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Project Life & Be Intentional

Project Life- Being Intentional


It’s a dream of mine to live life intentionally.  Every. Single. Day.


I don’t know about you but when I get out of bed that is the goal.  Somewhere after that 2nd cup of coffee and reading all my social media pages I find that things I had intentionally wanted to get done are taken up by lost time.  That 2 hours went by and I’m still sitting.  Needing to move.  Needing to get the work done on my desk or push forward to deadlines looming.  Yet I continue to sit and procrastinate.

Can you relate?


Here I am trying to teach two littles (okay they are actually big but I still think they are littles) how to NOT be a procrastinator and how it can ruin everything… yet I sit.

Yesterday when the kids came home from school I knew they would be excited and have 100 papers for me to sign and give me an earful of their day.  I honestly couldn’t wait.  I wanted to capture all the moments.  I wanted to be intentional in my listening because many times I’m not.  They talk, I nod.  Have you ever found yourself in that place?


It’s not that I’m not interested in all the teenage news… I’m just overwhelmed with all the other stuff I didn’t get done.  Or thinking about the things I procrastinated.  Or thinking about the things I need to get done before I crawl into bed at 2 am.  I’m finding that being intentional is not easy, yet I still long for it.


When the kids finally came home (we lost Brandon for a short while due to a bus situation….Lord HELP ME!) we all sat down together and talked about their day.  ALL OF US.  Something that should be done more often.  I sat their intentionally listening to each of them.  Smiling.  At one point almost tearful from being over joyed with how great their days went. When they went to bed last night I found myself with a huge smile on my face. THAT’s how it’s supposed to be done.

Yes, I was still behind in all my other things.  Laundry on the floor.  Dishes in the sink.  A refrigerator with NO food. Work piled up…. but I intently listened to these kids and I could see it brought them joy.


Once they were in bed it was time for me to get back to the things I had procrastinated all day.  I decided to continue procrastinating and do something else that brought me joy.  Capturing our life moments.  This has been fantastic journey that takes little time from my day.  As I journal these moments I am reminded of all the great things going on.  Life.  Capture IT!


I want to share a few of the last days Project Life pages I created.  Many of which use a hodge podge of things I find around my desk.

Project Life, Capture Life, PlxSU


I think I told you in an earlier post that I’ve been getting a subscription of Project Life type pocket cards from Ali Edwards called Story Kits.  I love love love them. One of the reasons I love is the access to digital art so I can easily take the digital art into Photoshop and journal directly onto the cards and then print.  SO easy.  I love using my handwriting for most of my layouts but I also enjoy sitting and typing up my journaling AND I find I can get more journaling written using a smaller font than I can actually write.  That’s a #win!


Project Life, Capture Life, PlxSU


This layout really cracks me up when I see reality dead in my face.  In fact… I’m on my way to the grocery store once I complete this so my kids don’t starve.

Here is the truth.  The things around my desk or what I call “extras” didn’t make the cut on another project, made it to this project.  It’s nothing fancy.  I did accomplish a BIG step yesterday I must tell you about.  I pulled out my Wacom Bamboo tablet and my trusty stylus.  It’s been 2 years since it’s been on my desk.  I wanted MY handwriting on some of my photos and my Bamboo tablet is perfect for this.  I can also create my own die cut with my handwriting and send it to my Silhouette Cameo.  *clapping*  You know it’s little things like this that can make me happy.

A few words about the Project Life layouts.

Remember, sometimes I like to stay simple and other times I like to add the doo-dads.  Do what YOU have time for but most importantly get the photos off your camera or phone and printed.

With the amount of Project Life products that I have on hand it can be very overwhelming when creating.  Get organized.  Here is one way I stay organized with my Project Life products. Project Life Organization I bought this card back in January at Costco and I love using it for Project Life.  I can keep tons of cards at my fingertips in this cart.


Project Life Organization The top shelf of the cart is where I keep all of my Stampin’ Up! pocket cards.  Again, if I can see it, I will USE it.  I divided them by themes and placed a piece of Whisper White cardstock in between them to keep them separated.


