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Just Breathe-Colorful Seasons

Just Breathe-Colorful Seasons

I had a wonderful Mother’s day weekend despite a few events.  I’m not sure I’d call it relaxing but definitely enjoyed my kids this weekend.   I created this card for a swap and honestly, I think I’m going to frame it as a reminder to do this more and clearly after this weekend.

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!

Russ is on a trip with his parents to Disney World.  Honestly, thank God he is there with them, more on that in a minute.  They took off earlier last week and my first thought was, lots of stamping time.  Well, wishful thinking maybe.


The Weekend

Friday night I was so tired I felt like a limp vegetable laying on my couch.  I had zero energy.  The great week had finally caught up with me.   Saturday I decided to test drive cars since we are in the market for one.  I had no idea that would turn out to be an all day affair but it was.

Sunday I spent at church and then with family all day only to come home to no Air Conditioning.  The house was 84 degrees.  Needless to say, the kids and I were panting.  Thankful for my parents as they came to my rescue, but it was a no go.  It was broke and we had to wait until Monday.  It was time to pull a few fans out.

I was sitting on the couch trying to find a cool spot… Brandon says, “Mom, now don’t worry, it’s going to be okay and it felt good… but there is no hot water when I took a shower!” WHAT? FOR REAL?

I called Russ to help me light the pilot light on the water heater. Yes, I’m a wimp.  Yes, I don’t like lighting that stupid thing.  After he walked me through it I thought for sure I was going to blow up the house.  UGH.  Poor Russ…

Seriously.. the man is gone a few days and everything breaks.  Just breathe, Kimberly.


Monday Comes

I looked over at this card laying on my desk and thought to myself… it’s Monday… just breathe.  You know that I normally love Mondays.  It’s my fresh start.  It was a fresh start alright.


Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!

Monday clearly started with calling the AC company to come rescue us from a VERY hot house.  For the most part, my Monday was heading in the right direction.

Russ texted me fairly early from Disney and told me his mother had fallen in the hotel.  Somehow she tripped and fell on her face, literally.  Unfortunately, she hit so hard she broke her nose.  This became complicated because the bleeding wouldn’t stop and they had to take her to the ER.  Because she is on a blood thinner, AND she hit her head my poor Mother in Law was admitted to the hospital. ICU.  They needed to reverse the blood thinner and watch her for any more bleeding.  The last update she was resting, and very sad this had messed up her Disney trip. This was really on her bucket list.

Not only was I telling myself to just breathe, I was telling Russ the same thing.



As Monday progressed, and a few other things occurred, I had to put it all in perspective.  Luckily the air conditioner was a minor repair and the house was cooled.  The water heater is working and most importantly, my mother in law didn’t have any major bones broke.  Praise God for that! I sat again last night in a vegetative state from the busy day and I couldn’t help but thank God Russ was with his parents. It was the exact reason he went with them.

Just breathe!

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!


I can’t tell you how many times I sit and feel guilty for not getting everything done in a timely fashion or on my schedule.  I am so glad I had this card sitting on my desk.  It’s absolutely the best reminder.  Life is MESSY! I need to remember to just breathe because let’s face it.. it will all work out.

Card Details

I won’t leave you hanging about this card and the AMAZING stamp set this is.  The Colorful Seasons stamp set I believe will be one of the most popular stamp sets for this catalog year. Here are a few reasons why:

  • All 4 seasons have images and the coordinating Seasonal Layers Thinlits is perfect to eliminate any fussy cutting with 17 dies included.  I love the scalloped edge.  Look how beautiful that is!!
  • It’s all about the details.  This stamp set, available June 1st or now for new demonstrators has incredible details. Detailed snowflakes and leaves that you will enjoy.
  • I’m a sucker for good greetings and this set caught my eye right away wtih the beautiful just breathe image.
  • You will notice I used two new In Colors, Tranquil Tide and Lemon Lime Twist.  That tiny pop of Lemon Lime Twist brings a smile to my face.

