Banners For Christmas- Stampin’ Up!

Banners For Christmas

It’s been an eventful weekend.  Nothing as planned, however I did stamp!

Banners for Christmas was top of the list.


Simple & Elegant

Banners for Christmas, Stampin' Up!


Todays post will be a short and sweet one.  Okay, that is a lie….

If you scroll to the bottom I’ll give the details….  The Van Deep in Troubles are at it again.

But first… let’s get to the pretty stuff.  Can we?

Banners for Christmas has been sitting silently on my desk waiting to be used and I’m so glad it was the set chosen to work with this weekend.

Banners for Christmas, Stampin' Up!


Lots of great elements in this one stamp set.  Awesome fonts and beautiful holiday images wrapped into one.

The banners coordinate with the Bunch of Banners Framelits making it a perfect addition for your holiday projects.

Banners for Christmas, Stampin' Up!


Tips & Tricks

  • The banner was heat embossed using Gold Embossing Powder.  If you look closely the VersaMark ink use didn’t catch all of the image.  This one little happy mistake made the card perfection because in my eyes it turned out with a vintage appeal. SCORE!
  • The mistletoe image was stamped with Early Espresso, fussy cut then colored using a blender pen with Old Olive and Real Red ink.
  • Create the background by watercoloring a wash of Old Olive ink onto Watercolor Paper, then splatter Real Red ink over the image once the watercoloring is dry.
  • Bakers Twine Trio Pack is a new favorite embellishment.  The Gold Twine is flexible but stiff making bows and wrapping of the twine simple to use.

Banners for Christmas, Stampin' Up!

  • Use dimensionals to give the banner a little height off of the mistletoe image.

Final Details

The last detail I added to this card was a Real Red ink splatter over the banner.  It was just enough to finish the card.

Banners for Christmas will make a great addition to your holiday stamping collection.  Its perfect to create more than just a handmade card.

Frames, tags, and 3D holiday projects will keep this stamp set inked during the busy season.

Pair this set with the gorgeous This Christmas Designer Series Paper and change the look of one card to many by switching out the patterns.

To order your Banners for Christmas stamp set, click HERE.  Get started on creating your Christmas cards today.

Click the links below to shop all of the products used on this card today.  

Banners for Christmas, Stampin' Up!

Keeping Up With the Van Diepen’s

Why we haven’t started our own reality show is beyond me.  We could keep thousands entertained with our shenanigans.

Monday being Columbus Day meant a day off of work and school for all of us.

Alexis and I were looking forward to a day of sleeping in and lounging around the house since the men of the house were on a caving expedition with the scouts.

The big plan was to spend time creating.

Plan… that is the word I need to stop using.  Of course having a plan is a great thing.  We all love to plan.  However, I always need to remember that all good plans are not always going to happen. God always has a different one.

It started with Alexis once again not feeling well.  Honestly the child has not felt well for over a month.  Recently she battled with sinus infection and that’s exactly the symptoms she was exhibiting again.

Urgent Care First Visit

I texted Russ as I knew he was driving home and let him know my plans to take our girl to be seen at Urgent Care.

His reply was not one I expected-” I might need to make myself a Dr. Appointment.”

Hmm.  I thought that was odd the Prince never gets sick.

His reply- “I sprained my ankle!”

Oh boy.  I proceeded with Alexis and just as I thought she had another sinus infection.  We were sent home with a bag of medications and strict instructions to cool it for a bit.  In other words, no gymnastics for a few days.

It was a joyful ride home needless to say.


Urgent Care Second Visit

I was home for a matter of 30 minutes when the men rolled up into the driveway.  I decided to meet the prince outside in case he needed assistance.  Glad I did.

How he drove home… well lets not go there.

Once we got him inside and I took off his shoe that he managed to fit on his foot Nurse Ratchet came out of me.

His foot was swollen three times the normal size with dark purple bruising on the outer edge of his ankle.

One look from me and I told him that was not a sprain.  That was BROKEN.

Off to the urgent care again….


Didn’t We Just See You?

Nothing is more awkward than walking into an urgent care clinic for the second time this time with a new victim.

The looks on their faces was pretty funny.

Once taken back, X-rays complete we had the verdict.

Had I been a betting kind of woman, I’d be rich.  Just as I expected, broken ankle.

It’s about this time my brain started spinning with 1000 scenarios.

Being the realist, instantly I looked down at his swollen foot and knew we were in for a few changes with the Prince.

Thankfully this happened on the right foot.  Technically this is the bad foot because of his stroke, but good because it would have been a disaster had it been the left.

Slowly as if Charlie Brown were speaking I heard the nurse utter the words… no driving, possible surgery and referral to orthopedics.

I thought about crying at that moment.  Russ has been doing AMAZING since his retirement and literally blown me away with his increase in physical abilities.

Houston… we have a set back.


These Things I Know!

If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen something  I posted I believe is true concerning this weekend…

  1. I am grateful for our medical coverage.
  2. I am grateful God gave me a sense of humor.  Although at times I felt like crying because nothing was going as planned, we laughed together at our crazy life. Sometimes this is the best medicine.
  3. This day could of been SO much worse than it was.  A little boogers,  ankle breaking is nothing compared to people dealing with their homes flooding from Matthew, or more dramatic health issues or who knows what else.
  4. God is in control and he always shows me this during times I want FULL control of whats going on. I’m pretty sure I entertain Him on a daily basis of what I feel should occur in my life.
  5. For the next few weeks (or maybe six…. ) I need to remember #1-4! I promise I will need to be reminded.


As I sit here writing I have to giggle.  I have my prince propped up on pillows with a big ice baggie and he’s smiling. He’s in no pain as of right now.   The days ahead might get a little hectic especially with some upcoming events but we will make it.


Lesson For Today

Ultimately I have to remember that things change in the blink of an eye.  Funny how I know this to be true.

Find joy in everything you do.  Don’t let a few bumps in the road define you.  I’m pretty sure I only know how to take a really really bumpy road these days.

Sometimes the bumpy road is not as scenic and pretty but the lessons learned from it can be a blessing.  If you are having a bumpy day or week, chin up and take a step back to see the goodness that can come out of it.  I promise there is something!


Praying your weekend was WAY less eventful than mine.  I’ll keep you posted on my patients.

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  1. Jeannine Garner

    LOVE the card!! How much did you cut off of the front panel to put on the DSP.and what size is your DSP on the card? I hope everyone is doing better. Praying for you and your family.

  2. Gorgeous card. OMG Kimberly, you have your hands full. Sorry to hear that news. I feel the same way. I try not to complain too much because I know there are so many worse off and I thank God for everything every day.

  3. Although your family stories are hilarious, it reminds me that God IS in control. Once you accept that, life is a little less hectic. Thank you for sharing your family with us!

  4. Thank you for your story I have times like that and it reminds me that God has a plan Also my mother had a saying “Let go and let God” meaning he will handle whatever you cannot It has got me through some tight spots Love you cards and stories I am from Canada so I would purchase from you if I could

  5. Your tenacity to share through fire is appreciated. We are purified for a purpose, and then called to help others navigate the waters of emotional turmoil. Through the simple act of honestly sharing, women are being reached by your gift of buoyancy and I thank you.

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