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Have you ever been so excited about something that you felt the need to climb a mountain and scream at the very top of your lungs why you were so excited? 

Okay, maybe I'm just the crazy one but I want you to imagine ME on a big ole mountain top.  I'm screaming that I'm so excited about this Online Sale and the MDS software being 50% off.  Seriously, It's INCREDIBLE.  

I know I told you about this earlier in my previous post but I want you to see the break down.





Regular Price

Sale Price

Regular Price

Sale Price

MDS 2 Trial





MDS 2 Upgrade










MDS 2+












If you are on the fence about MDS now is the time to climb over that fence.  It's a deal that you cannot pass up.  

Think about it… flyers, e-cards, digital cards, scrapbooking, hybrid projects… The list goes on.  It's certainly brought sunshine to my life.  Wanna know something else? If your worried about getting started, I can help you.  YES! Don't be afraid.  

Here is a simple card I made for a customer of mine earlier this week. 

Kimberly van diepen stampin up, demo


It's a simple postcard with her personalized greeting on the back.  

You can read more about the sale and software that fits your needs HERE.  

Are you ready to create with me digitally? Let me show you how EASY it is. I promise I'll come down the mountain to show you. 


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