I’m happy to tell you this stamp set and the coordinating thinlits will be a bundle, which means you can save 10%.


Just Breathe!

Colorful Seasons, Stampin' Up!, Just Breathe

I realize the weekend and my Monday didn’t go as planned, but today is a fresh start to a new day.  I’m sure something esle will not go as planned.  This is life.  My goal for today is to stamp a few pretty things and to relax and meditate on my favorite new greeting- Just Breathe!

What is your goal for the week? For today? How do you handle when things get messy?

Lastly, will you keep my mother in law in prayer?  I’ll update once I know more.


Eastern Palace Bundle

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Need ideas? Check out my Tutorial Library.  Create in the comfort of your home.

Tutorials, Stampin' Up!

Make today GREAT and stamp something pretty.

You can find links to the CURRENT products I used for today’s projects below.

Be Inspired- Favorite Color

Be Inspired- Favorite Color

Favorite Color, Stampin' Up!


I love a good challenge and today’s Be Inspired blog hop definitely was a CHALLANGE for me.  Our Be Inspired Team put together today’s theme, our favorite color.  At first I was completely stumped.  I love so many colors it was hard to settle on just one.

I gave this a lot of thought and decided to thumb through my blog and see what color stood out most over the last few weeks.  Lemon Lime Twist was hands down a winner.

Every time I looked at a card made with the Lemon Lime Twist my heart skipped a beat.  So today, that is the color I will choose.


Hello Lemon-Lime Twist

Favorite Color, Pieces & Patterns, Stampin' Up!


I decided to go full on Lemon Lime Twist using the cardstock, designer series paper and ink.  Oh my! It was a little slice of heaven having all of these products together.

The products I used is a new release available June 1st from the Pick a Pattern Suite.  This suite includes the stamp set Pieces & Patterns, Designer Series Paper, Washi Tape, and Electic Shaped Paper Clips.


Tips & Tricks

Favorite Color, Pieces & Patterns, Stampin' Up!


  • I used a new embossing folder called Oh My Stars.  I love how playful this embossing folder is and it will coordinate with so many great stamp sets.
  • The large piece of pattern paper is from the Eastern Palace Suite called Eastern Palace Specialty Designer Series Paper.  When you purchase this bundle now, you will receive this gorgeous designer series paper.  Click HERE to see the bundles available until May 31st and get a free gift with purchase.
  • I added another layer of designer series paper (black & white pattern) from the Pick a Pattern Designer Series Paper.  I love how this paper added a stark contrast to the card.

Favorite Color, Pieces & Patterns, Stampin' Up!


  • When I stamped the greeting I was so excited when the Stitched Shapes Framelits fit perfectly around the greeting.  I added another scallop die cut underneath the stitched circle using the Layering Circles Dies.
  • To create a little pop of color, I added a small strip of Bermuda Bay cardstock punched using the Ticker Tear Border. I love the little bitty scallop it creates.
  • Lastly, I added a few of my favorite embellishments like the Delicate White Doily and a small piece of Black 3/8″ Shimmer Ribbon.

Favorite Color, Pieces & Patterns, Stampin' Up!

Be Inspired

Now it’s time to be inspired by the other Be Inspired team. First stop is my friend Sarah Berry.  Simply click the button below to see what she’s created and continue along the hop.  I would love to know what your favorite color is right now.  Leave a comment to let me know.

Favorite Color, Stampin' Up!



Don’t Forget!

Now you see why I called this Friends and Flamingos.  Everyone needs a friend and I think we can’t live without a flamingo.

A few things to remember, the retired products are going fast.  Make sure to check out the Retired products before it’s too late.

Another thing to check out is the Clearance Rack.  There are SO many great things to grab on this list.  WOWSA!


Eastern Palace Bundle

One last thing… the Eastern Palace Bundles are only available until May 31st.  Don’t miss out on this incredible deal.  Click HERE to see the bundles.  Remember, if you purchase these bundles through my Online Store, you will receive TWO tutorials with a total of 39 cards, 3D projects for you to create.  Click HERE to read more and see a sneak peek of the tutorial.

