life as you get to be there and watch your family grow…Congrats to your son for moving on to being a Boy Scout….  We watched a good friends son make his Eagle last year…just wonderful~
    My Stamp Club card fixings arrived in todays mail…love the color combos you put together for us!  Can't wait for the goodies so I can get creating…  and…funny how at night I do the same as you….that is when this house is quiet and I wind down that way…  love it.
    Enjoy your week and weekend!

  3. Lucky girl, a player piano! Very cool! My mom's cousin had one he inherited from his family and it is the coolest thing to see it play on its own. How many songs do you have? And yes, I agree – someone from the family has to learn how to play, because there is nothing sadder than an instrument that never gets played… I acquired a brand-new piano myself just a few weeks ago. I would have loved to have an acoustic piano but since I live in an apartment, it wasn't an option, so I opted for something digital instead. It would have been easier to get a deal if I had purchased something acoustic, but then again, I guess not having to carry the darn thing myself is a big perk!
    Enjoy your new purchase!

  4. Neat!  My grandparents had one when I was growing up and it was always a hit with us grandkids.  I still remember pumping the pedals to show tunes of the 1960s.  It's quite a work out!!  Enjoy it!!

  5. What a find…fabulous player piano…loving that no one plays, but hope you will a few recordings as everyone has lessions.    Cannot wait to see pics of your fainting couch…and the room when done…I am soooo excited for you!!!
    Your card is wonderful and love the Bo's..and that die!!   TFS…you are never boring!

  6. Did you decide that YOU needed a fainting couch after all that! There's times when we all could use one of those! 🙂

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