Can I get off this ride?

They were the exact words I said when my little gem blossoms said, "C'mon mommy, YOU will LOVE this ride!" and this is what they put me on!

Kimberly Van Diepen, Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


While living a fast pace life is great and I love the adrenaline rush, this was NOT something I loved.  Not to mention we were soaked.  Are you kidding me? Let me back up a bit.  The kids are on Spring Break.  Spring Break only reads one thing to me…sleeping in! If I can sleep past 9am, I am one happy camper.  So far this really hasn't happened.  On Friday we packed our things and headed out around 4pm to VA. Beach to see my friend, Lisa Freeman.  Now, if you live around here you are probably shaking your head asking me why in the world would I leave at that time of day only to be in bumper to bumper traffic? We managed and listened to a lot of Justin Bieber.  It was good for us.  We arrived late and the kids ended up setting a record for the latest bedtime.  This would not have made my Prince happy but I'm in control.  ;)

The next day Lisa and I attended a wonderful shoebox swap with so many talented ladies.  Lisa's husband and daughter had my kids to play with all day.  This is where my kids spent most of their time… swimming in a hot tub!

Kimberly Van Diepen, Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator


The cards were beautiful at the shoebox swap but even better was seeing my friends and getting to sit and talk to them quietly.  I loved it.  We left there and went to dinner.  My phone rang.  Alexis said her stomach hurt.  Ut oh! After talking to her for a little while I felt like it was more, "I miss you mommy!"  Sadly, they were headed out to a movie and that didn't happen.  Brandon was not happy but consoled his little sister.  He keeps reminding me we still need to go see the movie.  <sigh>  I came home to Alexis not long after the phone call and she was peachy keen after I was there.  Well sort of! She saw the news and all of the tornado warnings the coast was having.  <Oh Jeesh!> Lucky enough we were safe and it was just a bad storm at Ms. Lisa's house.  The kids slept with me. 

The next morning we were up bright and early and off to Busch Gardens.  Of course this couldn't be smooth as pie because that is just asking TOO much. We almost had an accident!  Due to my over caffeinated self, I was quick on the brakes and we missed hitting a car in front of us by about an inch.  No lie! Starbucks is good for something! By this time Brandon says our weekend has had enough excitement and he hoped it was all done.  Ha. Me too, buddy!

Busch Gardens was awesome.  The kids had a blast and I was exhausted! My legs have not walked that much in over a year.  We stayed all day then I drove two hours home.  What was I thinking? The good part about a drive is you can do a lot of thinking-by yourself.  Very peaceful.  The kids were sound asleep in the back and I enjoyed EVERY single moment of that drive.  <ahhhh!>

I woke up the next day and thought for sure someone had stolen my feet.  ??? They did not want to move like they previously did.  I told Brandon that all the rides he took me on must have hurt my body.  He quickly told me it was because I am OLD.  No comment!

Now my house has been Romper Room and all the kids are playing during Spring Break.  As you can imagine this means my house is a disaster and no work is getting done in this house.  By the time I feel like going to work (normal time is 9pm) I am so exhausted I lay on my couch and just daze.  Some might call this depression… I call this sheer exhaustion!  Sure, I get sad and miss my Prince,  but I am just TIRED! I've begun to dislike the night time hours.  It used to be my favorite time.  When I put the kids to bed and they talk to me about their daddy being away I get up from their beds and feel emotionally drained. 

Last night we had a family night.  This consists of my kids joining me in my bed to sleep.  This really means I get NO sleep! <smile> Alexis is an octopus.  When she laid down to go to bed she found Russ' uniform hat on his bedside table.  She grabbed it and slept with it last night.  After she fell asleep I cried and then took a picture.  It was so sweet. She loves her daddy.

Speaking of him, he is doing well.  He is playing with the Army guys.  I believe I heard him say his body was hurting from all the gear he was carrying around.  Hmmm… I guess we have one thing in common right now.  Feeling old.  Funny that HE had to sign a risk waiver because he's 40.  That made me scream laughing. NO waiver's here.

So this has been my chaotic life once again.  While I may be off that stupid water ride, honestly I am ready to get off this crazy life ride too.  Looks like I will be on this ride a little while longer.

I'm thankful that while these kids may keep me crazy busy their beautiful smiles get me up in the morning ready to tackle another day. 

Kimberly Van Diepen, Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator



Thank you for always listening! XOXOXO

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15 thoughts on “Can I get off this ride?”