Need ideas? Check out my Tutorial Library.  Create in the comfort of your home.

Tutorials, Stampin' Up!


Make today GREAT and stamp something pretty.


Bunch of Blossoms

Bunch of Blossoms

Yesterday I finally felt “caught” up with tons of work that has been sitting in front of me.  I looked at my desk and had a sudden urge to stamp something just for ME! Thankfully, I ended up pulling out the perfect stamp set, Bunch of Blossoms.

I fell in love with the Bunch of Blossoms stamp set for many reasons, but there is one reason inparticular.  It’s a simple greeting but one I believe has a ton of impact. Let me share.


You Matter

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!


You might be wondering, why would this little greeting be such a big deal?

Every morning I sit with a hot cup of coffee scrolling through my social media.   The more I scroll through social media I see more and more how little I think of myself and how little I love on the ones that matter most to me.  This greeting created such an impact for me because it made me think of how many times I become “busy” and forget to reach out to friends and family that really matter to me.

Fakebook Drama

I’m fascinated by the “drama” on Fakebook, and perplexed at what I see on Instagram.  I find myself scrolling and hitting the like, or love button. At times I’ve had emotions that felt like a roller coaster.  Hurt, angry, happy, depressed, laughing, belly laughing, and times I scratch my head thinking what is WRONG with people.  Then silence… and I’m trolling to the next thing.  This repeats for long periods of times.  A little embarrassing to admit, but it’s the truth.

Inadequate Feelings

That scrolling, liking, loving, laughing and sad faces… sometimes I walk away from that little piece of electronic in my hand and feel utterly inadequate.  Let me tell you that I’m quick to give myself a reality check, but I’m afraid one day I may fall into the trap of not seeing reality.

Why would I feel inadequate?

In one simple morning of scrolling, I was reminded of…

  • How horrible I eat and how little exercise I accomplish.
  • I might be a hoarder with the amount of crap I see laying around my house
  • I’m a horrible parent because I let my kid do something someone else thinks is wrong
  • My FOMO disease kicked in. (Fear of Missing Out)
  • Comparing my business to others- complete failure at times
  • Oh, and I probably shouldn’t fly any airline because they are all awful

This was not even the tip of the iceberg!

Let’s Talk Reality

While some of the above might be true, 95% are NOT. Although my house is a wreck and I hate exercising, the others are feelings that arise from reading too much into what people post. Thankfully, I can shake myself out of the crazy talk and remind myself that I am not all of those things nor do I believe all of those things.  The reality is, I live a fantastic life filled with a lot of joy. Sometimes I cannot see the joy because of the silly stuff I fill my brain with.  I also deal with a lot of life struggles, because that is LIFE! Life is messy, right?

With all the negative I feed my brain, I needed a big wake up call to the fact that I matter and so do you! Not everything I read on social media is factual.  Sometimes I wonder why I have anxiety.  I believe it comes from social media.  Reading the doomsday, life sucks and comparing myself to others quickly triggers it.  The scariest thing for me, my teenagers live for social media.  No telling what they are feeding their own minds with. That scares me big time.

What Now?

I guess the easiest solution would be to walk away from social media, but the realist in me says that probably will not happen. Obviously, I can’t save the social media world, but I can love people more.  I can let others know more often they matter and I’m lucky enough to have the perfect job that lets me create pretty things to send to others and let them know they matter. You can do the same.

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!


All that talk finally leads me back to my card.  The card that got me thinking about myself and those of YOU reading this.  It’s the gentle reminder to let people know they matter.  Put down the phones, and create. Create a simple card and mail it.

Bunch of Blossoms, Stampin' Up!



I feel better already!

If I haven’t told you lately, I’m grateful that you stopped by to see something pretty and especially today as I share a few thoughts (maybe more).  Sometimes I have to get these things off my chest.  Today was one of those days.

