Congratulations On a Winning Monday!

Congratulations On a Winning Monday!

Typically Monday is one of my favorite days of the week.

I’m sure most people are the complete opposite of me, but Mondays  mean a FRESH start for me.

On a typical Monday I jump out of bed all happy pants and ready to face the day.

Today I should have stayed in bed.

While today was frustrating to say the least, there is humor weaved throughout the day.  I even made myself laugh hysterically at one point.

My goal today is that if you are someone who is having a bad day… this will make you smile and feel better about yourself.

If your new to my website… it’s just one of those random days I write on a more personal level.  Don’t be scared.

And OF COURSE I have a card to share… a congratulations card. More on this card at the end of the post.

Congratulations, Stampin' Up!


Morning Rituals

In our home the Prince gets Brandon off to school each morning and I get up with Alexis to see her off to school.  Basically I have the late shift.  Russ has to get up at the crack of dawn with Brandon…. that is not my cup of tea.

This morning I took a longer snoozie and noticed that my house was unusually quiet.  I decided to check on Alexis.  This is where the day starts to go downhill.

Alexis was still in the bed and had 5 minutes to get ready for school.

The daughter I know was not who jumped out of bed in a panic.

She screamed.  “WHAT? I’m late???”  She looked like a crazy person. Kinda frightening.

Honestly I was kinda scared.  I decided to let her pull herself together while I grabbed coffee.

A few minutes later she comes to me with tears flowing.  The drama was magical.  I’m pretty sure she has been taking acting on the side without me knowing it.  This was not my girl. She normally has it all together.

After a little mama pep talk I told her to get herself together… it’s not the end of the world that she would be late.  All will be okay.


Remembering Your Own Advice

As I drove Alexis to school I wanted to remind her that just because she woke up late, don’t let this ruin the rest of her day.  As she walked into the school building she turned to me, smiled and waved.  Total attitude change.

Honestly, I felt a little puffed up.  Kinda like a moment of “super mom.”  I had given her great advice this morning.  It was time to really get my awesome Monday started.


I decided to run a few errands before heading home.  Simple things like returning an expired  1/2 gallon of creamer that I bought on Saturday.  Evidently 10 other women decided to do their returns at the same time of day.  Really?  I never realized so much happened that early in the morning.

As I opened the back hatch of my car to put my groceries in, there in the back corner was the fresh sweet tea I had purchased on Saturday.  The one I looked everywhere for.  Now its sour and in the trash.


Creative in the Kitchen

Getting creative in the kitchen is not my happy place.  The entire process is overwhelming to me unless I’m making something I really enjoy.

I decided on a Tortilla soup that the entire family loves.  It was only 1030 in the morning and I had dinner on track.  This is HUGE. Seriously, it never happens. This Monday was definitely on track for #winning!

I continued to work and let my soup simmer.  The house smelled so good.

Work was a disaster.  Anything I touched was breaking.  The printer jammed, the paper I was cutting was completely wrong and to top off this day… the card I tried to create was going no where.    No biggie because this happens, right?

Moving on…


Retirement Blues

Russ was in the living room watching something on the TV and while waltzing past the TV I got sucked in.  45 minutes passed, the show ends and I had a complete hissy fit.

Wish I was kidding.

I was so mad at myself.  My list of to-do’s is long.   There I sat on the couch sucked into some stupid TV show.  Typically I never watch TV.  Nothing!!

I’m struggling with our new routines.  Actually,  I’m struggling with HIS routine.   For 20 years he went to work….  Now he’s home 24/7, watching TV and lots of other things….   and sometimes I’m watching TV with him.

I could write a novel on the hissy fit, but the scaled down version is I felt awful for feeling the way I do.  It’s just a HUGE adjustment.  Working at home takes discipline. Something I’ve had for long time… until now it seems.

I Don’t Remember Adding These Bits To My Soup!

After getting over my hissy fit, apologizing to Russ and getting all of that off my chest… it was time to check on my soup and add some other ingredients.

As I was getting ready to add my extra ingredients, I noticed something floating in my soup… lots of them.

Congratulations, Stampin' Up!


After further investigating, there was an extra protein that I did not intend to be in my soup- BUGS!

At this point I was freaking frantic.  Where did these come from?  Oh my word.

Ya’ll! HOW and WHERE?  I’m almost speechless.

The only thing it could have come from was one of the spices I used… YEP!

Sure enough I opened the Chili Powder and there they were.

I know…  disgusting.

Needless to say the soup was dumped.  I cried.  Then I gave myself the same pep talk I gave my daughter this morning.  Don’t let this ruin your day Kimberly…. then I laughed so hard I cried again.

My entire dinner in the trash…


As This Day is Ending…  

It definitely hasn’t been the best day, but it’s not been the worst day either.

Obviously the family will eat something like hot dogs or PB&J. Nothing out of the ordinary to be truthful.

I will try not to feel overwhelmed by the laundry that is sitting in my bedroom waiting to be folded and tackle that problem tomorrow.  Along with cleaning out my spice cabinet.  YAY!

I will be kind to my Prince…

I’ll think about all of this tomorrow and pray that next Monday I’m back to my happy pants again.


Back to the Bird… 

The stamp set Best Birds is one of my favorites.  Timeless set that you can use forever!

If you are a brand new stamper, this stamp set is a perfect set to start with.


  • You can color the images using markers and a Blender Pen.
  • The images can be fussy cut if you do not have the Big Shot (highly recommend the Big Shot!)
  • Greetings for many different occasions.


Congratulations, Stampin' Up!




Congratulations, Stampin' Up!


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  1. I LOVED your Monday story! You had me laughing and then crying(happy). I am in the same boat as you are with your husband. My husband has been retired for two years now. I will be praying for both of us. Your card turned out so good! You do such good work. Keep your stories coming. Thanks

  2. It is a big adjustment to have someone new in the place that was always just yours….My husband also retired early, 10 years ago. You will work it all out,…it was all the going out to lunches that wrecked havoc on me! I have heard putting all your red spices in the refrigerator eliminates any bugs…it’s worked for me. 🙂

  3. That happens to me with time I was making kiwi strawberry jello and thought wow they even included the kiwi seeds in the jello powder interesting…then I looked closer and saw legs and heads in the seeds…ish!! Kinda don’t eat jello anymore because of it!! Lol! Thanks for sharing your day with us!! Slick

  4. wow, glad i am not the only one feeling this way some days! ew, love the birdie card. glad you can have a positive outlook after the fact. thx4reminding meIcan give myself a pep talk b/c i do that2.May God bless you both+

  5. Kimberly, I’m so glad that you share your real life with us because it’s such an encouragement. My husband will be retiring next summer and I’m already anxious about having him home 24/7…he was ADAF for 22 years and gone 85% of the time and in his “retired” life his jobs for the past ten years have always been in a different city so home only on the weekends. The Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing…it’s a challenge at times to put this into practice! But having women like you who share real life makes it easier. Thank you.

  6. Girl I feel your pain! Thanksgiving morning I opened up the Jiffy corn mix to make corn casserole Little black flecks everywhere, WHERE do they come from?!?! Thank you for sharing your life with us and keeping it real? Love you for that (in addition to your AHMAYZING paper and ink talent!!)>

  7. I love Mondays too! My hubby is between jobs right now, and so I have about 2 months with him home. I love him, but it is driving me a little crazy! Crafting always makes a bad day better, right?