Project Life Organization The third shelf is packed with “other Project Life” cards from other companies.  I also have a box that I store them in. I find these get used WAY more than the ones I have in a box. I love being able to thumb through these quickly to see which pocket card I’m going to use.

Again, nothing fancy.  It works.  For me.  If you can find a system that works for you, you will find that you will use your products more.


If you have an organization system in place I’d love to hear about it.  What do you do or use to keep organized?

Make something pretty today and BE INTENTIONAL!




Capture Life- Project Life Days 8-13

Capture Life- Project Life Days 8-13

Happy Sunday!

If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen all the layouts I’m about to share.  I thought I would share them on my blog which gives me the opportunity to also give you more details about the layouts.

Since Heidi Swapp put the challenge out to Capture Life I jumped for it.  Literally, capturing every day moments and putting them into my Project Life album.

I’m only on Day 13 and this challenge has brought crazy joy to myself and my family.  Alexis who has an Instagram account loves to see what mama posts when she wakes up.  You’ll notice these layouts do not get posted until the wee hours.  I’ll explain more on that later…

I love that she “looks” for the layouts each day and laugh because I’m sure she is looking for herself in them.  Brandon just asks what ridiculous I posted of him.  HA HA HA.

While this challenge has brought much joy I’ll admit that it’s been emotional too.  When you are capturing that picture you might not think to much about the story behind it AT that moment.  It’s when you go to preserve the memory that you give more thought to the story telling.  This week as I captured life and sat down to preserve the great memories, many made me stop dead in my tracks to savor a few of the moments like:

  • my kids enjoying each others company.  C’mon… they are teenagers. Doesn’t happen often!
  • a rare moment I caught my daughter crafting on her own. This brought sweet tears of joy to my eyes.
  • the kids reading books instead of playing on some type of device. Can you say MIRACLE???
  • the quiet still moment at the beach… they are the BEST.

Each memory has a story.  I want to share how I preserved some of these memories.


Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life


I love this page because of the colors.  The soft blue and gold polka dots make me happy just like the beach.  At the top left you can see where I stamped “Beach Life” this used Stampin’ Up!’s Alphabet Rotary Stamp.  LOVE this rotary stamp once I learned how to use it properly.

Tip: Line up your letters that you want and ink using your favorite Stampin’ Up! Classic Ink.  Rotate the letters that you are NOT using.  Now stamp your image.  For a quick clean of this Rotary stamp, have baby wipes handy.  If you don’t have this awesome tool, order your’s today HERE.  

The rest of this layout uses Heidi Swapp’s Project Life collection.

Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life

From soft blues to soft yellows, this was the perfect color to get the “moth” to pop in the picture.  Seriously, this moth was HUGE.

I added a few embellishments to the bottom left pocket.  You can never go wrong with ribbon, lace and a doily.  I added a quick stitch across the layers to keep this in place.  The cards were from a Project Life collection.  (I have many…)

Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life


To capture this rare moment of my kids reading together I thought it would be fun to capture the actual books they were reading too.  This will be a fun memory for them to have later in life too.  I wish I could remember all the books I read.  Even better… did I read books? Ha ha ha.

The other elements from this layout were used from Ali Edwards Story Kits.  I love her kits and especially for her handwritten elements.

Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life

Another moment caught that makes me belly laugh.  Just looking at Alexis’ mouth as she teaches Brandon to play the flute cracks me UP!  For this layout I decided to get fancy and opened up Photoshop Elements. I have  many digital files so I’m using those as well as doing some digital journaling.  This process is super easy and then I just print from my Canon (MG5220) Printer.  I’ve also been using this printer to print my photos daily right from my home.  I use Whisper White cardstock to print and it’s a beautiful smooth finish after it’s printed.  I love it.

For the 4 x 6 pocket page I used an old music sheet taped over the PL card. The card said something else but I wanted to save the small writing “This has my heart.” I added a doily and some ribbon and sewed this in place.

Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life


Day 12 couldn’t be any sillier and that’s the way I like it.  Remember, when capturing life we need to collect the good, bad and the ugly.  The pocket cards are from Ali Edwards Story Kits.


