Frozen Silly!

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Oh my word it's chilly willy here.  Seriously chilly for Florida standards.  I know, cry me a river… I'm not in the minus digits.  Maybe I shouldn't complain but I'm going to.  


The last few days has been brutal for NW Florida.  Temps in the single digits which is so rare.  Being close to the water made it feel even more chilly to me.  


My mom came over the day before yesterday and as soon as she walked in the door she told Russ and I we HAD to go see the Bay because it was frozen.  Once again blondie here thought she meant the entire BAY was frozen.  


We packed Russ up in the car and headed to the water.  It was crazy to see the edge of the water frozen by the pier.  


Today our temps changed and I started seeing people moving about from their homes again.  Anything below 50 degrees in Florida we are FREEZING.  Like get your parka on.  It's serious!


Since our day was over the top busy with therapy and appointments I took a different approach to my creativity.  Sometimes when you are stuck in places and have NO time you grab your computer and start playing.  Ahhh… the digital life.  My Digital Studio was the way to go.  


I had to document the frozen bay!


In other news…



It's a big day for Alexis.  Today she turns 11!!  Man, where has the time gone? I found this picture above and I started laughing so hard becasue the look on Brandon's face is still the same when Alexis trys something like this.  Man, they have both grown so much.  

Alexis is quite the Diva.  We knew this early on.  You can tell from this photo of her in 2006!  



But my sweet princess is getting bigger and I love the young lady she is growing up to be.  When Russ was in the Rehab this was one of my favorite pics.  She loved helping her daddy with his speech.  


This weekend Russ and I will be busy entertaining 6 little girls at our home.  We are having a spa party.  It's a slumber party so pray for Russ.  I'm excited I am home.  I decided to not go to Leadership early on due to the timing of Alexis birthday.  I didn't want to miss it.  I've missed many because of the dates of the Leadership conference.  This year I'm more grateful than ever I decided to not go.  I'm exactly where I need to be.  


Have a GREAT weekend and create away.  I'll be busy painting nails.  



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4 thoughts on “Frozen Silly!”

  1. Gayle McCracken

    Kimberly, you've been very busy posting this week…nice to have you back!  You are always so uplifting-an inspiration to all.  Absolutely LOVE the photo of such a grown up, young lady Alexis sitting next to her daddy at Rehab.  She is so cute with her glasses and pink skirt (& oh yes…didn't miss that cookie in her hand!).  Russ looks won-der-ful ~ keep up the hard work!  Had to laugh about your trip to see the frozen bay!!!  Too funny-wish the frozen edge is all we had in Michigan!!  Oh well-it IS winter!!  A hard thing to miss Leadership (me too), but the good news there will be others!!!  Happy 11th Birthday Alexis 😉

  2. It's so crazy how the cold weather is reaching warmer parts of the world. Scary. Love the picture though. Russ looks great and that picture of him and Alexis is priceless. A very cherished memory I'm sure. Painting little girls nails seems like fun, I'm sure you will make it a blast. Happy Birthday Alexis, have a wonderful day 🙂

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