Cookies & Dracula

Cookies & Dracula

This card couldn’t be more fitting for today.

Cookie Cutter Halloween is adorable and I spent time over the weekend creating with it.

This new stamp set in the Holiday Catalog is a cutie and had me giggling while I was creating this card.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


Spooky & Cute

It’s hard to look at this and say spooky because every single image in this set has some bit of cuteness factor in it.

SO why was I giggling with Mr. Dracula?

Well, the greeting and the Dracula caught my attention.  I was stamping to free some mass anxiety I’ve been  having.

Yes, unfortunately as you’re reading this I’m either waiting for or having my root canal done.

YAY, said no one ever.

Spooky is the first word that comes to my mind.

Going to the dentist is by FAR the spookiest thing to me on the planet.  I would rather have 10 babies than go sit in a dentist chair.


Dracula is Smiling

Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


I started giggling when looking at this Dracula image because he’s smiling.

Seriously? This instantly makes me think of the dentist.  His evil smile at me.

Why such fear? It only took one bad experience. I’ve never been the same since.

Since April I’ve been back and forth to the doctor and the dentist.  One telling that the sinus problems I’m having is a dental problem.  The dentist (taking X-rays) telling it’s a sinus problem.  Believe it or not, if I look back on this problem it’s been going on for 3 years.  Before I left VA I had seen a dentist for this exact issue. They said it’s all sinus problems.

Isn’t it amazing how God put this to rest while I cared for Russ?

In April it re-surfaced.  Back and forth I’ve been trying to get to the ROOT of the problem-pun intended.

For Petes sake, someone FIX it.

I believe I found that someone.  I hate to even admit that I *kinda* like this new dentist.  He’s kind and he says THIS is the problem.  Knowing this is not a sinus problem is a big relief, truly a blessing.


As the Old Saying Goes…

Its time for Kimberly to put on her BIG girl panties and face my fear and sit my bootie down in the big girl dentist chair and have the work done.

Never mind that since the consult on Wednesday I’ve been anxiety ridden.

Not sleeping.

On edge.

Cannot think clearly…

Stamping to distract my mind…


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


The result of my anxiety was a cute Dracula.  Saying “EEK!”  How ironic this word was my exact thought as I get myself ready for this appointment. EEK.


Dracula, Cookie Cutter Halloween, Stampin' Up!


We Can Do Hard Things

Today while I’m sitting in the big bad dentist chair I will remind myself that I can do hard things.  I can face my fears and push past the spooky feelings this professional gives me.  I guess I need to give up some control and realize he’s the professional and I’m the scared patient.

The truth is, I’m a big baby.

I hope to report tomorrow that I survived.


At 2pm Central Time if you feel inclined to do so- pray for this dentist.  He may need it with this gal.  Pray that I can be brave.

*I have no confidence in myself*




PS- September 1st… you can order this adorable stamp set- Cookie Cutter Halloween. I’ll tell you more about it soon.  Right now my brain only sees the pointed teeth – smiling at me.  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!







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12 thoughts on “Cookies & Dracula”

  1. Darling card – I’m happy to have cuteness with spooky! Wish I saw this before you went to the dentist. Hope you had the gas, the numbing, the music and whatever it takes. I also use Bach’s Rescue Remedy drops to help me get through stressful situations, from going to the dentist riding in the scary seat with my husband! Take good care.

  2. See – it’s over and done! Now, you will feel so much better and your creative juices will flow like crazy! I hope you have a rapid recovery….

  3. It’s Ok to be scared. Being scared means you are about to do something really really brave!

  4. You can face the dentist with such good humor….you are way ahead of ME! Love your card as well as your take on it….I hadn’t noticed the teeth were pointed! Saying a prayer for you today…

  5. I totally understand your fear of dentists. I finally found the perfect one for me, licensed and trained to give sedation via an iv. Best.Thing.Ever.

  6. I promise if you would have seen me on the way to the dentist you would have laughed hysterically. I’ve never had that much anxiety before. Thankfully I was like a little girl and had my mother take me. She drove which was a good thing for everyone. LOL. So glad that is OVER. XO

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