Project Life, PLxSU, Stampin' Up!, Capture Life

Day 13 once again uses PSE to print the journaling.  The Project Life cards are by Stampin’ Up!- This is the Life.  This is a great collection of Pocket Cards and the colors are nice and bright.  I decided to use a wooden element from Heidi Swapp over the layout and used Stampin’ Up!’s new Fine Tip Glue pen to adhere to the page.  You might also have noticed the different size pockets on the last two pages.  These are Stampin’ Up!’s pocket sleeves but I have altered them using the Fuse Tool.  AMAZING tool that is perfect to create YOUR own size pockets.  I love that I could create a 2 x 4 strip or 2 (2 x 2) photos like the previous layout.  This is a must have tool for a Project Lifer.

If you want to see up to date Project Life pages make sure to follow me on Instagram.  I don’t post my pages until really late as it’s the last thing I do before I go to bed.  These layouts usually take 10 minutes to complete.  They are THAT simple.

Are you ready to create using Project Life?

If you haven’t started there is NO reason not too.  Embark on this journey with 1000’s of others and I would love for you to share your projects with me.

Enjoy your Sunday afternoon.  It’s dark, dreary and raining here.  Perfect day to stay inside.



Coming Out of the Crafting Closet

Coming Out of the Crafting Closet


Ut-oh!  Say what Kimberly??

Yes.  Let me confess.  I am a crafter.  A crafter who loves ALL crafts especially paper crafts.

I’m pretty sure that most of you will be able to relate to this post as crafters and I hope you will keep in mind my ginormous HEART for all things Stampin’ Up! and NOTHING changes that.  PERIOD.

BUT… I am a shopper.  I am a hoarder.  When I see pretty paper or stamps… I buy it.  It’s pretty simple.  It’s almost like a disease.  If it’s pretty I want it.

This brings me to my very large dilemma.

I love to share.  I am always afraid to share the “contraband” crafting pretties that I have created.  Afraid that my long time Stampin’ Up! sisters might look at me with a FREAK look on their faces and ask, “What the heck are you doing Kimberly?”

This fear is so much so, that I use my “hidden” crafting supplies and don’t share.

Two things happen with this.  1st- You don’t get to see something I think is really cute.  2nd- I feel a big lump in my throat that I’m being a bad girl.

Yes, at 44 I’m feeling shame.  FOR REALZ.

That’s going to STOP because the reality is life is short, I am enjoying it and I’m going to share that JOY with you.  PERIOD.

In this big GREAT crafting community that we all love,  we have an opportunity to share our talents, crafting disease and rejoice together in the beautiful things we make.  I shouldn’t be stuffed in a closet creating with my pretties.  I love that I can use my hoarded supplies and coordinate them with Stampin’ Up! … and GUESS WHAT? They look beautiful together.


I think the reason THIS POST comes to life is from working on some of my Project Life layouts.  I have Project Life coming out of my ears.  I can’t help it.  Becky Higgins has done a phenomenal job with the designers she has chosen and 100% of all the cards I’ve ever seen are a must have.  I started Project Life prior to Stampin’ Up! teaming up with Becky.  However, my poor PL cards have a very thick layer of dust on them because my heart said I shouldn’t use them and only Stampin’ Up!  Ummm… that’s not the way it should BE.

After working on this project that Heidi Swapp started a week ago…. I can’t do it anymore.  I am loving this project.  Capture Life.  If I’m going to be real about capturing LIFE then I’m going to be REAL and use all the supplies I have sitting in this big ole mess of a crafting room I have.  It’s LIFE.  My life consists of ALL kinds of paper crafts that I LOVE LOVE LOVE.  (Read more about Heidi’s Capture Life project HERE.)

Like I said in this previous post, we ALL have a story to tell. The  good, bad and even the ugly.  I love to capture these stories because it leaves me some hope.  On those particular days that I have no hope left… I look back at previous pictures and layouts I’ve created and know there is hope.  That life can be filled with many challenges but we survive.  With our without the superwoman cape on.  Let’s share it.   ALL of it.


So today I am here to share it.  I hope you don’t mind.

For the last 6 months I’ve been “collecting” my Ali Edwards Story Kits.  These are stamps and pocket cards and do-dad galore.  I love them.  They have sat on my desk for a long long time.