If you love this stamp set, Bunch of Blossoms.. check it out HERE in my Online Store.

That is where you will find all kinds of crafty pretty things that bring crafty people JOY!

Stay tuned for tomorrow.  I’m sharing a MAN card!  Sometimes I forget to make something masculine.



Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!

Welcome to the first tutorial bundle blog hop.  You have seen me post many times about an exclusive tutorial created each month.  This tutorial has been amazing.  The delight is working with eleven other Stampin’ Up! demonstrators from around the world who are MAD talented when creating this tutorial.

Specially Designed 

Why are we coming together for a blog hop? It’s simple.  To inspire you.

Each designer will be using the stamp set or technique they chose to use for the February tutorial so you can get a taste of their creative design. It’s not the same idea thats listed in our tutorial, only the technique or stamp set.

Meet the designers…. they are all pretty amazing!

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


Tutorial Facts

You can become a subscriber,  you get 12 tutorials every month for six months – that is 72 tutorials all together for the next six months! These tutorials are EXCLUSIVE.  They are NOT seen anywhere else on the internet.  Cost to become a subscriber is $75. Basically, you are receiving the sixth tutorial FREE.

Subscribers receive the monthly tutorial on the first of each month delivered straight to their email.  Interested in becoming a subscriber? Click HERE to read more information and become a subscriber.

Not interested in becoming a subscriber but would like to purchase the tutorials individually? No problem.

Each month the tutorials are available for $15 HERE.  You will find current and past exclusive tutorials and the tutorials are automatically sent your email ready for download.


Purchase $50 in my Online Store and you will receive the tutorial for FREE for the current month.

My team receives this tutorial for FREE each month. It has been a fantastic resource for my team to use for business with the diverse projects shared in each tutorial.  Sale-a-Bration is a great time to join Stampin’ Up! and I’d love to have you be a part of the Stampin’ by the Sea stamping community.

Below is a little sneak peek of our February tutorial.  The projects are fantastic!!

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!

Now, let’s create!!

Nailed It!

For the February tutorial, I chose to use the Nailed It stamp set. I picked this stamp set more for a challenge than anything.  Seeing how I’m not much of a “tool” girl.  It was the perfect challenge, and I took it one step further.

I decided to create one card that was more frilly and another card with a splash of man! Let’s see how they came together.


Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


The addition of the doily was the perfect addition of girly I was trying to achieve.

My favorite part of this card is the greeting.  It’s not just a simple thanks, but thanks for building “ME” up.  I LOVE this!

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


Tips & Tricks 

  • Watercolor using Dapper Denim and Smoky Slate ink onto Watercolor Paper measuring 4″ x 5-1/2″.
  • Save 10% by purchasing the Nailed It bundle.  This bundle includes the stamp set (clear or wood) and the Build It Framelits Dies.  Click HERE to see this bundle.
  • Two pieces of the Urban Underground Specialty Designer Series Paper was added to the card front.  This paper is fresh with modern designs perfect for the man card or an eclectic look with the great designs.
  • Don’t forget to add the self-sticking Urban Underground Embellishments.  You will see these are used on both card designs.


Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


The Man Version 

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


I wish making “man” cards would come easy for me to create.  The fact is- they are NOT.

Once I got my groove on, the idea started to flow.

Tips & Tricks 

  • Using Crumb Cake cardstock, texture emboss the cardstock using the Hexagons Dynamic Embossing Folder.  Then die cut using the Build It Framelit (hexagon die).  Finally, attach the hexagons onto the Crumb Cake cardstock at the top.
  • Stamp the hammer onto Smoky Slate and Dapper Denim cardstock with coordinating ink and die cut.  Cut the bottom handle of the Dapper Denim hammer’s and attach to the stamped Smoky Slate hammers.

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!

You will find all of the products used for todays cards in the clickable links below.  


