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Can’t Believe I Forgot- Project Life

Can’t Believe I Forgot- Project Life

I must be loosing my mind lately.  I totally spaced on sharing a fun Project Life project with you.

It’s been awhile since I pulled the Project Life cards out!

Recently I completed a blog post for Stampin’ Up! using the Project Life You’re So Lovely Kit.

Did you see it?

If you missed it you can view it HERE.


Let’s Dig Deeper!

I shared a lot of the pictures on the blog post link above but I thought I would share a few here so you can see a few more close up.

Every scrapbooker has their preferred method and favorite album size.  Mine happens to be the 6 x 8 albums. I love the smaller canvas size to work with.  I’m a big fan of individual event albums only because the size is smaller and Project Life makes the process so easy.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!


The album that Stampin’ Up! sells and the one I adore is the Espresso 6 x 8 Album.  I especially love the idea I can make the cover unique for each album I create.


For this album I’m using the Hello Lovely Project Life Card Collection.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!



An album like this makes a coffee table look splendid.  Notice that the cover is created using two Project Life cards then embellished using the contents from the coordinating kit and stamp set.


Project Life, Stampin' Up!


Keep Your Memories Alive

After taking over 1900 pictures while we were in Europe I was so excited to get the pictures off my computer and into an album.

Obviously, all 1900  photos will not be used.  I have gone through and tabbed pictures I want for the album.

While all the pictures tell a story, there are a some that really stand out making journaling easier.


Going through the pictures of our latest vacation was hysterical.  Taking teenagers overseas created some hilarious moments that I had to stop several times and journal immediately.

Time to Create the Inside


The Hello Lovely Project Life Card Collection makes a perfect vacation album.  The stamp set that coordinates with this collection will provide you with plenty of ideas to use for titles or journaling prompts.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!


I added a few extra products when creating the layouts such as the Sunshine Wishes Thinly Dies and ribbon elements.

You will notice that these extra elements are minimal.  Keeping the project simple with less embellishments created the freedom of dropping the photos and Project Life cards with ease essentially completing this album in a few hours.




Project Life, Stampin' Up!




Project Life, Stampin' Up!



What Should You Do First? 

One of the biggest questions I receive about Project Life is where do I start?

Here is the process I start when getting ready to create an album like this one:

  • Gather all photos, sort and place in envelopes with prompts on the outside of the envelope to remind me of which photos to use first as well as journaling prompts.  By using envelopes I can stick notes in them as reminders of events.
  • Pick a Project Life Collection Kit and Embellishment Kit that coordinates.
  • Choose other embellishments, stamp sets that coordinate with the kit to use in the album.
  • Select inks that I want to use for the album.
  • Start creating by placing photos into my album pockets and choosing Project Life cards.
  • Embellish the layouts as I see fit.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!


One of my favorite pocket sleeves in the Variety Pack for the 6 x 8 album includes a sleeve without pockets.  Essentially you are creating a 6 x 8 layout.  I’m still able to use Project Life cards and sometimes cut the cards to fit the layout.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!



Project Life, Stampin' Up!


These single pocket layouts are perfect to add as title pages or the ending page for your album.  I chose to scatter these pages throughout this album to add a little flare to it.


Keep it Simple 

Many of you know that I love to add layers to projects.  This is a project that by all means you can add many layers, but most of the time when I’m creating layouts for Project Life, I keep it simple.  I keep the supplies to a minimum and keep my eye on finishing the project.

Don’t get discouraged and just start.  That seems to be the biggest hurdle when starting a Project Life Album.


What to purchase? 

If you are just starting out with Project Life, HERE is a simple handout to get you started.

Visit my Online Store 24/7 and choose a Project Life kit and album that will suite your needs and then start creating.

Remember, this is a PERFECT Christmas gift that you can have done in a few hours for a friend or family.





Project Life by Stampin’ Up!

Project Life by Stampin’ Up!

  Project Life blog hop april Header
Thank you for joining us today for our International Project Life by Stampin’ Up! Blog hop. You may be just starting here or have come from Julie’s blog. Either way you can make your way around by using the list below so that you don’t miss a blog. We have and incredible group of talented Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators who wanted to highlight Project life by Stampin’ Up!® Memory keeping. At the moment you are currently in the United States and you are about to go around the world to different locations.

It’s Your Story


If you have followed me for some time you know I’m big into memory keeping.  It goes down as my first love in the papercrafting world.  Currently my family could entertain themselves for hours looking through books and books of their cute little faces and me telling our story.
That’s exactly what it is- your story.
While there are many different ways you can keep those memories alive, Project Life makes it fast and easy.  It’s NOT time consuming and a thrill to look at the completed projects.
Being a fan of Stampin’ Up! products I’ve been thrilled to use the Project Life by Stampin’ Up! for the simple coordination.  While Project Life is incredibly simple, Stampin’ Up! makes it even easier with coordinating products outside of the kits.