Please someone pipe up and tell me I’m not the only one???

This weekend I brushed the dust off and I fell in love with these pages I created.


Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!

Project Life, Heidi Swapp Capture Life, Stampin' Up!


All of these layouts will fit into my 6 x 8 Espresso Album using the 6 x 8 Variety Pack of Pocket Pages.  I love this album because I can decorate the front cover.  I’m excited about a new 6 x 8 Album that Stampin’ Up! will release on September 1st.  It’s ALL Kraft.  Squeal.  Perfect for making the cover personalized. (Click HERE for Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Kits!)

The biggest question I’ve received from Instagram or my Facebook Page on these layouts (I share daily there) is the printing.

I’m printing straight from my iPhone to my home printer for this particular album.  Typically I will send my prints through Walgreens or Persnickety Prints is another fantastic choice.  Both of these companies do different sizes you need.

Honestly, I’m not looking for perfect printed photos.  I’m looking to get the photos from my iPhone printed.  Then I can tell my story.

It’s another beautiful way to create.

Will you join me? Are you doing this challenge? I’d love to hear and see your story.

Of course, I pray this post didn’t ruffle any feathers.  Let me be clear… I love being a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator because I absolutely know we have fantastic stamps, ink and paper.  The best… really.  BUT I’m stepping out of my crafting hiding closet because I know that Stampin’ Up! products coordinate beautifully with SO many other great products in this amazing industry.

Stay tuned… there will be more pages coming.  This is a journey and one I’m totally enjoying.





Capture Life with Project Life

Capture Life with Project Life


Over the last couple of days I’ve been immersed with trying to be more diligent on capturing the everyday of LIFE.  We all know that life is BUSY.

This week I was reading Heidi Swapp’s blog on a new challenge.  If you have followed Heidi for any length of time you know that her family is dealing with the tragic loss of their 16 year old son. I’ve followed Heidi for a VERY long time.  Watched her kids grow up on social media.  I can’t imagine the loss or the heart ache.  Once again this beautiful woman has inspired others with her passion on capturing life.  Thankfully she has always been one to capture life through a photograph and she will always be able to see her beautiful son’s face through those photos.  Of course it’s not the same, but I know how a photo can bring a smile to anyones face.

Heidi’s post just reiterates what I’ve said here on my own blog for YEARS.  We all have a story to tell.  You don’t have to be creative or artsy fartsy to tell your story. The biggest challenge is getting those photographs off your camera and printed.

Over the years I’ve done ALL kinds of scrapbooking.  Traditional 12 x 12, 8 1/2 x 11, digital, Project Life, Mini Books.  I enjoy taking those memories and keeping them alive.  I’ve scrapbooked many books about myself so my kids can always remember WHO I am.  Not just a mother… but a girl with deep down feelings, goals, heartaches and most of all a lot of LOVE.  They will always know this about me.

Heidi’s new challenge is simple.  Take a picture every day for 30 days.  She gives you a prompt to help you.  I’ve heard many people say… “my life is nothing extraordinary.” Oh friends… mine isn’t either.  In fact as I type this I have a large load of laundry piled next to me.  The floors look like I have 50 dogs instead of 2.  Tanner chewed up a stuffed toy and the stuffing is EVERYWHERE.  The thing is… that’s a captured moment.  “That day I didn’t want to get off the couch and tackle that ginormous laundry pile!”  We ALL have a story.  I hope you will take a minute of your time to read her blog.  Pray for her and start capturing your life.


I wanted to share what I’m doing with this challenge.  Lord knows my time is SHORT during the day. I can use Project Life and create a simple layout with my daily photos.  Here are the first two days of the challenge and I will be sharing the others as I create them.


Capture Life Day 1, #hscapturelife, Project Life

I’m using the This is the Life Card Collection from Stampin’ Up! and the 6 x 8 pocket sleeves.  My goal is to have 30 pages in one sweet little book.

Capture Life Day 2, #hscapturelife, Project Life


As you can see, the layouts are simple enough.  Takes me under 30 minutes to complete- from the time I print my photo to putting the pockets in the sleeves.  It’s that quick.

