Getting Festive?

With the holiday's closing in on us so quickly and the day to day grind SO busy I'm mindful of keeping that FESTIVE spirit.  I think we can all admit at times this can be difficult.  In today's busy world it's hard to fit everything in a 24 hour period!  I say this as my 9 year old reminds me daily of her favorite festive activities and questions WHY have we not done them yet.   Something as simple as getting in the car with hot chocolate to drive around and look at the beautiful lights our neighbors have beautifully put up.  Alexis quickly tells us we are "lame" as our home has no lights.   <insert rolling eyeballs>  The joys of my little Gem's.  I have good news for Alexis.  When I complete my December Daily album, she will see that we are keeping up with the festivities. This album is a tiny bit demanding because it makes you put your thoughts together on a daily basis but the BEST thing is seeing those thoughts and "festivities" being recorded.  I'm delighted as I added another festive page of our trip to the small town Christmas Parade.  

Kimberly Van Diepen stampin up, demonstrator



You can see all the digital downloads used HERE.  

I had seen a page created by Lisa Truesdell with the bubble thoughts and I loved it.  I always love finding inspiration pieces online and then using My Digital Studio to re-create.  It's a fun challenge.  

I did a quick video on a design tip for this layout.  You can watch it below:



Are you ready to start with MDS2?

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Have a Spectacular Thursday!!


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