Decor Elements Display Board

Decor Elements Display board































A few weeks ago I asked my Prince to make me a display board using Plywood for my Decor Elements.  I wanted a way to bring my customers a FAUX WALL so to speak so they could see just how FABULOUS these products are.  Russ did an amazing job on this project.  Once he had it together, I painted it and then the creating began.  You may notice a few blank spots on the board, but not a worry.  They are awaiting hand stamped items or some type of home decor to fill the space.  I can’t wait for Phase 2 to come so I can peel these up and decorate again!!!

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4 thoughts on “Decor Elements Display Board”

  1. I think this is an absolutely brilliant idea! By creating this faux wall people can really see how beautiful the DE really are. I think this will really help your sales with this product! And I like how you’ve left space to add matching hand stamped items. The panels are like giant works of art themselves aren’t they. This also makes me realize that people can create panels of wall art too! Well done!


  2. Kimberly–

    Just beautiful! You are so creative and this wall will be a treat for your customers to look at to see all the cool stuff SU! has to offer. Sorry to hear that your grandma isn’t doing well. Keep us posted, okay?

    Many blessings,

  3. Gorgeous girlie – Russ did a fabulous job making this and you did a fabulous job decorating!!! Love this idea, may need to have one of my own *wink*

    Smooches to you – have a safe trip tomorrow and remember I am thinking of you!


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