  1. Okay, first of all, I almost died on that ride because my kids dragged me on there too, and I soooo do NOT do rides like this!!! So, you are brave if a little misguided, lol!! Second, you are doing FABULOUS, girl! Those kiddos are getting exactly what they need – a wonderful mom who is showering them with love! Third, I feel for Russ – i too had a hell of a time carrying all that gear around and crawling around in the mud….but, I never had to sign a waiver either, heehee! Last, TAKE CARE OF YOU!!! Remember, that is just as important as everything else! I am sending you much love and hugs from Cali – love ya!!! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

  2. Your pictures are wonderful! Your class has really paid off! Great job! I need to figure out how to use our new camera.
     I'm glad you're having a good spring break!

  3. Oh Kimberly…hang in there!  I'm in the same boat…zoo, museum, movies, bike rides for me and the kids during these 9 days of break (because I do count the weekend days) and it's exhausting…and I am turning 40 in a month but I am feeling much older this week.
    I don't mind getting wet in rides but the big roller coasters leave me super sick now…and that has been since I was pregnant with my first….
    One good thing about all this activity is that I am sleeping really well at night…maybe you are too!

  4. I would have never gone on that ride, so you are one brave woman! + hope you had a hat to keep the due:)  Next time you plan vacation, you should stop by Canada. The kids would have a blast with mine:) As I read your comments about Russ, I truly admire your courage and it makes me reflect on what I am grateful for.  Hang in there, see you soon. Big Hugs x0x0

  5. Carol Carriveau

    Can only imagine what you and your adorable kidlets are going through but you all seem to be holding it together pretty well…and we all know that keeping busy helps a lot!  I agree with you on those rides…I would have refused and held on to the nearest post – and hold everyone's stuff and watched…horrors!  But you braved it out and we are all very proud of you!  Next week things should settle back into place for you all being back to your regular routines…   Sending best wishes and hugs to you all, including your Prince!

  6. Hang in there by friend! Life might seen busy right now  but it will make the time go by much faster and your prince will be home soon!! Love the photo's. I really should take a photo class.
    Can't wait to give you a big hug in a month!!! (HUGS)

  7. I had such a great time on Saturday sharing stories of military life. I had to post on facebook that I finally met my stampin idol. lol. You are every bit as lovely in person as you are in your blog, actually lots more:) I was in the area yesterday and thought…to bad I can't stamp with Kim. Next time, for sure. Enjoy the few days you have left of Spring Break.

  8. Dawn Bourgette

    Hey Kim… OMG.. I have to sort of giggle about that ride. I was talked into a roller coaster ride once at Disney.. that rockin roller coaster ride. My nephew said.. oh come on Aunt Dawn.. it goes so fast you wont know you are going upside down.. whoa.. wait.. UPSIDE DOWN.. (as I am getting locked into this seat). All I can say is.. HOLY MOLEY.. never again will I let him trick me! I screamed so hard I lost my voice for a while and I think my veins in my neck were popped out all day long! Tee hee.. !! I'm glad you and the kiddos are having a great spring break.. and I hear from a mouse that I get to meet you SOON.. sooner than Convention! 🙂 Have fun.. take care. I love your photos, too!!!  ~~ Dawn (one of Jenny's newbie downlines).

  9. Kim, love your blog! It's like reading a great fun soap opera! Full of laughs, tears, humor, love, but most of all reality and it's well written and I look forward to catching up on your family's life. Thanks for sharing your life with us! You make me laugh and cry! You truly are an inspiration! And a fabulous mother!! Don't forget to take sometime for yourself!    Enjoyed meeting you at Leadership – hang in there! Lynda

  10. Kimberly,
      You stay strong, I know how hard it can be my husband was military for 24 years. Being the Mom left at home with everything can be the hardest job there is. I know how everything starts to fall to pieces the minute they leave. But know this, you are the most important part of the military as without you home "taking care of business" your husband would no be able to be away taking care of all of us and I'm sure it gives "your Prince" peace knowing how well you will do in charge and that he won't have worry about this end. My heart goes out to you but please know we are grateful to you both for serving your country.

  11. Sherri Mallory

    OMGosh you went RIGHT by my house…10 minutes before Busch Gardens!!!  If you're ever down this way again I'd love to meet you!! And who wouldn't want to be in a shoebox swap with you?!?!  Glad you had a good time!!  And words cannot express the appreciation I have for your Princes' service and your support of him.  Hugs…

  12. Isn't Busch Gardens FANTASTIC!?!  We were there a couple of years ago while visiting my inlaws who live in Virginia.  And, I think the schools do spring break just to torture us moms.  Not that we don't like having them home, but the sheer exhaustion of the day is crazy.  I am like you, my night time hours are my creative time, but this past week and a half, not so much.  I think my body still wants to rest 🙂  Glad to hear Russ is doing well and I hope you get some "ME" time soon.  Rest, and relax (if you can) and hang in there. 

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