Where Do I Start? 

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

The big question I’m always asked, where do I start Kimberly?
Here’s the thing- there is no hard fast rule on where you need to start.  Open your camera, pull a few pictures off of it and begin RIGHT THERE.  Sometimes we can over analyze something to the point it keeps us from starting.  Just grab a few pics and start.
Here is a quick guide to help when you get started.  Click HERE to download it.

Let’s Create!

Last night I pulled out my Happy Times Project Life kit and completed three layouts in 20 minutes.  Below you will see a few of the close shots of the layout, keep in mind all of the products came from the Happy Times Project Life Kit and Accessory Pack except for a couple of pieces of ribbon, staples and star punches.
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
I love to capture the out of the ordinary moments.  Yes, I scrapbook events of things that happen in our family but I also love capturing moments like the ones above.
The Happy Times kit was perfection when it came time to scrapbook these moments.  The cards and accessories are fun and make memory keeping quick and easy.
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
A few layered elements using stars, twine, and a 2 x 2 Project Life Card.
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
I layered the 2 x 2 cards onto the 4 x 6 Project Life card  and secured it all with a staple.
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen
Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Kimberly Van Diepen

Printing Your Photos

This past Christmas I started a December Daily album.  The nature of the album is about daily life.  I love this album!  To make my daily story telling easier, I purchased a Canon Selphy so I could print my photos quickly and create a layout every single day.  it was awesome.
I created a quick video on how to print photos from your iPhone using the Project Life App from Becky Higgins.  This would also work for Android users.


Take a Tour- Be Inspired

I hope you’re ready to be inspired by a fantastic crew of designers using Project Life.  Grab a drink and take a stroll around the world.  Next up is my fellow Artisan friend Krista Frattin.  LOVIE her and her work.

Blog Hop Guest List

Patty Bennett
Allison Okamitsu
Bruno Bertucci
Constanze Wirtz

You can see all the supplies I used by clicking the clickable links below.

Place an order in my Online Store and receive a FREE gift from me as well as a FREE class tutorial in the month of April. 

I’m not foolin’ ya! Click HERE to shop!

Project Life- Are You Getting in the Groove?

Project Life- Are You Getting in the Groove?

Over the past month I been sharing my Project Life layouts from the Heidi Swapp Capture Life Challenge.  This challenge has definitely pushed my creativity, my time and most of all given me the opportunity to capture everyday life as it’s happening. I’d say I’m getting in the groove.

Why has it pushed my creativity? 

As an avid scrapbooker for YEARS I’ve always worked with a fairly large canvas size to scrapbook and typically a clean blank piece of 12 x 12 cardstock.  When I started using Project Life cards it was SO easy to plop the cards and photos into the pockets and walk away. BUT that’s not how I roll.  I wanted to give it a little more.  Add a bit of Kimberly flare to it.  This is why I love it.  If you have NO time, Project Life can help you.  If you have time, you can still unleash your creativity and in my case it pushed it a bit.  Here are a few things new I tried using Project Life:

  • Printed directly on the pocket cards.  It took a bit of a learning curve but the internet is an open book and I’m a good listener.
  • I created my own pocket cards using Photoshop.  I even used my own handwriting.  This was a HUGE learning curve and still is.  But I did it.
  • I started using other products I had in my stash.  I have a bunch and instead of letting it collect dust I decided to play with it.  This pushed my creativity – I’m use to everything coordinating when using Stampin’ Up!.  When you are using other products it’s not always that easy.

Why has it pushed my time?

It’s simple.  I have NO time.  None.  This is the truth.  I spend most of my time during the day working on my Stampin’ Up! business.  Once the kids are home I am on the road driving and then back home to cook.  Then I’m back on the road again to pick up.  Next is guiding the kids so they can have a successful night.  This includes dinner, homework, chores … You know that drill.

Once everyone is tucked in bed I come back to work.  I have been putting these layouts together typically around midnight.  Don’t be scared.  They have taken me 5 minutes to put together.  That’s IT.  The hardest part was finding the cards, ink, stamps or embellishments I wanted to use.

Why capture everyday life?

Why NOT? Every single day I take a photo of something.  It’s now a habit.  I’ve captured some great memories since I started.  Now that they are in an album I can tell a story of my August happenings.  Come to find out we are not as boring as I thought we were.  But the real reason I capture everyday life… Life is SHORT.  I am not promised tomorrow but I can remember yesterday and many days before that.  Life can change in an instant.  We know this.  So why not keep memories alive?


