A Year of Controlled Chaos

Is there such a thing as controlled chaos? I was sitting here tonight thinking back over the last 6 months and I broke out in a complete hysterical laugh.  

I quickly had flashbacks of our truck breaking down during the move across country.  Then toilets not working, potty breaks at Target, running out of carpet and paint at the worst times.  Then we ran out of tile in our sun room (6 pieces to be exact!).  We can't forget about my car not working not once but twice.  The last 6 months has been pure chaos. I can't make this stuff up.  Really!! 


Believe it or not I wouldn't change any of these events except the current one with Russ.  It's always been controlled chaos up until recently.  


We've learned so much over the last 6 months.  First, we are resilient and we can be without a working  toilet for 4 days before I blow a gasket. Every single thing that's happened we have learned something from.  That's how life works, right?  Each crazy event that has taken place we have laughed over.  I think had we not we would have a different state of mind today.  Staying positive and looking for the good that has come out of each one has made us stronger and hopeful. Many times as human beings we want to hurry and not think of the past year.  Or we hear, "I can't wait until this year is over!" Honestly,  2013 was a great year.  You probably think I'm off my rocker now for even thinking this…. however I look at all that we've learned and how many blessings came out of this year.  I can't say it was a bad year.  For example:

  1. My kids accepted Jesus into their hearts
  2. My Prince is alive and getting stronger each day. He is now a Princess. 
  3. We are living near my family- oh thank you Lord!
  4. We have rebuilt a beautiful home despite the many obstacles
  5. We have made more friends this year
  6. My kids handled a crisis better than I would ever imagine
  7. We are healthy and happy and laugh a lot
  8. We learned how to pee in a pot while our toilets didn't work
  9. I learned how to care for a saltwater tank and not kill any fish.  
  10. We learned together that what we thought was SO important is really not.  That together we can overcome anything.

These are just a few.  I'm sure I could name many more great things. 


Looking forward into 2014 our little family has hopes for less chaos and even more happiness.  We will strive to do our best in 2014 and make this year a year of being stronger as a family and closer to God.  We plan to laugh even more and make each day memorable.  The most important thing I believe we all learned this past year is life is short.  Enjoy every single minute because it can change in an INSTANT!  


Going forward with my business I know great things are coming.  I love being creative and sharing. I know I will gradually have time.  In fact I was in my stamp room yesterday creating.  It felt so great.  I can't wait to share amazing things with you this year.  I am so thankful for your patience while I figure it all out.  Most of all we are so thankful for your continued prayers for our family as Russ progresses.  Each day brings something great and new.  He is amazing.  

Before I go I want to share a project with you I made the day before Russ had his stroke.  I was collaborating with another demonstrator Monica Weaver who sells metal sheets that you can craft with.  They are amazing to work with and I've never seen anything like them.  I loved *loved* creating with them.  Of course our plan didn't quite work out that day but regardless, I had made something I was really proud of.  I thought I would share and just know I have more coming soon.  

IMG_1644 IMG_1645 IMG_1647


From my entire family we are wishing you an amazing NEW year in 2014.  



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6 thoughts on “A Year of Controlled Chaos”

  1. YES so true that we can do w/LESS & still find happiness! The best for 2014…..so many good things will come to those that wait, but especially to the VanDiepen Family!!

  2. Kimberly,

    Happy New Year to you and your family.  I'm so glad to hear that Russ continues to improve.  It's so wonderful that you have been able to continue to see the positives in your lives.  Our prayers will continue – wishing you blessing!


  3. Gayle McCracken

    Happy New Year to the VanDiepen family ~ it is wonderful that you, Kimberly, journal life with such ease.  Stories and memories that you'll back on for many years to come; and a detailed progress report of all the GREAT progress Russ has made, and WILL make.  God Bless each one of you and the very, very best in 2014!

  4. You're such a dear. Love hearing about your life, trials and especially your wonderful attitude. So glad that Russ is steadily progressing. Your family are in my prayers.

  5. Happy New Year to you and yours. It's so great to see a nice positive outlook and attitude, there is so much negativity in the world. Even though we go through trials and tribulations, we have to look at the positives in our lives and the blessings. A year doesn't make you happy, you have to find your own happiness and good. Just because bad things happen doesn't mean that the year stunk. 🙂 Your card is gorgeous.


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