I created a Project Life Getting Started document if you have never tried this way of scrapbooking.  It all starts with the photo.  Click HERE to download.

Day 1 Prompt: Ready.Set.Go  – Just START!!

Day 2 Prompt: It’s a Fine Day to Wander-  We will all interpret these differently.  As you can see mine was about my MIND wandering.  Again, don’t think too much into this.

AND don’t stress.

If you forgot to take a photo just look at your camera roll on your phone.  Currently there are over 6,000 pics on my phone.  Oh HELP me!

Check out the awesome Project Life by Stampin’ Up! products HERE.

My favorite Project Life products right now are below.  Just click the picture for more details.

Project Life by Stampin' Up!

Project Life by Stampin' Up! Project Life by Stampin' Up!


What do you think? Will you give it a try? Click HERE to read Heidi’s blog post on the challenge.  You can also follow her on Instagram to see the daily prompts by searching for @heidiswapp.  I hope you will be inspired to try it out yourself.

NOW… BIG NEWS!!!!  Here is a video of my Let’s Get Away Project Life Album.  If you are a demonstrator I shared this at convention. Demonstrators will soon see more info on the class I spoke about in the resource section under convention.  Not a demonstrator… no worries.  This video will give you an idea on how I created the album. Remember, keep it simple.  I will also be sharing photos that will give you a bit more detail.

Love to each of you.  Go capture LIFE.  Life is short.  We need to enjoy every S I N G L E day!


P.S. – Did you receive my NEWSLETTER on Tuesday? Oh please tell me you did!!  If not, sign up now. Sign up on the right sidebar of my blog.  Easy Peasy! I’ll be sending it again to NEW subscribers on Friday.  It’s FILLED with lots of project ideas.  My goal is to inspire YOU!!

Project Life- Gratitude

Project Life- Gratitude

Exciting news today.  It’s a double whammy post. This NEVER happens, huh?

That’s not the exciting part really.  I have a fun Project Life Blog Hop today from demonstrators around the globe.  WOWSA.  Now that is COOL.  

The theme for this Blog Hop is Project Life- Gratitude.  This was so fun and easy to put together.  

If you have never tried Project Life but you are sitting there thinking you have WAY too many pictures and no where to start… I have a solution.  

Honestly, I’m grateful for Project Life.  I have tons of pictures that are sitting in boxes and need to be scrapbooked.  When I started digital scrapbooking I was getting low on pictures.  GASP.  I know, I know.. that is crazy talk.  This is a great way to get pictures back into a book, be creative and get it done fast.  

This two page layout took about 15 minutes from start to finish and I even created 2 cards with heavy embellishments.  

Project Life by Stampin' Up!, Project Life Project Life by Stampin' Up!, Project Life

This layout was started using the Seasonal Snapshot Project Life by Stampin’ Up! kit.  In this kit you have Halloween, Fall, and Christmas rolled into one.  The cards are fantastic, the embellishments are so CA-UTE!  

Project Life by Stampin' Up!, Project Life You can get creative on your own as  you see in this photo above.  Now… WAIT… do you see how little there is here? There is a wood looking clear pocket page to insert.  Then I added some of the Autumn Wooden Elements.   The sequins come with the kit.  Ta Da!  The next pocket on the right is a leaf stamped from For All Things stamp set and then cut out.  Grateful is stamped on another layer of cardstock to give it a little pop.  

Project Life by Stampin' Up!, Project Life On the bottom right corner of this page I decided to be creative with banners.   I also added an Autumn Wooden Element to bring in the Fall/Grateful theme.  

Again, if you are looking for quick and easy, or you are a busy lady with piles of laundry and hungry kids… Project Life is for you.  If you are a full time worker who cannot even THINK to be creative at night when you get home… Project Life is for you.  Simple and Easy.  

You can see all the products I used at the end of this post.  

Let’s see what the other Project Lifers have created.  

Just click the link and see what they created.  

The BIG question… are you ready to try Project Life by Stampin’ Up!??

Claire Daily, Australia

Julie Kettlewell, UK

Delys Cram, New Zealand

Tina Gillespie, Australia

Constanze Wirtz, Germany

Janet Wakeland, USA

Kim Holterman, Netherlands

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