Whether you started this journey with Heidi at the beginning or you are just starting now, it doesn’t matter.  The first big step is starting it.


I have a few layouts I want to share with you.  I hope you are inspired to create your own.

Project Life Day 21

This moment captured is so special.  These two can but heads better than anyone I know.  To see them quietly working on Brandon’s Algebra/Geometry was heart warming and a moment I didn’t want to forget.


Project Life Day 22

I look at this picture and think how can she be growing up so fast.  Over the last year alone she has grown 4″.  She is becoming a lady before my crazy eyes.

Project Life Day 23

I know many hate to take selfies, but remember… YOU have a story to tell too.  It’s important that we leave our own legacy behind.  Someone will enjoy a good laugh on us one day.

Project Life Day 24


This was a HUGE milestone.  HUGE.

Project Life Day 25

Selfies don’t always have to be a face.  Remember to be real with the journaling.  This story speaks volumes for me.  It’s been a crappy couple of years for me.  I’m starting to feel like myself again. Although the past has been painful, I’ve learned so much about myself and finding myself again has been just as interesting.  Being true to WHO you are is important.

Project Life Day 26


It was just a moment to capture.  She normally wears contacts because of gymnastics.  Her right eye was really red and inflamed so I told her she had to wear her glasses.  You could see her self confidence melting.  She doesn’t like to wear her glasses.  Her mama thinks she is gorgeous with or without them. I wanted her to see for herself.  It’s a moment she will remember.

There are not many days left with this challenge.  I am excited that I’ve kept on track for the most part.  I am 3 days behind right now but I will finish it tonight.  I’m not worried.  I have the memories.  Now to put them in their sleeves so I can admire them for the long haul.

There are two things I can accomplish by sharing this book.

  1. I created it.
  2. I inspired you to create your own.

I hope you will let me know if you have started.

Thanks for reading my friends.  I do love you!


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Project Life- The Perfect Photo?

Project Life- The Perfect Photo?


The perfect photo? Is there one? I tend to believe that every photo is the perfect photo.

I had a recent conversation over the weekend with a dear friend of mine who is a photographer.  She has taken our family photos before and she has an incredible eye when it comes to shooting pics.  Of course we were discussing formal pics to be done and I had to chuckle because I don’t give the “formal” pics much attention since I shoot photos everyday.  EVERY SINGLE DAY!


It’s hard NOT to shoot everyday when my camera is in my hand 90% of the time… my iPhone.


It use to be I would lug my mac daddy camera everywhere.  I would shoot every pic in RAW and was always searching for the perfect shot.  Friends… I can almost bet a buck or two that NO ONE who is looking at your “stories” or “albums” care if you are shooting pics with a mac daddy camera or your phone camera.  It’s the story that you captured.  It’s the moment.  The story…

I had a pic on my phone that was crazy grainy and blurry.  Normally I’m scrolling through my phone to delete the “tossable” ones but I couldn’t delete this picture.  This picture told a story.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


Everything is off in this photo. Even if I shot this pic in RAW fixing it would have changed the story.  My point is WHO CARES.  I changed this photo VERY little- turned it to Black & White and put the focus on our faces. The story that goes with this photo is so funny you might wet your britches.  I’m sure you have some of these too.  You know, times when you are out with friends laughing over the silliest things and shoot a selfie.  Why does this photo capture a story? Because it’s two grown women trying to take a picture of actually 3 of us and I could only seem to get 2 of us in the frame.  The waiter asked if he could take the picture and I had to say, NO.  Hello, this is a selfie. Or in this case an “Usie!”  You can’t take the picture buddy!

Shoot the pics and tell your story.  Whether it’s with your mac daddy or camera phone.  Just tell that story.

Here are a few I captured over the last week.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


This picture is exactly what I’m talking about.  This photo is still telling a story on Facebook.  I think we have an empty toilet roll club happening in epic proportions.  Not kidding.

My friend Cathy is even building pyramids with her empty rolls.  Just to see  how many will stack up before someone changes it.

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life



Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life


This photo of Alexis was not great.  The sun was shining big time.  I decided to edit the photo in a few apps and it turned out to be a great photo in my eyes.  Almost like cotton candy.  YUMMY!

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life

Project Life, Stampin' Up!, Heidi Swapp, Capture Life



Just remember this is your story.  Enjoy the process and capture life.  If you need help, I’m here to help you along.  Just contact me.

You might be wondering what supplies are on these? It’s a mash up of products.  From Ali Edwards story kits, Simple Stories products, Project Life, Stampin’ Up!, and Heidi Swapp.  I LOVE LOVE the Stampin’ Up!  Project Life sleeves.  These are high quality. If you are unsure where to begin, Stampin’ Up! makes Project Life EASY EASY.  Pick a theme and start with one kit.  It’s that simple.