I’ve enjoyed working with the Nailed It bundle.  Surprisingly I’ve made more girlie cards using this set than cards for a man.  I guess a girl who loves a doily can turn any man set into something universal.


Be Inspired!

Now it’s time to see what the rest of the team has created.  Your next stop is a dear friend and incredible designer, Kylie Bertucci.

I’ve always been inspired by Kylie’s work which is a clean simple style. Click the button below to follow the hop and see the work of this fun design team.  You can see the entire line-up of designers for the tutorial bundle blog hop below.

Tutorial Bundle Blog Hop, Stampin' Up!


Allison Okamitsu
Ange McKay

Price: $110.00

This Almost Landed In The Trash

Trash and Trashed Again!

I guess its time for a little trash talk.  Yes, it landed in the trash but I kept trying.


How Does It Happen? 

Let’s face it, there are times as creative people that the inner most creative juices come to a screeching halt.

How can this happen when we have the most resources known to mankind available to us?

Why is it when we have a new shiny stamp set at our disposal we are unsure where to start?

And why in the world would a creation land in the trash?


Well, this happened to me and I’m pretty sure you’ve had it happen too.

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

Resources At My Fingertips

As crazy as this sounds I know I have resources at my fingertips waiting to be used.

However I am one stubborn bird.  I think I have to constantly come up with the new and amazing ideas.

When I started to create this card using the Banners & Badges stamp set,  I had already made one card and I loved the images inside the entire set.  Easy peasy, right?

I picked a few colors I wanted to use, the stamp set is in front of me and BAM- not a single idea.

Then I started playing with a few images, and supplies.  Nothing.

Finally I put something together.  HATED it.  To the trash it went!

I started over and felt like my creative capsule in my brain was DRY.

Seriously, this is a nightmare for me and any crafter.


Don’t Give Up- Start Over 

Sometimes you have to start over.   Sometimes you have to start over many times.

That’s exactly what happened with this card I’m sharing today.  This card managed to find the trash can a few times but I didn’t let it defeat me.

Maybe you are a brand new stamper, I hope I can encourage you to keep on trying even when you are unsure of where to start.

Or maybe you are a seasoned stamper and your creative capsule in your brain has taken a sabbatical.

It’s OKAY!


Keep Moving Forward

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

Ideas That Can Help


Even when your idea is not going in the direction you would like try a few of these ideas… its helped me.

  • Start over
  • Give yourself permission to trash it too!
  • Try to change the colors.
  • Maybe you need to change the sketch.
  • MAYBE you need to put that stamp set back on the shelf and try something new.
  • Don’t let it defeat you! Walk away.
  • Eat some chocolate. Usually it’s on my desk for me to make something pretty with.  Sometimes it never makes it to that stage because I ate it.  Sometimes I eat the whole bag.  Not kidding.
  • Let it go!

Whatever you do in the midst of a dry spell, giving up should not be the solution.  Walking away for a bit lets your brain rest from the chaos.


I’m sharing one of my least favorite cards I’ve created in a long time.  I’m letting it go.  I love some of the elements on the card, but ya know what… it’s OKAY.  I’m still sharing it today because JUST MAYBE there is something on this card that will inspire someone else.  It will be a source of inspiration.


Use Your Resources

Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!


There are so many resources available to stampers.  Pinterest, Splitcoaststampers, blogs, magazines to name only a few.

These resources are there for a reason.  For stampers to use when the creative capsule hits a dry spell.  These are the things we can use to jump start our creativity. I  use them all the time and if it wasn’t for these resources available, my stamps would be dried rubber.  We can all use a little inspiration.


Trash, Badges & Banners, Stampin' Up!

See products used for today’s projects below in the clickable links and shop Online 24/7!

Be Inspired & Create 

Today I hope you pull out some stamp sets and create.   Find something that inspires you and let the stamps, ink and paper work together to create your new masterpiece.  If it lands in the trash a couple of times, it’s OKAY.




Tutorial Bundle Subscription


Camping, Stampin' Up!