Check out the Project Life kits I have available HERE.

Hey… before you go. Did you hear the news? I’m teaching a Handmade Christmas card class.  If you just fainted it’s okay.  I almost did too.  If you are around the Pensacola area and have an interest in stamping along with me, check this class out HERE.

XOXOXO Make something pretty today….


Years From Now You Will Be Happy!

Years From Now You Will Be Happy! TGIF, Challenges, Stampin' Up!

For many of us the first day of school has passed.  We’ve jumped for joy or cried our eyes out.  You already know which mom I am.  Not afraid to say I was jumping for joy.  Like I said, I can’t keep these kids entertained all day.

We talked about first day of school traditions the other day and I’ve spent a good bit of time talking about documenting and capturing those moments.


Did YOU take that legendary photo of your kid on the front porch?


You might remember my photo from the other day HERE.  Honestly I can’t be that fancy photographer in the morning.  I was the mom with her pajama’s on… no bra and my hair sticking up all over the place.  My eyes were barely open because the mascara I forgot to take off was melting my eye lids shut…. I had coffee in one hand and the iPhone in the other to get the picture.  My kids looked scared in the pictures not because of school but their mother standing on the porch looking HIDEOUS.  Not kidding.


There was no time for the cute signage to be made saying what grade they were in nor was there any time to pose.  If I’m being REALLY honest I had to run down the street after Alexis (that was NOT pretty mind you) because I almost FORGOT to get her picture.  I figured I could photoshop/picmonkey the signage later. <genius I am!>

Now putting ALL that aside, let’s be real for a second….

There are a lot of emotions going on in those kids brains that first day of school.  Especially for the wee ones stepping into Kindergarten.   What are they thinking? Scared? Happy? Abandoned? These are the things we should document.  AND we should also document how WE are feeling.


Yes it’s true… I was jumping for joy.  I was also a wreck thinking about my son (who I’ve not seen a hint of puberty hit) and his first day of high school with these ginormous kids standing around him.  I wanted to text him all day and ask how he was.  Was he scared?

NO, I didn’t do that.  Thought about it… but I let him spread his itty bitty wings…

Let’s get to the meat of things….


Today, I share once again something I am SO passionate about. Telling that story AND it’s a great day for a TGIF challenge!



TGIFC17, Project Life, Back to School, Stampin' Up!



I am pretty excited about this Project Life layout because it’s a 12 x 12.  PLUS, I’m giving you a sneak peek of a GREAT new Stampin’ Up! Project Life kit available on Sept 1st called Seasonal Snapshot 2015 Project Life Card Collection.  Stampin’ Up! did an AMAZING job with the graphics for this kit.  It includes Back to School, Halloween, Autumn, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  LOVE it.

Let’s take a closer look…

TGIFC17, Project Life, Back to School, Stampin' Up!


So many elements in the accessories kit that I love.  Stickers (who knew I love them so much still?), wooden elements, clips, sequins… WAY adorbs.


I did my editing for the photos in two different places.  First I did some editing in PicMonkey and then finished in Photoshop Elements.  I didn’t do much honestly.  Just a little color adjusting and then of course I added some elements to the photos such as the year and school.

You can be as FANCY as you wish!


TGIFC17, Project Life, Back to School, Stampin' Up!

With Project Life you can be quick and easy or fancy and free.

I decided to get a little fancy on a few pockets.  I decided to use the wooden elements and sequins in a 2 x 2 sleeve then I used my sewing machine to close off the pocket.

This layout I tried something VERY new.  I printed my journaling directly onto my pocket card.  I was able to get it done correctly on the first go BUT… I needed my margins over slightly more.  Next time this process should go a little smoother.


Make it work for YOU!

TGIFC17, Project Life, Back to School, Stampin' Up!



Remember I said I didn’t take many photos.  Therefore I had a few naked pockets to fill.  Because of the sleeve I chose I needed one more 4 x 6 pocket card.  Since I had none left in the color scheme I took 2- 3 x 4 cards and put them together.  I loved how this turned out.  Meet your needs and you will be happy.  Besides, this is YOUR story….



I’m happy as a clam that I have their first day of school completed.

Now… hang on.  I have MORE ideas for you.  Seriously… this has been a great week of inspiration.  It’s our weekly TGIF Challenge and this week you do not want to miss. (Don’t miss any week… these designers are AMAZING!)  We are all sharing Back to School ideas.  Get ready to be inspired.  Click HERE and see what everyone else has designed and don’t forget to play along.


Looking for Project Life products?  Click HERE to see pocket card kits and accessories that you are sure to LOVE.


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Have a FANTASTIC weekend.  Laugh, love and make something pretty.

Love to each!